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Royal Panda Online Casino Review



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Bitcoin, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Visa

Royal Panda clearly states on its site that the team behind the casino loves gambling more than anything in this world. A bold claim, but is there anything they can back it up with? Let’s find out the answer together!

First and foremost, I would love to notice that Royal Panda is one of the pioneers in digital gambling. Their team has more than a decade of experience behind back. I guess they should know what they are doing then?

A decent check of the site can shed some light on our matter and answer a lot of questions regarding Panda’s policies, honesty, fairness as well as the overall level of satisfaction people gain from gambling there. Let’s look at all of these aspects in more detail, shall we?


What can be said about games on Royal Panda? There are a lot of them. Like A LOT! You won’t get bored for a while, in that I am certain. Why? Because there are hundreds of mini apps at your disposal. All of them are cleverly categorized thus simplifying UI and UX on the site making it rather intuitive. Not all casinos can be proud with the same attitude and care towards users.

Games on Panda are responsive and easily accessible from mobile devices. This is also a nice touch allowing users to play on the go from any comfortable location from their couch and to a plane flying over the Pacific Ocean.

That’s not it. The best part I’ve enjoyed while toggling with Panda are their live casino options. Stunning table games feel rather real as if you are actually playing in a brick and mortar casino thanks to professional dealers who know how to put up a great show.


The site itself is rather intuitive and user-friendly. Login and signing mechanics are not too complex. Panda does not require you to fill out endless screens of question fields, which is nice. Back-end seems to be fine as well. Payments are secured by HTTPS protocols and transactions are powered up by proven banking APIs.

Now that that’s covered it’s time to talk about the quality of the games themselves. All of them are fully licensed and certified. Malta Gaming Authority, as well as the Gambling Commission, checked and approved the apps hosted on Panda thus assuring us in fair gameplay mechanics.

To make the long story short – you are pretty much safe while gambling on the Royal Panda casino. I happened to come across a few minor bugs and glitches in their mobile version though. They were not much of a big deal but an unpleasant experience is an unpleasant experience. iOS version of the casino still needs a few finishing touches.


What about the entry bonus? Frankly, it’s nothing much. I have seen casinos offering $500 and even $1000 as an entry prize for new users while the Panda is offering as little as $100 to new players.

On the bright side, most of the sites offering too much are either frauds or simply don’t back up their claims with actions when it comes to actually paying up. A lot of them have specific scenarios (which are hidden from the user’s sight) that qualify when and where exactly the casino is paying up the full bonus. Needless to say, most of them are not designed to the player’s favor.

On Panda, however, I am sure that my games are fair and I am positive in the fact that I will be receiving the bonus in full. As for me it’s always better to have the sparrow in my hand than a hawk in the sky.


Panda has much more to offer than the initial entry bonus though. For once, they congratulated their players with free spins and enhanced cash back rewards for their birthday. It’s always a nice touch to give more than you take, especially for a birthday celebration.

That noted, Panda offers weekly bonuses of $150 per weekend. Monthly prizes of $210 are given away in Black Jack every month, etc. The casino does everything in their power to maintain and nurture faithful, loyal gamblers who won’t go away to a different site. This level of caring is rather beneficial to us, simple users.


Payment methods are Panda’s greatest strength. There’s just so many of them and all of them are great. You can make a deposit with a Visa or Master Card up to $1500 and you will pay the roundest zero in the world as the fee.  Skrill allows you to play big with massive deposits up to ten thousand dollars while also not charging a dime per commission rates.

The list does not stop there. Gamblers have Trustly, TrustPay, Sofort, TodioCash, GiroPay as well as a dozen other tools at their disposal. An exceptionally fine touch players from all over the world who prefer different payment systems will enjoy.

That noted, all of the payments are secure. The speed rivals the one of the lightning. Transactions are near-instant.

You will also be backed with highly trained customer service agents. I have talked with three of them while testing out their efficiency for this review. All of them are exceptional professionals who knew their thing from A to Z. A rare sight on online casino sites. A rare sight indeed.

What else can be said about the Royal Panda Online Casino? Frankly, I don’t know. It seems like I’ve tested everything I could and provided you with a rather clear picture. But, if you have anything else of relevance to say or add, feel free to contact my team or me without hesitation. Your opinions and experiences are priceless and will only enhance this review over time with testimonials of satisfied or unsatisfied player. Perhaps your thoughts will change this review entirely? Who knows? Let’s give it a shot and find out the answer together like we always do!