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Paypal Online Casinos 2022

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We’re sure that most gamblers have already used or at least heard of Paypal Casinos. This article will tell you about using PayPal payments for gambling.

Choosing a payment method for an online casino in New Zealand indeed may seem somewhat needless for experienced players, but for most newbies, this is a pretty important thing.  So, read our review to learn all you need to know about the best PayPal online casinos.

Best online casinos accept PayPal in New Zealand




Facts about Paypal

Paypal is an American e-wallet system founded in 1998. Throughout the years, it has become one of the largest e-payment systems in the world, and not by chance. Paypal is very safe, has friendly and professional tech support, and simple design, making it easy to use and navigate. It also supports both deposit and withdrawal. But when it comes to paying with Paypal on gambling sites, things get complicated.

Long story short — using Paypal for money transfers in gambling is quite limited. While Paypal is a good e-wallet system that allows you to safely pay on various websites, the thing with an online casino is different. This is because previous incidents involving abuse of Paypal mechanics have allowed problematic gamblers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few hours as this article describes.

After such incidents became public and got media coverage, Paypal decided to restrict gambling payments, and now It is accepted only by chosen casinos.

While there aren’t many Paypal casinos out there, they still do exist, and you can easily find them in the New Zealand gambling market.

Here at OnlineCasinoGuide, we find only the best online casinos that use Paypal so that you won’t have to!

And hey, if it has been approved by Paypal, it is another mark of quality, isn’t it? Just look at our review section with Paypal casinos and try it out yourself!

How to use PayPal at Online Casino?

  1. First of all, you need to register a paypal account, If you do not have one. Your first step will be signing up on, that’s where we’ll start.
  2. Then, you have to click on the “sign up” button, and you will be taken to the registration page, where you will need to enter your information. This will include your email, name, mobile number, and address. Remember to use only the strongest password that you can make up and haven’t used elsewhere so that your password has maximum security. Also, you should make sure that the phone you’re entering is valid because you will receive a verification message on your phone.
  3. After this, you need to link your debit or credit card to your new PayPal account. If you don’t want to do this, you may also link your bank account directly, but you still will need to do this. With your bank account linked, you will now be able to receive money via Paypal. Do not worry, your personal information is safe and won’t be used by third parties.
  4. Simply verify your account and activate it. Done!

Minimum Deposits at Paypal casinos

Well, typically, a Paypal casino has a minimum deposit of NZ$20, but some require even bigger deposits. While such an amount of money isn’t big for many experienced gamblers, it may seem too much for some rookies and low rollers. If you can spend NZ$20 at once for gambling, then you will be perfectly fine with PayPal’s minimum deposit amount.

That said, some casinos do have lower deposit limits than that. Check out the minimum deposit casinos page to learn more.

Deposit fees

Paypal has a pretty average deposit fee that can go up to five dollars. This isn’t perfect, but not too bad. It would be better to deposit more money at once so that you’ll only pay five dollars per deposit.

Paypal works in many countries and also with the biggest companies, e.g. Amazon, so you won’t have to think hard about where to spend your leftover Paypal money after an online casino deposit.

Safety of transactions with PayPal

Paypal offers its users as much safety as it can so that every transaction can be secure. It can even cover up those online purchases that didn’t arrive or were broken, etc.
You can always open a dispute and discuss the transaction with Paypal tech support so that you may receive a full refund on a bad transaction, or if a received product is broken or doesn’t match the description.

What countries restrict Paypal gambling transactions?

Paypal doesn’t allow gambling transactions in countries where online gambling is prohibited (e.g. USA). But most New Zealand online casinos are registered and are operating under the gambling laws of countries like Curacao and Malta, where gambling is legal.

You can feel free to gamble for the sweet jackpots in any of these online casinos using a Paypal account. Don’t forget to check out the best online casino reviews here, at OnlineCasinoGuide, so that you will find such great and legal online casinos that use Paypal.

Paypal isn’t banned in any country, but, like many other international e-wallet systems, it doesn’t operate in all countries. This may have different reasons, including current political instability and/or status of countries and territories (e.g. Crimea). Nonetheless, Paypal works just fine with many other countries, including Australia and New Zealand, so that you can transfer money to your favorite casinos.

Pros of using Paypal in NZ casinos

We have talked about Paypal online casinos in New Zealand and gave you some instructions on how to use it. Now it’s time to make some conclusions about the Pros and Cons of using the Paypal e-wallet system. Let’s start with the pros:

Cons of using Paypal in NZ casinos

Now, let’s talk about the cons of using Paypal. There aren’t as many cons, but we want to inform you about the good and bad features of Paypal.

The main downside of Paypal is that it is not available in all casinos because of Paypal’s gambling policies. It isn’t that online casino don’t want to use Paypal, it’s the Paypal that chooses only some online casinos to permit them to work with Paypal. So, there aren’t many casinos that have this permission. You can always find such New Zealand Paypal casinos in our review section, only the best of the best and just for you.

Best 5 New Zealand Casinos To Use PayPal

So, now, after you’ve learned about Paypal, our experts want to share some information about the best New Zealand Paypal casinos with you, so that you’ll know about them a bit more.

RivieraPlay Casino

RivieraPlay Casino is a well-trusted online casino that has more than 500 unique and rare online games and slots. Among these games, there are live casino games and online slots. All of these games are made by well-trusted developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. Plenty of different bonuses, the welcome bonus goes as high as 300% for a maximum of NZ$3000.

RivieraPlay Casino also has a very good mobile app for iOS and Android users. It has a great design and is easy to navigate. You won’t regret trying out this casino, considering so many people love it!

Betiton Casino

Betiton Casino is a pretty new online casino, but this fact is good when you learn that such a young casino is already reaching the tops of casino charts!

Betiton Casino has over 1150 interesting games that will have you glued to the screen. These games were developed with care for its players by developers like NetEnt and Microgaming. All of them have amazing graphics and are really fun to play. There are online slot and live table games, making a great and diverse variety of games to choose from. Welcome bonus is divided into three payments, granting you bonus cash and free spins for each deposit. Betiton also has a mobile casino app for those who want to enjoy gambling on their mobile device.

Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City Casino has an impressive welcome bonus up to NZ$1600, which is a great deal for high-budget gamblers. It is a generous casino with more than 500 different games made by renowned developers. Jackpot City has a big amount of different bonuses, including daily, weekly and monthly bonuses, making it very welcoming for its regular gamblers. You can easily win many free spins and more! There is also a loyalty program, so the number of different bonuses is almost overwhelming. Overall, this is a great choice for any gambler, not just high-budget players, nobody would be disappointed with such an amount of bonuses.

Captain Spins Casino

A relatively new, but aspiring online casino, full of joyful games and generous bonuses! Captain Spins casino has more than 2000 games, which is more than enough even for a very bored experienced gambler. It also has a very solid welcome bonus up to NZ$1200 and 260 free spins. For high-budget gamblers there are high-budget choices, because this casino has a VIP system, making sure that your high risks will be highly rewarded with sweet bonuses. That doesn’t mean that this casino is for rich gamblers, because minimal deposit is only NZ$10. Captain Spins casino has online slots, live table games and mobile casino for all players to come.

Casigo Casino

Casigo casino is a shining gem in the world of online gambling. It has more than 1500 games made by developers such as Microgaming and NetEnt. This casino has a really big variety of bonuses, starting from a welcome bonus up to NZ$1100 + 375 free spins and all the way to VIP bonus system, including many more bonuses. If you want variety, it means you want Casigo casino, because it has all the variety you need: online pokies, live table games, roulette and many more. This casino rewards its regulars generously, so why don’t you try it out?

Alternatives to PayPal for Funding Online Casino Accounts

Most players do not want to wait long to get paid by the online casino and choose the most favorable types of payments to get their winnings in just a few minutes.

Bank wire

A bank wire transaction is one of the least popular online payment providers in casino NZ.

The transaction fee for bank wire transfers is the biggest among all online casino payment methods and may reach tens of dollars. This, paired with a transaction delay up to 72 hours makes depositing via bank wire pretty annoying and certainly expensive.

Withdrawing via bank wire has the same delay of 72 hours, most online casinos have the same delay, so this aspect is rather neutral. Overall, for most people this payment method won’t be an optimal one.

Besides, there is a payment system called POLi that works with all Australian and New Zealand banks without any fees. Our experts wouldn’t recommend using bank wire transfers if you can help it.

Credit cards

A credit card is one the most common and popular payment methods for online casinos. All transactions are processed instantly, although casinos have their own withdrawal delay. Deposit fees are low to moderate, usually no more than 1,5%.

Almost every online casino accepts credit card payments. All of these factors make credit card payments one of the most optimal choices for every gambler out there. So think again, if you have a credit card, wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to use it?


If you are the type of person who cares deeply about their Internet safety of personal data, then you may be interested in this payment method.

Neosurf is a payment method that doesn’t have any connections to your personal info, therefore it’s completely anonymous.

With Neosurf you can make deposits at many online casinos, but you can’t make a direct withdrawal to Neosurf, so you’ll need a withdrawal wallet in case you’d choose this wallet. If you’re interested in more info, it’s better to check out for detailed info on this payment method at casino NZ.


Paysafecard is a prepaid card that already has a default sum of money, you can easily find it in many stores and even gas stations. Though, for some people this may be cumbersome. A Paysafecard comes with a 16-digit pin code.

What are its uses? With a Paysafecard, you can make deposits at online casinos and some other websites (e.g. online-stores). Plain and simple. However, you can’t make withdrawals to Paysafecard, so you will need some other e-wallet to make a withdrawal for your sick jackpot in a favourite online casino of your choice. Not the best comfortability, but still good if you take into account that Paysafecard does not have any fees. A solid alternative to Paypal, especially considering the fact that many online casinos that accept Paypal payments also accept Paysafecard.


We’ve mentioned this payment method before and now it’s time to tell you about POLi — a system that’s run by the Australia Post and works with every single Australian and New Zealand bank. It is completely free of charges and fees, so if you were thinking about using bank wire transfers from Australian or New Zealand banks, you should consider using POLi instead. Unlike bank wire transfers, POLi transactions are free and fast. Totally worth considering.


Neteller is an e-wallet system founded in 1999 that has made a name around the world for the past 20 years, it’s well-known and safe. Neteller has a quite average fee of 2,5%. All transactions are instant, you can also link your bank account or credit card to it if you want. Neteller is widely accepted in online casinos throughout the world and you won’t have a problem finding one that you’d like.

PayPal Casinos FAQ

Yes, of course you are safe, same goes for your money and personal info. PayPal has a unique system that’s made just for the sake of safety of its clients. There are many ways to authorize a transaction, and PayPal has great tech support in case something goes wrong. Even if your money didn’t land to where they should, you can always start a dispute and if Paypal finds something suspicious about that transaction, you will be granted a full refund of your purchase. So, yes, you are surely safe.
All Paypal transactions are instant and are processed in seconds, but online casinos have a withdrawal delay that may take from one to two days. So, while Paypal does it instantly, most online casinos don’t, that’s why you might have to wait for a few days to have your mighty jackpot cashed out and spent on something that you’d like, or maybe for future jackpots… It’s up to you.
Just as easy as with any other payment method. First, you have to register a Paypal account, obviously. Then, you need to link your bank account and credit or debit card to fully activate your account to be able to make deposits and withdrawals. After that, you’re good to go! Just find a suitable online casino, sign up, go to the deposit section, and choose Paypal. Then, you will only have to input your account info and get ready to win a great fortune in the casino of your choice!
Right on this website! OnlineCasinoGuide’s experts are working hard to review every single online casino and find only the best online Paypal casinos in New Zealand for your pleasure and income. You can always go to the review section, click on ‘Paypal casinos’ and find the best reviewed online casinos out there! We have high standards, reviewing only legal online casinos that aren’t suspicious and have only the best user reviews. We are sure that you will certainly find something for your taste at OnlineCasinoGuide, friend!
While there aren’t many online casinos that have this kind of bonus, such bonuses occur now and then, so watch online casino reviews carefully. You, of course, can regularly check OnlineCasinoGuide for updates, we will be first to inform you about such bonuses! Besides, using such a well-designed system could be considered a bonus itself, couldn’t it?
One of the most valuable benefits of using Paypal is, in our mind, its universality. Paypal can be used for purchasing almost everything you want, not only to deposit cash to a casino. Among other important pros of Paypal there are high safety of your transactions, relatively low fees and the fact that Paypal supports NZ dollars, meaning that you don’t have to waste money on currency exchange.

Check out the casinos listed in this article and start gambling with Paypal!