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Neteller Casinos In New Zealand

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While you’re browsing the web to find a good New Zealand online casino or if you have already found one or a few casinos to gamble — we’re sure that almost everyone has seen one that takes Neteller payments. While choosing a payment method may seem somewhat unnecessary for a beginner, all gambling veterans know that this is, in fact, pretty important. Here at OnlineCasinoGuide, our experts will tell you all the information you need to know about Neteller so that you’ll know if it really suits you.

Casino Accepting Neteller








$1200 + 120FS

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361+ games

97.12% payout

€222 + 222 FS

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

532+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

900+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

450+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

595+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

290+ games

96.16% payout


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

462+ games


Neteller is an e-money transfer service founded in 1999. It can be used to transfer money for a wide range of different purposes, such as social networks, online games, forex trading firms, etc. Of course, we are writing about Neteller because it also supports gambling payments. While you might find an online casino that doesn’t accept Neteller deposit or withdrawal, most online casinos do, so you won’t have a problem finding a casino to play when using Neteller.

However, that doesn’t mean you can only pay on some websites and that’s it, you can send funds to any person via the Neteller system just as easily. Neteller also gives you an opportunity to link your bank account, debit, or credit card without any safety issues. Being one of the most trusted payment systems in the world, it works not only with Australian banks but also in New Zealand, so Aussies aren’t the only ones who may consider using this payment method when gambling on online casino sites.

Neteller also has a mobile app you’d definitely want on your smartphone when on the move so that you may use it anywhere you want. For those who are proficient with tech and e-currency, Neteller offers a cryptocurrency wallet that has more than 100 payment methods and supports 28 cryptocurrencies. With Neteller, you will have all the variety of cryptocurrencies without troubles and complexities.

How to use Neteller at Online Casinos?

So, you’re curious about Neteller and have decided to try it out. As for almost every site, your first step would be signing up on You will need to input your name and surname, then you should write down your email and think of a safe password. It is best that you’d choose a password that hasn’t been used before. After that, you will need to choose a country from which you’re using Neteller and a default currency you’re using. Then you’ll need to specify the information about you, which includes your birth date, address, and postal code, and phone number. This is made that way for two reasons. First, this information can be used so that you can get in contact with Neteller’s tech support if needed and they will be sure that the person they’re talking to is actually a person that made this account. Second, these requirements are needed so that criminals won’t be able to steal someone’s identity.
After the registration, you deposit money to your Neteller wallet via any supported source. Don’t forget that you need to choose not a regular, but a gambling account to be able to use it for gambling in online casinos.

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Minimum Deposits

All online casinos that accept Neteller (as well as any other online casino) have a minimum deposit value. Most of them have a minimum deposit value from $5 to $20, a perfectly reasonable minimum for New Zealand gamblers. In rare cases, the number might be bigger, though it applies only to extremely rare cases, so if you’re a low-budget gambler you shouldn’t worry when you use Neteller deposit in online casinos.

Deposit Fees

You can definitely tell that Neteller treats everyone equally when it comes to depositing. Every single e-payment system that you can top up Neteller with has a deposit fee of 2.5%. Not entirely great, but pretty neat if you take into account the variety of services that you can use to deposit to your Neteller account. Do you think that Neteller has nothing else to offer? For those who want to trade cryptocurrencies, there is a buy/sale fee of 1.50% for EUR/USD and 3% for others, so it may not be the best place to trade crypto for NZD, but it is still viable enough, although the fee for your Bitcoin wallet is also 2.5%.

Safety of transactions with Neteller

Neteller truly is one of the safest e-payment systems with the newest anti-fraud tools and security features that guard your personal info and money every single second. It doesn’t matter which alternative payment method you use, whether it’s a bank account, credit card or Bitcoin wallet, every payment method is as safe as others.

Still, even if Neteller’s safety system is indeed great, there are also precautions for you to be 100% sure that everything is fine. Never share your personal info with people or sites that you don’t trust. Do not forget to check your transaction history often. Don’t use Neteller on public computers, use only updated software that doesn’t have any safety issues. Also, a strong password is a must-have, but the safest feature you can use is a two-step authentication that provides an additional layer of defense to your account.

What countries accept Neteller gambling payments?

Neteller is widely trusted in most of the countries in the world, and because you’re a New Zealander reading this article, of course, New Zealand banks and services also accept Neteller transactions. What’s more important, there are hundreds of NZ Neteller casinos for you to enjoy. Be sure to make transactions ONLY with legal and certified casinos that you may find in OnlineCasinoGuide reviews because Neteller might suspend your account for illegal actions.

Overall, Neteller supports over 50 countries including those from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

What countries restrict the use of Neteller?

Neteller hasn’t been banned in any country and has no reason to be banned because Neteller is a law-abiding and trustworthy e-payment system. Although, there is a list of countries with which Neteller just doesn’t work currently. Don’t worry, New Zealand is not on this list, so you definitely can enjoy using Neteller for online casino payments.

The list of countries includes the USA and US overseas territories as well as some conflict territories like Crimea and Afghanistan.

Pros of using Neteller in NZ casinos

Now, let’s take into account all of the above and make some conclusions. We’ll start with pros of using Neteller in New Zealand online casinos.

First of all, Neteller has a really great design, which is easy to navigate and make payments to online casinos. Neteller has a relatively low transaction fee, meaning more money for you to multiply at your favorite online casinos. While the fee is present, it isn’t really big, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

You can also use NZ dollars at Neteller, so you won’t suffer another fee for currency exchange. Neteller online payments are accepted in many casinos, this service is very popular among the world and is used in many countries, meaning you will definitely find a good online casino that accepts Neteller payments. You can look at OnlineCasinoGuide reviews to find the best and the safest casinos that accept Neteller out there.

Cons of using Neteller in NZ casinos

As for cons, there aren’t many, to be honest. The first one is the fees. Although these fees aren’t huge, they do exist, and some may want to find another online payment service just because of this. Neteller has top-up and withdrawal fees, and that fact is unfortunate for every gambler out there that wants to use Neteller for gambling.

Besides that, in our opinion, the most uncomfortable thing about Neteller is that there are two types of accounts. There are accounts made for gambling and regular accounts. When you use the regular one, you can’t gamble and will suffer fees or even permanent deletion of your account by the administrators. If you don’t register your account as a regular one and instead picked one for gambling, then it’s okay. But still, if you use this account to pay to illegal online casinos, you, again, will suffer big fees from Neteller for that. You also can’t send gambling money to a non-gambling account and use it for something else.

Don’t forget to check the legal status of online casinos that you want to deposit to or withdraw money from and be sure to double-check the status of your account before you make a transaction. OnlineCasinoGuide reviews only legal online casinos so you shouldn’t worry about that. Just look at the review section of OnlineCasinoGuide and be sure that the casino you like is safe, legal, and great!

Best 5 New Zealand Casinos To Use Neteller

When we’re done with Neteller analysis, a new question arises in the minds of our dear gamblers. What are the best Neteller casinos in New Zealand? And this question won’t be hard for OnlineCasinoGuide experts to answer, because we’ve made a TOP-5 of online casinos that accept Neteller.

Woocasino Casino

This is a relatively new online casino that is already booming with popularity and is admired by many gamblers. Woocasino has an astonishing number of slots — over 2000! We’re sure that you’ll find something that you’ll love among thousands of different pokies, live and mobile games. Woocasino has lots of bonuses, that include, but are not limited to welcome bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs with real money and tournaments with bonus prizes.

The design of the casino is really great and easy to navigate, too. Of course, such a big online casino has 24/7 full customer support, so any bugs that may occur will be immediately dealt with. Woocasino Casino accepts many payment methods, including, of course, Neteller, but even different kinds of cryptocurrency. A great choice for novices and skilled gamblers.

Casinonic Casino

Casinonic Casino is an online casino that was established in 2019 with more than 1400 online games of all kinds that keep all New Zealand gamblers glued to it! Casinonic Casino has a great welcome bonus system that lasts for five deposits and the bonus rates are just getting higher and higher! A really neat system for most gamblers. Casinonic Casino not only has classic slot games but also live dealer games. For those with Android or iOS devices, this casino also has a mobile app that you can download and enjoy gambling while not around your computer. There are several bonuses including a Friday bonus, VIP bonus, and even a Birthday bonus! All of the factors above as well as a nice design and easy navigation have made Casinonic Casino a real discovery for every good gambler out there.

BetsEdge Casino

BetsEdge Casino offers a wide variety of different online slot games made by the most experienced and trustworthy online game developers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, Spinomenal, and Pragmatic Play. With more than 3000 online games, they offer some really great and rare slots that are hard to find elsewhere, so it’s best that you’d check it out. The welcome bonus lasts for 3 deposits, granting you free spins and bonus cash. It has online slots, live casino, and live table games. Again, BetsEdge Casino also has a mobile casino app for those who have Android and iOS devices, which is certainly good. Overall, this casino offers rich bonuses and a mind-blowing variety of different online games to play!

Dinkum Pokies Casino

Dinkum Pokies Casino is a great choice for those who can’t decide what to play at grand casinos that have thousands of different games. Dinkum Pokies Casino offers more than 200 well-known and almost classic games that everybody loves, and while this number isn’t high, the casino is still very popular. Why? Because of the online slots and, of course, a very rich bonus system, that includes a welcome bonus, daily bonus, new game bonus, no deposit bonus, and many more!

24VIP Casino

24VIP Casino was founded in 2017 and since then it’s providing one of the best online casino experiences you might find on the Web. It’s registered under Curacao gambling laws, that are known and trusted all around the world. This casino has 200+ online games, including online slots, video poker, table games, and real dealer games. With 24VIP Casino’s bonus program, you surely won’t be left unhappy after a few lost bets, because the bonuses will definitely cover it up, leaving you more money to multiply at the best online pokies!

Fastpay Casino

Fastpay Casino offers its dear players a huge variety of online slots to play with over 3400 of them so that you will definitely find something you’d like. A welcome 100% bonus up to $100 with an additional 100 free spins is a serious and tempting offer to think of, along with many more different bonuses. Has online slots, table games, live casino, and for those who want to gamble while not at home, a mobile app for Android and iOS. This casino is just like its design, easy and simple.

Alternatives To Neteller For Funding Online Casino Accounts


While you can pay with PayPal at nearly every online store, this isn’t true for most online casinos. Sometimes, for some reason, PayPal forbids gambling-related payments. This means that you won’t be able to make a deposit to your favourite online casino or withdraw your jackpots from it. Still, PayPal seems to work just alright in some of the casinos. There aren’t many of them, but some still exist. OnlineCasinoGuide experts look for such casinos to help Aussie and NZ gamblers with Paypal accounts to make using them easier for gambling.

Bank wire

A bank wire transaction is a slow and expensive online payment method. Some people say this is the worst payment method for online casino transactions. Payments require up to 3 days to get to the receiver. This may be okay for casino withdrawals, but most people wouldn’t want to wait this long to make a deposit. Also, bank wire fees are one of the biggest out there, reaching tens of dollars. That is just too much for a single and slow transaction. Furthermore, there is also a method that does it all better and works with all NZ banks without any fees, so we don’t recommend using bank wire if you can help it.

Credit cards

One of the most common payment methods out there is the credit card. MasterCard or Visa, these transactions are always instant both for withdrawal and for deposit. Low to moderate percentage fees that are fair for most gamblers and usually won’t go higher than 1,5%, as well as the fact that almost every online casino accepts credit/debit card payments makes it one of the most optimal gambler’s choices ever. Overall, a solid alternative to Neteller.


This payment method is completely anonymous because it doesn’t have any of your personal info. That’s a major thing to consider for some gamblers that consider having their personal information of the Internet to be safer. With Neosurf you are able to make deposits at local and international online casinos, but you can’t make a direct withdrawal. If this is intriguing to you, you should read our guide on Neosurft to learn more about this payment platform. Otherwise, you may just go straight ahead to one of the Neosurf casinos that are listed on this page.


Paysafecard isn’t just your regular e-wallet, but an actual physical prepaid card that can be used for payments in online casinos and shops. You can buy these at most shops or gas stations. This card comes with a 16-digit pin code. While you can use it to deposit money to an online casino, you, of course, cannot withdraw to this card, so for withdrawals, you’ll have to use another payment system like Neteller. The best thing about Paysafecard is that there are no fees for deposit, so overall it’s a good alternative to Neteller.


POLi is your best choice over bank wire transfers. It is run by the Australia Post and works with all Australian and NZ banks. It is completely free of any fees so if you choose to use your bank account, it is really good for almost any Aussie or NZ Neteller casinos that accept bank wire transfers. You can do both deposits and withdrawals with POLi and you don’t even need a POLi account to do that. Overall, POLi is a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend money on fees when using their bank accounts.


Skrill is an e-wallet system that’s based in the UK. You can both deposit and withdraw with Skrill, but there are withdrawal and top-up fees that may seem somewhat high for some gamblers. While the deposit fee for Visa card is 1,9%, a withdrawal from Skrill to Visa card will have a 7% fee, so it’s best to withdraw your jackpots to some other payment system. Deposits are instant and withdrawals may take 48 to 72 hours, but most casinos have this withdrawal time anyway, so it’s not a big deal in most cases. Overall a solid alternative to Neteller but with somewhat higher fees.

Neteller Casinos FAQ

Yes, it is. Neteller definitely cares about the safety of money and the personal information of its users. Neteller uses the most recent digital security technology and two-step authentication, meaning Neteller does all they can to protect your data from criminals. While Neteller’s safety is definitely great, there are aspects out of their control about digital safety. When using Neteller, you should use only recently updated browsers, have an antivirus installed, and, obviously, don’t let anyone know your login and password.
It isn’t something for Neteller to decide and depends on the casino you play. Some NZ Neteller casinos do have an instant withdrawal, but most of them take 1 to 2 days to process a withdrawal. Not a great thing, but the rules are made by a casino, not an e-wallet system. If you want to find a casino with instant withdrawals, you may surf through OnlineCasinoGuide online casino reviews in the “withdrawal” section of a review.
Just choose an online casino that you like from OnlineCasinoGuide casino reviews, go to the deposit section, and choose the Neteller payment method, just that simple. Then you will need to type in your Neteller information and the amount of payment you want to make. You will have to pay a relatively small fee when making a deposit with Neteller. Sounds just as simple as any other deposit option, so why don’t try it?
You can do it right here, at OnlineCasinoGuide. OnlineCasinoGuide is a site that specializes in reviewing online casinos and making sure that they are safe and aren’t rigged. There are many different search options to look for a suitable online casino, but the one you’ll need is a search by a payment method. Just look at the Online casinos menu, choose Casino payments and then click on Neteller casinos. This will show you the best and the safest NZ casinos that use Neteller out there. After that, just pick one or some and dive into a great world of gambling with the help of our humble experts. May luck be with you all the way to the sickest jackpots in a casino of your choice!
Sometimes an online casino introduces such bonuses and you’d better check OnlineCasinoGuide reviews often for the latest news about your favourite online casinos so you won’t miss out on that! Anyway, you will get all the regular bonuses at a casino if you deposit with Neteller.
There are some good alternatives to Neteller, indeed, but many experienced gamblers prefer Neteller because of its safety and reliability. Neteller doesn’t have big fees and is easy to use and navigate. Most online casinos accept Neteller payments so you won’t have trouble finding a place to gamble and multiply your money in. Neteller also supports many different currencies meaning you won’t need to waste money on exchange fees. For more details, you may check the pros of using Neteller in this guide.