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Online Pokies 2019

55 votes, average: 4.02 out of 555 votes, average: 4.02 out of 555 votes, average: 4.02 out of 555 votes, average: 4.02 out of 555 votes, average: 4.02 out of 5

Pokies online are one of the most favorite activities among the New Zealanders. That is why the primary duty of our guide is to provide them with the best pokies to play and win in the favorite gambling establishments from the list provided below. Only here you have a unique opportunity to immediately enjoy your favorite gambling after you read about the best places to play for real cash and win with us. If you are a pokies crazy fan, you are just in the place to play right away!

Last Updated 29.01.2019

How Best Pokie Machines are Selected?

Search and testing of the best pokies is organized with a special care for the customer because we are aware of the fact that it’s hard for both the newcomers and the professionals to find what they want in the wide space of the Internet gambling online. We simply make the way of search simpler and faster. Just the way we rate our casinos as per the major quality criteria, the top online pokie machines and the casinos where you can fully enjoy the pokies gambling are thoroughly researched, tested, and brought into the public on page.

The games are chosen by the gambling experts that have played numerous online games and are quite hard-boiled in terms of casino games, casino software developers and features. That’s why they can evaluate the quality of the pokies with the special meticulousness and absolutely independently, deprived from any bias. Simply, purely technical approach, and no profit.

All casinos have:


One of the main tasks of the gaming operators is a guarantee of a fair play for the nz players. We understand the importance of explaining the principles of the game and ensure the integrity of operations that are based on the random number generator (RNG) with the quality of the game outcome. The system has been tested over millions of hands, but our enthusiasts still will test it over and over to make sure that this or that is the best place for pokie gambling.


An average casino performs thousands of transactions daily. We ensure they can offer more than enough various deposit methods, including safe internet systems and the credit cards support, etc. Pokies are extremely venturesome, so there must be no problem with the banking.


The purpose of any website is to provide the quality entertainment to the online pokie gambling fans no matter what, as well as the maximum security and captivity of gambling. With our help they have access to the history of their games and see all the gaming results, including the rates, a report on the funds’ contribution, withdrawals and so on, which definitely increases the reputation of the casinos reviewed here and our reputation as the independent pokie expert.


Looking for the top places to play pokies, gamblers seek the fruity bonuses in order to increase the payroll and indulge the heat of the action. The total average payout percentage of the virtual pokie games can reach 98%. Our experts continue research the services of the most reputable casinos to control the payout percentage from the casino and check the bonuses, loyalty programs, timely withdrawals, and many other financial details to make the gambling of New Zealanders flawless.


Of course, support is not less important when you gamble pokies online. There are many questions that may appear in the process. Our casino experts try even the most ridiculous in order to get the timely and profound answer from the casino attendants. We check if it uses the latest methods of information security of its customers, if all the information is encrypted, if they use reliable modern technologies and so on. So, don’t worry, we put our finger in everything.

Games Veriety

It’s true that each game differs. We strive to investigate every platform for the topnotch game variations and make sure they are stored on a server equipped with an effective means of network security and have the top quality design and sound effects. Besides, to keep the data about the players and their winnings of each casino game confidential is essential and we can check it out as well.

How we Rate Blacklist Casinos?

In order to ensure that all Internet casinos on the list are proven and well reputed, offer you only the top-notch pokies games, as well as provide you with the mobile versions for pokies iphone or ipad or any other online games of high quality, we dig into the roots of each gambling establishment. So, having a respectful experience in casino gambling and an eagle eye on the casino drawbacks, we have also provided you with the black list casinos rundown that will help you to avoid poor quality gambling, spoiled mood and financial loss.

Lucky Casino 18

  • Way too many player complaints
  • Bad business practices

Casino Rating

Sierra Star Casino

  • Way too many player complaints
  • Bad business practices

Casino Rating


  • Way too many player complaints
  • Bad business practices

Casino Rating

3 Key Pokie Gambling Tips

1. Read the payout table carefully

Each machine has a payout table where you can define the winning odds and the house edge percentage. That’s why study them carefully each time you gamble pokies, because the rates may vary greatly here and there and influence the game outcome either in your favor or against. Though, this is the game if chance, the possibility of winning is high.

2. Look for bonus games

If you know the rules, have studied the payout table, that may be not enough. Use the full arsenal and choose the most winning game variation, namely, seek for entertainments allowing earning a lot of money by means of bonus games with special images. Alongside the dispersion level, more features like bonus games and special characters will work. As the practice shows, such variations are quite loyal to hunters of the good luck, and enable having without compromising your budget.

3. Pick the ultimate quality software

It is important to pay attention to the brand of the machines. Preference should be given only to those games, which are created by the leading manufacturers with an excellent reputation. Production of world famous suppliers is a guarantee of a fun-filled activities, and a fair play. They are more likely to have a winning dispersion and the payout percentage in contrast to the low quality fun, created by unscrupulous manufacturers.


What’s pokies?

Pokies are video slots for New Zealanders, specialty of the Kiwi gambling. Video pokies are based on slots game with the spinning images. Fundamentals of the game are very simple: you make your bet and press the button, see if the images match and voi la! The machine usually makes the minimum bet, so you can start small.

How to pick the winning pokies?

In order to find the most winning pokies or determine the level of dispersion like in any other slot game, you must try free games first. It is enough to look at the payout table, which is provided with any game simulator. It is necessary to compare the amount of the maximum allowable bet and the win size. That’s all!

How to check the payout table?

If the first parameter exceeds a second one in 5000 times, for example, the machine falls into the category of the low dispersion slots. A lot of machines include a large-scale system with a progressive jackpots that makes them a bit complicated to figure out.

Are there mobile phone pokies?

Each online casino of New Zealand offers a variety of games, including their mobile versions of great assortment. Pokies are not an exception. The habit of dominoes and chess on your mobile device is quite common. Feel free to taste a candy secular life with these extremely exciting slot machines too!

How to play them online?

It’s quite a simple operation: you only need to dodge objects flying across the screen. Each level will be more difficult; there will be more objects and their speed will be higher. So, now you can say that you know all about pokies and the mobile games that are made of it. The hot and sharp as a Chilean red pepper pokie session is at your disposal!