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Onine Pokies

Try real money online pokies from your browser or mobile absolutely free of charge. Get a maximum pleasure from online pokies while playing with top online casino free spins and welcome cash bonuses. With free online pokies NZ, you can win real money that will be deposited to your account immediately.

Here you can find the best free pokies and pokies for real money to start trying your luck immediately. Also, read our recommendations as to how to find a reliable casino where you can find free online pokies NZ.    


Golden Farm


Hidden Valley


Peter and the lost boys


Power force villains




Sticky Bandits


Sugar Pop


Wins of Fortune


Online Pokies: Evolution of Gambling

Playing real online pokies NZ requires no money deposit if you are a newly registered user and want to try the game for the first time. This gives you additional funds to bet on more money and have more spins and, thus, more chances to win.

Online pokies free spins no deposit do come with certain rules, though. First of all, don’t think that you can just take free spins, use them and cash out money. Even if you win, you will have to make your first deposit and only then a withdrawal option will become available. Many respected casino would even give you free money winning spins before your first sum is deposited.

In order to decide on the perfect casino to play pokies online for free, find answers to these three main questions:

  1. Does a casino offer free spins as a welcome bonus?
  2. What is the casino’s payout rate for slot games?
  3. What progressive slots jackpot does it offer?

Once you find this information about several casinos of choice, compare and choose the one you like better. You can check our best online casino NZ list to find the one with the best offers to pokie players specifically. To warn you in advance, there may not be an absolute favorite; some casinos have higher payouts but a smaller game choice; others offer more bonuses in cash and no free spins. That’s why you need to choose an option that reflects your preferences best. We recommend you check all the options as well as the list of fastest payout casinos of New Zealand.     

Finding a good online casino NZ should not be too difficult with OCG reviews. Check out Jackpot City online pokies or any other suitable casino from the list of the most reliable casinos NZ.


How to play online pokies NZ

Here’s what you need to know before you start to play pokies online.

All the elements on the slot machine display are essential for understanding even to a total beginner. If you do not know what each sign or box on the display signifies, you are in the risk zone because it is your money at stake. Even though it is pretty straightforward, make sure you understand what each number and each symbol mean. In particular, find the balance box (the amount of your money); display box (the amount you win); paytable and paylines; maximum bet and bet per line; and the maximum bet box. Now you have to learn what is the function of each of these terms.   

For your understanding

Payline is a winning combination of symbols on a slot machine. If we talk about the most classic pokies, the paylines are usually horizontal lines of three or more matching symbols. Online pokies are much more flexible in this respect since they allow users to choose any form of payline they want. (BTW, you can experiment with number and forms of payline with online pokies free spins that require no deposit).

Paytable usually located in the left upper corner shows the amount of money a payline will bring you.

Bet per line is money you bet on one line when spinning the wheel.

Maximum bet is the amount of money per one line multiplied by the number of lines.

Kiwis are lucky because playing slots in New Zealand is absolutely legal. If you have ever been wondering why there are so many slot machines everywhere the answer is simple – they are the most popular game type in online and brick and mortar casinos. Slot machines generate around 70% of profit in the entire gambling business. Not surprisingly that the majority of casinos pay so much effort to promote slots.

To start gambling and winning with NZ pokies online, all you have to do is choose a good casino. Once you’ve found one that gives you a satisfactory answer to the three check questions we’ve gone through earlier, you need to find a suitable payment and withdrawal option.

  • Online casinos may offer a lot of banking options so pick those that are widely used in your country.
  • It is better to have two banking options set, a primary and an additional one, just in case.
  • Note that not all cards or web wallets are equally suitable for deposit and withdrawal.
  • Different banking providers have different interest and fees amounts.
  • Some card issuers take a fee for their services yearly.

Setting your payment and withdrawal methods up should not take much of your time. Once it is done, move to the most exciting part.

Online Pokies for Real Money

If you go to any website from OCG list you’ll see that there are no sites with two identical pokie games. Online pokies New Zealand can be of different types. As the majority would imagine, pokies are machines with fruit or other symbols spinning in it. Nowadays, there are many types of slots:

  • 3-5-7 reel slots
  • Bonus slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • Video slots

As you may guess, 3-reel slots are the easiest of all. Despite the fact they are the most ‘ancient’ slot type, many virtual and non-virtual casino visitors keep choosing them year after year. They are also called one payline slots because there is only one winning horizontal line. Once you see a straight line of grapes or other symbol of your choice, you instantly know that you’ve won. Bonus and progressive jackpot are considered the best online pokies variant for more or less experienced players. They have many paylines and allow users to customize games as they wish.    

Many online slots machines have a bonus feature that presents players with free and money winning bonus rounds. Usually, they emerge as a pleasant surprise for a player in between the paid spins. Bonus rounds may have a pompous design and account wins according to a different than a chosen payline way.

Bonus round system for NZ online pokies allows accruing wins in a more profitable way for the player. “Scatter pay” is the name for one of such bonus rounds. It is easy to win money with scatter paying since you only need to hit several matching symbols throughout all the reels. Regardless of how many reels there are, if you have a certain number of a chosen symbol, you won.        

The well-known fact about any of these machines is that slot machine denomination does not affect its payout rate. Each machine is programmed in the same way and has a random number generator programmed to give out one of millions of possible combinations on the screen. But your payout does depend on the bet amount i.e. the more money you bet with on a line, the higher the payout gonna be.

No matter what type of slots online you play, do not think that putting more money in will result in receiving more money out. This is a common bias that pokie players have (called ‘recency bias’) and that does not work out well for them. At the same time, if you already won once, it does not mean that a machine won’t allow you to hit the jackpot the second time. Remember that the word random in RNG makes both scenarios equally possible. If you do not know what RNG is, keep reading.  

RNG in Online Pokies Games

To play online pokies and win real money you must know that slot machines have random number generators as their key component. RNGs have millions of possible combinations they choose from their memory or generate using an algorithm to give away unique and different combinations each particular time.

Many users who come to try out free online pokies for the first time treat the system as a living being. This is a common misconception that can be explained by the peculiarity of human psychology. We tend to begin treating computer system we interact with and that gives us specific responses as a being with consciousness. This leads many players into deceiving themselves. They think a machine has memory but it does not. As evident from the name, random number generator is entirely random and has no memory. So if you see that you haven’t been too lucky on a particular day, don’t hope that the machine will pity you and give you a jackpot next spin.

The best place to play free pokies online

Online casinos NZ guarantee cash and bonuses to new users. Look for casinos with online pokies no deposit bonus if you want to play pokies for free. Many sites allow to play pokies online for free with no download required. However, by playing pokies in your browser you miss out on many benefits that desktop and mobile versions have.

Playing online pokies real money NZ with leading casinos mobile and desktop apps is a sheer pleasure.

  1. You can easily access your favorite casino slots by clicking on a desktop item, which is a matter of seconds.
  2. Apps are specifically designed for you to play real pokies online with no inconveniences. You can play almost all games available on the website from phone not to stay fixed in one place all day long.
  3. Slot apps of respected casinos do not occupy much memory on your phone and do not eat too much of your mobile data. You can download Spin Palace online pokies app and see its advantages for yourself.

Accessibility and game variety of online casinos is not all that you have to consider. Legality and safety of online casino you choose, determine what your user experience will be like. We won’t go into cases when unreliable online casinos attract players with lucrative bonuses and offers and then commits fraud by not allowing to withdraw money, forfeiting return rates or simply conducting unfair gambling practices.                     

Play best online pokies for real money only with trusted online casinos. How can you know if they are trusted?

  • Go to casino website footer and check payment options. If you see logos of famous financial services such as Visa, Mastercard, etc., this is a good sign.
  • Look for licenses and certificates. You can play NZ online pokies on virtually any casino site but it is safer to do it with a tested provider. Gaming testing agencies such as Malta Gaming Authority (mga) or eCOGRA are guaranteed proof of casino’s legality and fair gaming practices.
  • Check on casino partners. If it is supported by renowned and trusted software providers and has an affiliate program, most likely you’ve come to the right place.

Playing online pokies NZ, it is both important to hunt down as many bonuses as possible and not to get drawn into an unreliable gambling. Therefore, look for the best pokie games by looking at the most reliable and time-tested online casinos. You can secure your money and nerves by playing with the most reliable and safe online casinos NZ from our recent review.

You do not need to put all your money at stake if you are new to slots. To stay on the safe side, start with using your bonus cash and free spins and move on to small and medium sums of money. Playing with reliable websites is 50% of successful gambling. In New Zealand slots allow to win progressive