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On this page, we'll unfold the joys of playing free slots, a thrilling pastime that's not just fun but also rewarding. We'll guide you to the hidden gems where you'll discover the best ones to try out. Don't fret about the jargon, we're here to decipher those mystifying terms you might bump into along the way!

Eager to dive into the top-notch free online slot games right here in New Zealand? You've landed exactly where you need to be!

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Indulge in complimentary slot gaming activities.

Explore a selection of the finest complimentary slot machines that we suggest:


The Wild Life
Da Vinci Diamonds
Aristocrat Gaming
9 Masks of Fire HyperSpins
Gameburger Studios
Pixies of the Forest
9 Coins
Sugar Rush
Pragmatic Play
Wanted Dead or a Wild
Hacksaw Gaming
Jackpot Inferno
Gates Of Olympus
Pragmatic Play
Double Diamond
Mega Jackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air
88 Fortunes
SHFL Entertainment
Siberian Storm

Understanding the method to engage in complimentary slot games

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Jumping into the world of slots is a breeze! Find a comfy spot, lay your wager, and kick off the thrill of those spinning reels. Naturally, while you're enjoying the game gratis, there's no actual kiwi dollars at stake. It's all about the fun and the sheer delight of the game, without any financial implications. Just sit back, relax, and let those reels take you on an exhilarating ride!

Presenting a sequential tutorial for engaging in slot games in the present day:

  • Go to the top of this page

  • Choose a free slot you'd like to try

  • Make sure you're using free play/practice mode

  • Set your bet level and start spinning the reels

  • Explore the game's features and try to win that jackpot!

Best progressive jackpot slots

While it's true that dynamic games like Mega Moolah and Major Millions - bursting with jackpots that run into the hundreds of millions of dollars - are not accessible in a practice mode, don't let that hold you back! You can still dive headfirst into the thrilling world of free slots and walk away with sizeable wins tucked into your digital wallet! So, whether you are nestled in your favourite armchair in Rangiora, or soaking up the sun on a beach in Paihia, you are just a few clicks away from the possibility of landing monumental free slots jackpots! The taste of victoriously hitting a jackpot could be sweeter than a spoonful of Manuka honey, and all it takes is a bit of Kiwi luck!

Delving into free slot games using the Max Bet option has the benefit of not touching a cent of your real money. You see, you're playing with practice funds, which allows you to place hefty sum, sometimes even hundreds of imaginary dollars, on a single spin. Give games like Buffalo, Cleopatra or Wheel of Fortune a whirl, especially if you're eager to scoop up hefty jackpots. Should you hit the jackpot, remember, sadly it's just a game, as it can’t be converted to Real Money unlike in real money casino games. Your joy, however, will be authentic!

Popular slots

In the world of online slots, there's truly something for each one of us. The bountiful collection we have would surely appeal to the wide-ranging tastes of our Kiwi audience. Starting with the visual appeal of a slot could be a brilliant beginning. Once your eyes are attracted to a game, with a theme that captures your heart, it then unfolds into an exploration of whether it truly tickles your fancy for gameplay. It's a thrilling journey, from the allure of a game's theme to the thrill of its gameplay — a journey that only you can embark on.

88 Fortunes, a standout gem, offers tantalising potential multipliers that never fail to elicit a thrill. On another exciting note, we have the irresistibly charming Pharaoh's Fortune. This game, gleefully dabbling in the well-loved Egyptian theme, takes an unexpectedly delightful turn from the norm, a tradition established by the superb Cleopatra. We're teeming with reviews of countless other thrilling destinations for you to give a crack at, too!

How to play online slots

Hey there, take a deep breath and remember this - bagging a big win on a slot machine hinges heavily on Lady Luck's favour. You might just as well hit the jackpot or spark a bonus round with the very first spin or maybe the last, it's all in the game's unpredictable charm. For some, it's a tough pill to swallow, even if they're well-versed in numbers and odds. Just remember, you're playing in New Zealand, where fun and excitement meet at the crossroads of chance. Be up-to-date with the current bonus features and always remember, every spin holds a unique potential to strike gold!

By all means, hang in there, mate! Hold on until you strike that sought-after bonus round if you can. These bad boys often present the most golden opportunities for you to score big and make back any losses. Do try to have a crack at as many paylines as you're able to and chuck in the largest coin size that won't leave you skint. This might be your shot to rake in those big Kiwi dollars!

More free games

We've already taken a look at the sheer practicality of utilising free online slots as a means to uncover the little intricacies hidden within a new game, all without having to put a single cent of your hard-earned cash on the line. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg - there's a wealth of additional motivations as to why you might fancy giving a variety of games a whirl in practice mode. In this way, you get to immerse yourself in a range of gaming delights, without the stress of any financial implications. It's like taking a scenic detour on a leisurely drive through the countryside of New Zealand, just seeing where the road takes you, yet knowing your petrol tank won't run dry.

Immersing yourself in a thrilling game of blackjack without shelling out a single cent, provides a fantastic platform to hone your strategies and finesse your skills without the fear of losing cold hard cash. Equally, diving into a riveting game of roulette completely free of charge, empowers you to experiment with different wagering systems and diverse bet types without any financial risk whatsoever. However, if you find yourself eager to delve into the exhilarating world of real money gaming, we wholeheartedly encourage you to take full advantage of enticing promotions on offer. From the bundles of free spins to the generous welcome bonuses tailored specifically for our newest Kiwi players, there's a world of opportunity waiting just for you. Don't worry, we've checked and everything is up-to-date as per New Zealand standards, so get ready to fully immerse yourself in this thrilling gaming experience!

Slots terms

Discover the definitions of these phrases to ensure you're always prepared during gameplay!


For instance, complimentary blackjack gives every Kiwi an exceptional chance to give fundamental strategies a go without the fear of parting with their hard-earned dollars. In a similar vein, free roulette paves the way for some carefree trials with various betting systems and a diverse range of wagers, all without putting your pocket at risk.

Immerse yourself in the joy of spinning without worry, setting a loss limit that has the power to halt those slots, no matter how many free spins you've got lined up. Yet, should you be in it purely for the thrill of the game, this feature isn't always so vital. As you navigate the playful world of pokies, many games generously give you the power to interrupt autoplay. Excitingly, this happens every time you unleash a bonus round or hit a win that soars above a certain threshold. Who knows what fortune awaits you in the next spin? So, dear Kiwi players, keep your eyes on the prize and your finger on the button.

Bonus games

Bonuses, often seen as delightful free spins or exhilarating mini-games that let you select from a medley of captivating symbols, are typically wonderful experiences not to be missed. They're famed for offering players the golden opportunity to strike it rich or, following a string of misfortune, rebuild their dwindling reserves. In the heart of New Zealand, with dollar signs in our eyes, we embrace such opportunities with full hearts and steadfast hope. And rest assured, my friends, this information about bonuses is fresh off the press!

You never really know when you'll stumble upon a bonus round, do you? This element of surprise is part of what makes free slot games such a thrill. These games let you dip your toes in, getting a taste for the rhythm and frequency of bonus features. You're in for a treat every 50-200 spins on average, based on practice mode. It's like a little nugget of joy - unexpected and exciting. This is just one way these games give you a sneak peek into the rollercoaster ride of slot gaming, right here in New Zealand.


Just imagine that you're playing a game and you suddenly stumble upon some particular signs or features that work like a charm. Take a wild ride in an exciting bonus round, for example. Picture this - an exhilarating 3x multiplier is now in action. Every win you get, every success you taste, is now tripled. So, when Lady Luck smiles down on you, it's not just a single, ordinary win. No, it's magnified, amplified, tripled. It's like the universe conspiring to make your day thrice as good!

Occasionally, the contribution of several symbols does not alter a multiplier at all. This might be articulated, let's say, in a manner like: "A win featuring one or more X symbols will ignite a triple multiplier." Conversely, it's possible that multipliers can pile up. In such an instance, imagine the magic of mix and matching multipliers of 3x and 5x within a single victory – that would be a whopping fifteen-fold multiplication of your win!

Free spins

While occasional games offer fragmented re-spins set into motion by victorious symbols, the term 'free spins' is more frequently linked to a type of bonus or a unique occurrence during the exhilarating gameplay of pokie machines here in Aotearoa New Zealand. This tantalising twist of free spins adds an element of suspense and a dose of thrill to the overall gaming experience, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. These bonuses, always kept up-to-date, immortalize the heartbeat quickening sensation of possible extra rewards, making it an intrinsic part of New Zealand's beloved pokie machine culture.

When Kiwi players venture into the world of online casinos, they'll often find generous casinos offering a bounty of free spins on a selection of games from their extensive catalogue. Sure, these spins might come with some stipulations, such as a cap on the winnings or a mandate to wager a specific amount, but trust me, they're absolutely worth grabbing! Pokies here in New Zealand also often come with a delightful treat - bonus rounds. During these rounds, lucky players are treated to a series of free spins, giving them the thrilling opportunity to play on without dipping any further into their own pockets, preserving their hard-earned New Zealand dollars. Now, isn't that an exciting prospect? Who wouldn't want to take advantage of such an opportunity? So, Casino-goers, remember, free spins are indeed a "fair go" well worth your attention!

Wild symbol

Kiwis are over the moon when they spot a Wild symbol while playing. This is because these cheeky wee symbols swap out for other ones to create even more opportunities for winning. Occasionally, they come with multipliers tagged onto them or they broaden out when set off. Even more exciting, these Wild symbols could serve as jackpot symbols, doubling the thrill of the game!

The extent of their involvement, not to mention if they even appear, fluctuates significantly from one game to another. In a large number of pokies, for instance, they're unable to replace Scatter symbols, possibly leaving you in the lurch when you're attempting to initiate a bonus round.


What is the best free slots app?

Many different casino sites and mobile apps use the same software to provide their games, so it's tricky to label any one of them as definitively the best. All of the online casinos that we've linked to on this page represent very good places to enjoy free slots.
Can I play free slots?

Absolutely! Although some types of slots mostly progressive games are not available to play for fun, the vast majority of casinos online offer practice play. This allows players to try many different slots without wagering any of their own money. For those wanting to start small can even bet small amounts with $1 deposit casinos.
What are bonus rounds?

What a bonus round looks like can differ substantially from game to game, but most involve some combination of free spins, extra Wild symbols and/or a bonus multiplier. For example, a round of 10-15 free spins with a 2-3x multiplier was the standard for a long time.

Newer games are getting more creative, often giving players an element of choice as to how they take their bonus rounds. For example, more spins with a lower multiplier or vice versa. Pick bonus rounds, which involve picking prizes from a selection of mystery symbols, are also very common.
Do I have to give my details to play free slots?

No, you should never provide your details if you're only playing free slots. It's only when you're playing for real money that you may need to go through a sign-up process and provide payment details.