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Best NZ Online Casino for Real Money in 2021

Online casinos NZ are in high demand. This colossal industry is thriving, but the platforms are not created equal. You need a website with a rich gaming collection, secure transactions, fast withdrawals, generous bonuses and reliable support. Our mission is to find the best online casinos that payout fairly and provide an impressive variety of entertainment for every taste, budget and level.

What is the best online casino in New Zealand? You never know until you compare the reputation, gaming libraries, speed of transactions, rewards, and other aspects of gambling on different sites. We have done this work for you!

Online casino gambling is one of the most entertaining activities you can take part in. Generally, it’s easy to find the best online casino and enjoy a unique experience there. However, the situation in New Zealand can be tricky because of the placed restrictions.

There is a shortage of factual information, and to find a reliable NZ online casino, you have to spend a ton of time and energy. But you can’t skip this process either because you can lose part of your funds and have a terrible gambling experience in general.

That’s why, to choose an excellent online casino NZ, you have to use filtered information from a proven and established source. This will not only save you a ton of time, but you will also have access to the best New Zealand casinos on a silver platter.

Our mission on Onlinecasinoguide is just that. Our team of online gambling experts is here to push you in the right direction and give you access to the best NZ online casinos so that you can enjoy a fantastic gambling experience there. The only thing you have to do is choose an online casino New Zealand from our lists and start playing.

Last Updated 09.11.2021

Top New Zealand Online Casinos List Recommended for Kiwis








$1200 + 120FS

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

361+ games

97.12% payout

€222 + 222 FS

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

532+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

365+ games

96.01% payout


1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

900+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

450+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

595+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

290+ games

96.16% payout

Where to find the Best real money online casinos in NZ

Any popular industry has its “bad apples”, and gambling is no exception. Players should never choose casinos at random. Finding the best online casino real money on a hunch is next to impossible.

How can you be sure the platform will live up to your expectations and keep your data secure? Ratings and reviews by industry insiders are the most reliable way to find the best online casinos NZ.

We have compared hundreds of sites to choose the true leaders.

Our list shows the best online casinos in New Zealand, and we have conducted extensive research to back it up. These platforms have all the characteristics of gambling excellence. The online casinos New Zealand stand out thanks to:

Rich Collection Supported by Cutting-Edge Technologies

The best online casinos for real money have massive libraries powered by software giants. They cater to users from different demographics and locations. Whether you are keen on blockbuster pokies, classic blackjack, or live dealer roulette, you should be able to find everything you need on the same platform. The top brands provide hundreds of options, including variations of classic games and pokies with the most astonishing themes and jackpots.

The industry has always been responsive to technological innovations. The best online casino New Zealand will let you experience the most immersive type of gambling — live dealer games. Without visiting a land-based casino, you can interact with a professional dealer and get a taste of the authentic experience.

Flawless Experience on Any Screens

Today, most of us browse the internet from our tablets or smartphones, so companies must adapt to their offerings to smaller screens. The best casino online NZ ensures flawless navigation and the same quality of gameplay on the go. All of your favourites are at your fingertips 24/7. Play while travelling, waiting in line or during a lunch break — gambling has never been so accessible. Who knows, maybe you will hit an eight-digit jackpot during your next commute!

Focus on the Customer

Steer clear of shady sites that only care about their profit. The best online casinos New Zealand prioritize your satisfaction and safety. They provide professional support at any time of day and night, secure your sensitive information and guarantee unhindered withdrawals. The best casino NZ will keep you inspired with their growing gaming collections and generous rewards. The best New Zealand online casino will treat you like a king!

What Do The Best New Zealand Casino Sites For Real Money Provide To Players?

On the best online casino sites for real money, every aspect of your experience, from registration to withdrawals, is streamlined. These platforms focus on turning new visitors into loyal members. Upon registration, they provide a generous welcome package that may include one or more bonuses.

The best casino sites run on high-tech software solutions to guarantee fair outcomes and deliver crisp graphics, impressive soundtracks and an ever-growing range of themes and games. Explore them on any device and collect lavish bonuses in the process. The best casino websites guarantee convenient withdrawals, so you will collect your winnings without a hitch.

How We Review the Best New Zealand Real Money Casinos

Finding a truly reliable site is a challenge, as there is so much variety and so many features to assess. Our NZ online casinos list is a result of countless hours of research. We update the best online casino ratings regularly to provide you with up-to-date reviews. We choose sites that not only meet the requirements but deliver a superior experience.

Why You Need a Professional Opinion

Do you still think you can find the best casino on your own? For the average player, this is more difficult than it seems. First, they need experience and relevant research criteria. Without knowing what to focus on, you cannot make the right choice. Our team has a profound understanding and an insider’s view of the industry.

Gambling fans do not have to dig through tons of information to tell top online casino sites from scams. This is an arduous and time-consuming process. In our fast-paced world obsessed with efficiency, every minute counts. Few people can afford the luxury of researching casino platforms for hours.

Let our casino experts help you! All you need to do is look through our reviews of the 10 best online casinos and pick your favourite! Every review considers all the crucial aspects of gambling online, such as:

Our online casino reviews NZ are a great time-saver, and we support our conclusions with solid research. The team behind the ratings of the 10 best online casino sites has extensive experience. We assess each site from every possible angle and keep track of all the latest trends in the virtual gambling industry. We are proud to present the best online casino reviews that help players make wise choices.

Suppose you have been following the information we present closely up until now. In that case, you already understand that finding a reliable platform among all of the online casinos for real money can be a challenging process. The problem is with the abundance of options that the online casino gambling industry presents at the moment. And when you are looking for the best online casino NZ, the situation may get even worse.

At the moment, you probably heavily disagree, but many reasons and facts can support our claim. First of all, you probably don’t have the necessary experience to conduct proper research and understand what you should look for to find the best online casinos. You might not be fully grasping it, but you should realize that you won’t be able to evaluate an internet casino on your own entirely.

But that’s completely fine! After all, you are a casino gambling lover, not a site reviewer. It’s not your job to dive into tons of information on the internet, filter only the most actual one, and make a conclusion based on this information and your personal experiences with the particular real money casino.

This actually leads us to our second significant point. A process like this is highly time-consuming. Let’s face it. We live in an incredibly fast-paced world where every minute matters and not everyone has the luxury to spend a few hours in deep research in the chase of the best casino platform in the New Zealand market. And we are talking about a reviewing time of a few hours when an expert has taken on the task.

As you can already see, it’s incredibly challenging for the average online casino gambling enthusiast to find the best online casinos in NZ. But you don’t have to overthink it because you have the pleasure to be at the right place, at the right time. On our platform, you will be able to check the best internet casinos. And the best part? You will spend only the time to read through our detailed reviews.

But you may probably be wondering why you should trust us in the first place? We had compiled a team of experts with extensive experience in the world of online casino real money NZ, not only as reviewers but also as betting lovers. That’s why you can expect the best from every perspective.

Our team follows a proven process for evaluating every best casino online to bring you only the most precise information that will paint the whole picture of the particular new casino in front of your eyes. Transparency is also of utmost significance for our team. That’s why you can expect the most honest and authoritative New Zealand casino reviews on the web.

Over time, you will find that there isn’t a more accessible option for finding the best online casino sites. As we already briefly mentioned, the only thing you have to do on our site is taking the time to go through our detailed reviews and pick the options that align best with your gambling experience and preferences.

online casinos

Funds deposit and withdrawal terms and options

Everyone is paying extra attention to the first sections of a casino they see. However, one of the most significant sections you should always pay closer attention to is the payment options. That may be the design of the platform, the gaming selection, or something similar.

After all, you might enjoy a fantastic gambling experience in a particular casino. Still, when you reach the point where you need to withdraw your winnings, the situation may change drastically. According to the tremendous experience of our team of gambling experts, this is much more common than you might think.

One of the main reasons behind this is that the banking options are one of the hardest things to manifest conveniently and efficiently for gamblers. But that’s what we are after, so we are reviewing the payment methods of every online casino, up to the minor details.

One of the essentials nowadays, considering the world we live in, is the speed and promptly processing time of every transaction. You will be happy to receive your winnings in 48 hours, but some casinos will have a processing time of every transaction of up to 72 hours, which is far from convenient. We avoid casinos like this at all costs and present only the options with the swiftest withdrawal times in the industry.

The other important thing that must impress our expert team is the flexibility of the payment methods. In an abundance of opportunities, every player has its preferences when it comes to banking options. That’s precisely why the best online casinos have to cover a wide selection of payment methods to satisfy their players’ needs.

Bonus offers for NZ players

If you have been in the online casino gambling scene for a while, can you imagine enjoying your gambling experience without using a bonus? In the last few years, bonuses and promotions have become an essential part of the experience of every gambling enthusiast. Still, even in 2021, we can find casinos that do not offer bonuses, or their selection of bonuses and promotions is completely dry.

It doesn’t even need questioning, but using a bonus, especially as a new player in a particular online casino gambling platform, opens up many doors for you, not only in terms of potential winnings but also in a more thrilling gambling experience in general.

On top of that, you can quickly further test the gaming selection and the platform of a particular online casino before having to risk the majority of your funds. Bonuses in online casino platforms are here to stay, and the ones that do not offer a vast selection of them will vanish from the New Zealand gambling scene.

That being said, we present to you only the best online casinos with a selection of bonuses and promotions that will kickstart your online casino gambling journey so you can thrive at the tables as fast as possible.

Games software

Even without looking at the selection of games in a particular online casino, you can easily differentiate the best in the industry from the bad casinos. How is this possible? It’s straightforward. You need only a quick look into the casino gaming developers that the casino platform is cooperating with.

Nowadays, the online casino game developers are instantly recognized only by their names, as the best ones have been already established for many years, building a reputation and whole empires on these names.

That being said, when you see that a particular casino is working with some of the best in the industry like Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and more, you don’t need to question the quality of their gaming selection, even for a second.

As these providers are among the best in the world, you can only expect top-notch quality when it comes to the gaming selection of the casino working with these developers. It’s pretty simple.

Wide selection of real money games

Besides the quality of the casino games in a particular online gambling platform, we can’t deny that a vast selection of real money games is also playing a crucial role in the score of every casino. Nowadays, players get bored fast, and they need the next thrilling sensation quickly. That’s why it’s essential for every casino to offer many different opportunities in terms of games, so players can never get bored on a particular platform.

It’s not that hard to spot the platforms offering a wide selection of quality casino games. You only need to go to the gaming section of the platform and check the number of games they are offering. The concept is pretty simple. Offering many games is a high cost, which only the best platforms on the market can comfortably take.

That being said, when you see a vast selection of games, and if they are also covering a few different types of casino games, you can be almost sure that you will be satisfied with the gaming selection of the site.

That’s because you won’t ever get bored again, as you will have almost every possible casino game opportunity that the industry can offer you in the palm of your hand. That’s one of the most incredible feelings you can experience as an online casino gambling enthusiast. You can only experience it when you play on a platform with a vast selection of games, which are the type of platforms we present here on our site.

Another added benefit of a wide selection of games is that many platforms offer the opportunity for their players to try the game for free. As long as there is a wide gaming selection, a free play function will usually be available. This will allow you to try a particular game you are interested in, without even the need for a registration most of the time.

Availability for mobile platforms and apps

In a gambling world where the competition is incredibly fierce, one of the most significant sections of every casino can be considered responsible for mobile gaming and the flexibility with the different portable devices. We have reached a point where everyone is using a portable device, and more than 50% of the whole internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

That’s why each of the best New Zealand casinos needs to offer either a mobile app that players can easily download and enjoy the casino’s services on the go or having the luxury to play directly from their mobile browser. The latter is possible when the platform of the casino and the different games are originally optimized for mobile gambling.

In some cases, this is even more convenient than needing to download an app because players can immediately access the casino platform and play their favourite casino games on the go without any delay. Here, we present only the online gambling casinos in NZ with the best-optimized platforms for mobile gambling.

That way, you are going to enjoy an incredible convenience when lying on the couch, travelling, or just taking a walk. The only thing you have to do is pick up your portable device, enter the particular casino platform, and enjoy your favourite casino games on the go.

Personal information security

In a world where information is everything, and virtually anything is processed online, the players’ personal information is one of the things that have to be stored in a way that ensures safety. When you join a particular online casino, you share sensitive personal details, and you expect them to be secured.

Any leak of personal information like this can have significant consequences. But you don’t have to worry about that at all. The best online casino gambling platforms pay extra attention to this, and they are using only the latest technologies to protect your details from different digital attacks.

We also take this matter very seriously, and that’s why we present only the gambling platforms offering the highest level of security in the gambling industry. We take a deeper look into the security measurements that these platforms are taking and present only those with the most unbreakable defences. Hence, the only thing you have to worry about is your gambling strategy.

Support service

Generally, gambling is a complicated concept. When you deeply think about it, there are numerous types of different games, each with its own rules. When transitioning all of the gambling and games online, it’s inevitable for players to face problems. They can be connected with a particular game, with gaming glitches, or be with the actual platform of the casino.

You can’t expect to join an online casino platform and not encounter any problem at all. Usually, at the least, you will have a particular question in mind that you can’t find the answer to. That’s where you will need to receive competent help. And that’s when the customer support of the casino is playing a crucial role.

After it’s evident you will have some problems when enjoying online casino gambling online, having a competent team that gets your back is as ensuring as it can get. When you are confident that every issue you might encounter can be resolved quickly and efficiently, you can only be concerned about your gambling adventure.

It’s easy to see which casinos are offering the best customer support service to their players. One of the first signs of that is that the support is available 24/7, not only through live chat but also through telephone and email. This is incredibly ensuring and convenient, and that’s why we are providing you only with the gambling platforms that offer the best customer service.

So, rest assured, you will be served only with the platforms that offer top-quality customer service help. Of course, this is the case with many casinos, but that doesn’t guarantee you will receive adequate help. That’s why we are reviewing the customer support in every casino we provide by getting in touch with them and evaluating their abilities to resolve different problems we might be facing.


Even when evaluating a casino thoroughly, you can only tap up on the surface, and you may miss some things and frequent problems that may occur after a prolonged period of gambling. That’s why our last step of reviewing a particular online casino gambling platform is to check its reputation on the internet.

This is much more valuable than you might think. We live in an age where everything is shared online, and online casino platforms are no different. By going online and visiting some of the most popular sites for casino complaints, you can easily spot many patterns and frequent problems you may encounter in a particular casino.

You can see the most frequent problems players face on these sites, and you can conclude if the casino suits you. For example, many online casino gambling platforms frequently deceive players below the surface, and that can be found only by sharing information in media and forums like these.

You can also get invaluable information from players that have already played for a long time on the casino platform you are aiming to join, which will inevitably have an incredible impact on your final decision. That’s the main reason this is the last step from our review process, where we filter only the best platforms that have been proven to provide players only with the best possible treatment.

They all have:

New Kiwi Online Casinos

Welcome Bonus




370+ games

95.96% payout

There are over 3,000 gambling websites in the world, and new providers are emerging all the time. We keep an eye on new arrivals and find the best new online casino sites to add to our list. These cutting-edge platforms are strong enough to compete with established operators.

Players should not jump at new opportunities blindly. Many platforms present themselves as the best new casino sites but have limited user feedback, so it is difficult to understand if they are trustworthy. We look beyond the bonuses and marketing campaigns to find the best new online casino NZ.

We recommend new platforms if they comply with all of our requirements, such as the quality of games, the bonus and loyalty systems, security, speed of payments, etc. Our criteria for the best new online casino sites are just as stringent as usual. Follow our advice, and give yourself peace of mind!

We briefly mentioned it above, but the online casino gambling industry has been growing at astonishing rates in the last few years. We explained the main reasons for this incredible growth and how you can find a new online casino around every corner nowadays. When you think about it, you will realize that it’s easy to ride up the wave and try to create something in a growing industry like this.

Of course, creating an online casino NZ is far from an easy task, but that doesn’t mean it will stop different entrepreneurs, companies, or organizations from trying and get involved in this thriving industry to get a slice of the thick pie. But as opportunity takers, gamblers have to be grateful to find a new casino online almost daily. But why exactly is that?

Because of the industry’s significant growth, NZ online casinos are in constant competition with one another for the attention of the new gamblers. There are many strategies that these online casinos can use to stand out, but that doesn’t concern you too much because one thing is for sure, no matter which one a particular New Zealand online casino chooses, you will always be on the winning side.

As these New Zealand casinos are in fierce competition to attract new players, they go above and beyond for their new players by offering them exclusive bonus offers, promotions, guaranteed VIP club benefits, and other stuff like that. That’s one of the biggest benefits you will ever experience when playing in a new casino.

The disadvantages of a NZ online casino are frequently connected with the reliability and quality of the platform. However, that can’t be a concern because we will already present you with the best opportunities in the industry on our site. That way, you can take full advantage of the fantastic offers that the new online casinos present to you and exploit them without any problem.

On the flip side, many players prefer to play in an established online casino New Zealand to whom they are loyal customers. Playing in NZ casinos like this has its benefits. For example, these players are used to the platform of the particular casino and games, and they like them. Because of that, they have a higher chance of satisfaction when it comes solely to the gambling experience.

Another exciting benefit that these players usually exploit is connected with the VIP or loyalty program of the particular New Zealand casino. These players usually had reached some status on the VIP program of the platform. Hence, they benefit from generous bonuses and exclusive promotions based on how rewarding the program is.

Both ways have their benefits and perks, but it’s down to you and your personal preferences. Do you like to exploit the best new NZ casino bonus offers, or do you prefer to spend most of your time on a single gambling platform? The choice is yours.

Best Mobile Casinos Online for New Zealand Players

We can’t go on further without explaining mobile online casinos. When you are on holiday, you are in a cafe, or just relaxing on your couch, there is always the option to pick up your mobile phone and enjoy some thrilling casino online gambling. You no longer have to go to the nearby new casino or even stand up to go to your personal computer.

When things are presented like this, it’s understandable why mobile casino gambling has been the most significant trend in the last few years. You can pick your portable device, enter the platform of a specific casino, and enjoy some gambling. This type of gambling gives players unparalleled flexibility and freedom, which are two of the most craved things.

Online Casino Mobile Apps

Many casinos prefer to offer mobile gambling to their players by providing them with a particular mobile casino app. When customers download and install this app, they have instant access to the casino’s platform with one tap on the screen. This is very convenient and provides a simple bridge that connects the customer and the casino on a deeper, more personal level.

On top of that, these apps are perfectly optimized for portable devices to bring players the best possible gambling experience through the highest quality graphics, sounds, effects, animations, and many more. Generally, mobile casino apps are the go-to option for many lovers of this type of betting.

How to Sign-up at New Zealand Casino Site

It may seem strange that we need to dive into the registration process when it comes to a NZ casino. However, you might be surprised to understand that some of the registration forms that these platforms give to their players are confusing and require detailed information.

We won’t present any platform like this on our site. However, it would help if you understood how a basic joining process is proceeding and what personal details the casinos require from you to register successfully and enjoy the platform’s services.

The details that the casinos require and the whole process are very similar, but there might be some slight differences, depending on the method you are using for your registration.

Desktop registration

When you register into a particular casino online NZ from your personal desktop computer, you will encounter the entire joining process. You will have to fill in many details, but there is nothing to worry about because we will select only the platforms with the most straightforward joining forms at our site.

Still, no matter what the situation is and which casino you are joining, you need to understand some of the basic personal information required from you. Across the registration form, you will usually encounter any of these fields that need to be filled:

In some casinos, you will even be asked to place deposit limits before you can proceed with the completion of your registration. However, you can choose not to use this feature and remain free of any deposit restrictions.

Mobile registration

When you register into an online casino NZ, you might expect to get a more straightforward joining process. But it is not quite like that. Generally, when you are registering from your mobile phone, you will get the same registration form, just like you will on your personal desktop computer.

But the same method applies here, too, as we will provide you only with the platforms with the most straightforward joining processes, so you don’t lose unnecessary time with annoying processes like that.

App registration

The only difference with the joining process can come if you are making it from the unique mobile app of the particular new casino. Sometimes, to make things as convenient as possible for the players, casinos are creating the joining process from the unique app much more straightforward.

An example of this will be when you are required to enter only a handful of the most important details to create your account.

Payment Options In NZ Casinos Accepting NZD

All of our recommended casinos have multifaceted systems that guarantee convenience and speed. In the best online casino NZ dollars, players can use their credit and debit cards, a wide range of online wallets, bank transfers, and prepaid methods. All the deposit and withdrawal conditions are fair and clear.

It’s one thing to find a reliable NZ casino and enjoy some online gambling, but you will reach a point where you want to withdraw your winnings after a while. That’s where the available payment options come into play. If you have been playing in a casino that is not among the best, you will probably face difficulties with the withdrawal process.

To avoid that, we present to you only the top paying online casino NZ options so that you can enjoy fast and secure withdrawals. For you, this makes things much easier because it hides another incredible benefit. Usually, in the online gambling industry, the fastest payout online casino NZ is generally one of the best ones.

Because of that, you will get presented with the NZD online casinos with the most flexible options in terms of banking and the best NZ casinos in general. The only thing left for you at the moment is to choose one of the online casino real money NZ from our list and enjoy a fantastic gambling experience in every aspect. Still, before that, we recommend looking at the additional valuable information we will present in the following lines.

Available payment systems

In the last few years, NZ casinos have gone above and beyond to satisfy the needs of their players and keep up with the standards of the ever-growing gambling industry. This has led to a wide variety of different payment systems that players can easily use when enjoying the services of any of the best online casino NZ.

This also adds up significantly after the invention of cryptocurrencies and their implementation into online casinos gambling. To give you a broader perspective, we will present you with a list of some of these options.

As one of the most popular and straightforward options for casino players in general, debit and credit cards will always remain around the top of the used payment methods in every country. We are talking about Visa and Mastercard specifically, two of the main banking companies globally, so they will remain a trusted payment method even in the future.

Again, e-wallets provide one of the most convenient ways for players to manage their gambling transactions when it comes to online casinos. Skrill and Neteller are among the most popular among many players, but ecoPayz is the payment processor that excels in providing services for the thrill chasers.

Instant bank transfers are another option that is gaining popularity lately. The main benefit of these payment options is that players won’t have to wait for their transfer to be processed. Instead, as the name suggests, the bank transfer is instant, and the money is immediately credited or taken from the user’s bank account.

Thriving in the last few years, PaysafeCard has gained enormous popularity among gamblers because of the easy use of the provider’s service. Every player needs to purchase a ticket for the deposit’s wanted amount and enter the number on the ticket in their casino account. It can’t get simpler than that, and it’s the main reason why many players love Paysafe.

When it comes to every New Zealand casino, the deposit process can’t be more straightforward. We already mentioned above how the deposit with Paysafe is very convenient and easy.

But with the other payment methods, the deposit is even easier. Usually, the only thing you have to do is log into your casino account and look for a big button that says Deposit or Cashier.

Then, you need to select the payment method you prefer to use and enter the amount you want to deposit into your playing balance. After that, you click the confirm button to finalize the transaction, and you are all set for your next gambling adventure.

How to withdraw funds

Of course, in most players’ minds will be the question of withdrawing the funds they had already won from any of the best casinos. But we can say that the withdrawal process is pretty identical to what you are doing when making a deposit. You need to select a payment method and choose the amount you want to withdraw.

However, in every gambling platform online, you will be required to pass the KYC procedure successfully before you are eligible to receive your winnings. This is a verification procedure to confirm that the winning tickets are sent to the right individual. The whole process will usually take around 24 hours, and it’s straightforward. You only have to provide some personal documents for verification.

Fast Paying NZ Online Casino Sites

In the fast-paced world we live in, everyone is concerned with deadlines, meetings, and much other similar stuff. That’s why we can say time is an essential part of the life of many people.

When it comes down to the gambling industry, the scenery is not different at all. No one wants to waste time, and that’s why players need to engage in gambling only with New Zealand casinos that payout winning quickly.

That being said, the chase for these casinos will never end, and that’s why as we already mentioned a few times, we are presenting you only the best online casino sites that payout promptly.

Online Casino Bonuses for Kiwi Players

NZ$1600 Free Bonus

In 2021, bonuses and promotions have become an essential part of the lives of every online casino gambling enthusiast. But why is that? There are many reasons, but we will mention one of the main ones.

First of all, when you are claiming a generous bonus amount, your bankroll is getting much more extensive, which gives you a significant edge. Everyone knows gambling in online casinos can be volatile at times, and this is what makes a bigger bankroll so important when you are enjoying your favourite games.

Many promotions can get your attention with interesting rules and rollover requirements that make playing a particular game much more exciting and thrilling. In promotions like this, you are usually competing against the other users, contributing to a fantastic gambling experience. And don’t forget that you can win hefty additional prizes on top of that.

One of the other main reasons that bonuses are so popular among new casino players is that they let you try the interface and gameplay of the casino games without having to risk too much of your funds. With some bonuses, you won’t even have to deposit your funds, which will mean you are playing with the casino’s money. Is there anything better than that?

We will now briefly go through the different types of bonuses you can claim in a New Zealand casino and how beneficial they are.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are one of the most popular types of bonuses in every online casino. As their name suggests, they are available only for new players as a welcome sign-up offer. Players can easily claim them when filling a unique code in their registration form or making their first deposit.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are another essential part of every New Zealand casino. These promotions are usually available to regular players of a particular platform. They are activated by making a qualifying deposit, allowing players to expand their bankroll and open up many new opportunities for a new gambling session.

No deposit bonuses

Maybe one of the bonuses in this list is mainly anticipated by every player in the online gambling industry. But this is understandable, considering the investment users are making to play with these bonuses, or we should say, the missing of one. As the name suggests, players can claim these bonuses without the need to deposit even the smallest amount of their funds.

Instead, players need to confirm claiming the deposit, and their account will be automatically credited with the no deposit bonus amount. These bonuses always come with some wagering requirements, so you should be aware of them before claiming the offer. Whatever the case, these bonuses remain one of the best ways for players to enjoy online gambling in a casino online NZ.


The free spins bonuses are similar to the no deposit bonuses we talked about above. Most of the time, they can be claimed without any qualifying deposits, and they are straightforward and fun to use. When players claim a deposit like that, they are given a specific free number of spins they can use without any restrictions.

Of course, there are wagering requirements on the winnings that you must complete before being eligible for a withdrawal. However, these requirements are usually very user-friendly, so you won’t have any problems completing them if luck is on your side.

There are also free spin offers that are without any wagering requirements. But these offers are rare, and they are specifically mentioned as no-wager free spins. You can look out for them as they are one of the best bonuses you can ever claim on an online gambling platform.

Sticky Bonuses

The sticky bonuses are one of the most exciting types of bonuses you will ever encounter in every Kiwi casino. A sticky bonus is every bonus that can be wagered but ultimately cannot be withdrawn from your account. Many of you may wonder what’s the point of these bonuses then, but the truth is they are bringing many benefits.

For example, they allow you to start with a bigger bankroll, which is a significant boost in the games of chance. A bigger starting bankroll opens up many opportunities for you, and you can grow your balance quickly. On top of that, you can try out different strategies and learn the games on the particular betting platform almost without any risk.

Referral Bonuses

Many of you reading may not be familiar with the so-called referral bonuses that the different online casinos offer to their players. These bonuses are credited to players who bring some of their friends or partners to register in the casino. For that, they receive a commission in the form of a bonus that they can use freely on their platforms.

These bonuses aren’t usually too generous, but the fact they can be used freely on the platform of the particular betting site is enough to be very popular among players. Some of the best online casinos will also continue to credit the player with bonuses when their referral starts making deposits and wagers on the platform. Although this is still not common among online gambling platforms, it can become a standard in the future.

Available Real Money Games In NZ Online Casinos

When joining a particular online casino, a player should always be aware of online gambling risks. Without a doubt, gambling lovers are chasing the thrill of the best gambling experience in every new casino, but certain borders shouldn’t be crossed.

When it comes to real-money games in online casinos, there is an abundance of opportunities where players can even get lost, trying to choose one option in front of the other. Usually, the players need to test the gameplay of a particular game to understand if it fits with its gambling preferences and taste. That has been one of the main problems for real-money casino games.

However, most of the top casino gaming providers allow their games to be played for free, giving players the fantastic opportunity to check out the actual gaming and experience in these games from a first-person perspective. This might not appear to be too significant for many players, but it hides fantastic benefits that have to be exploited.

By playing top games in a particular New Zealand casino for free, you are avoiding all of the potential risks that come with that without having to invest even a fraction of your funds. That way, you will pick up the gameplay of a specific game you are interested in and generally feel if the gambling platform aligns well with your preferences.

If there weren’t any live games, this whole process could cost you a big chunk of your funds. Imagine going through all of that to find that the particular online gambling platform does not meet your standards. Do you see the power of the free games provided by the best new casinos? Our next step is to briefly explain the different types of games you can enjoy in a Kiwi casino.


By far, pokies are the most popular type of casino game in the gambling industry. Are you getting confused? Pokies are one of the unpopular names of slot machines. Ever since the casino industry is around, slots have been one of the main games that have been catching the players’ attention.

When we consider all of the different types of slots that can quickly go over thousands, each with its various themes, game mechanics, and animations, it’s easy to understand why they are the favourite type of casino game for many thrill chasers. When we add the fantastic progressive jackpot slots to the mix, we can genuinely say that slots are among the leading names in every real money casino.


Of course, it’s always great to play any of the RNG games in an online casino in real money NZ. However, sometimes players crave that real-life gambling experience they are used to in conventional casinos. That’s where the live section of casino games on every platform comes into play.

Without a doubt, live games are essential for the flexibility of the whole gaming section in every online gambling platform. On top of that, they provide players with a unique gambling experience that comes as close as possible to live casino gaming. Another significant benefit of these games is that they allow players to communicate with one another. The game dealer creates an excellent atmosphere for thrilling sessions at the live tables.


Poker is one of the games where skill is much more important than luck, and players can show abilities to their fullest. There have been many upsets when new players had won millions by playing poker, with great winning runs. This is the beauty of the game. Everyone can win, even in this game of pure skill.


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, and it’s understandable why. The game of Blackjack has many exciting variations that you should check out on any of the best online casinos sites. Generally, the game rules are straightforward, and you enter a fierce battle with the dealer, which makes Blackjack such an entertaining game.


Without a doubt, we had reached one of the favourite casino games for many players worldwide. Whatever we say for the game of Roulette probably won’t be enough. The way Roulette is designed makes it one of the most thrilling options in the casino section of every online gambling platform.

There is a vast selection of betting options that players can jump into, and some of them are paying fantastic prizes. The flexibility and fast pace of the Roulette game make it a favourite for thrill chasers worldwide. However, this is not all. Through the years, the Roulette game received many variations and games, making it even better.

In the best online casinos in NZ, players can enjoy various versions of the traditional Roulette game, making the gambling experience much more thrilling and exciting. If you are keen on taking more enormous risks and you like the thrilling sensation of a big bet, the Roulette and its different variations might be the perfect option for you.


The Baccarat is one of the other exciting card games you can find in every one of the best internet casinos. The game is a preferred gateway for many gamblers, and it remains one of the top table games up until today. Baccarat has several different versions, each with its own rules and dynamics. We suggest you check out all of them, so you can grasp the thrilling sensation that Baccarat brings.


The popular dice game, Craps is one of the most entertaining casino games that you will ever play. What makes this game different from the other ones you will find in the casino section of every online casino is its fast pace and many betting opportunities. With more than 20 betting opportunities and great gaming sessions, it’s easy to see why the game of Craps can be founded even back in the year 1788.


Bingo is one of the traditional gambling games worldwide, and it’s a favourite for many people. Its specific gameplay is perfect for the lovers of a slow gambling experience, which notably doesn’t make the game of Bingo less thrilling.

It’s common to see gamblers who are buying tens of tickets in the hope of winning by making a Bingo. The game also has some variations, but from the research of our expert team, we can say that traditional Bingo is still the most popular among gamblers in New Zealand casinos.

Instant Gambling Without Download

We already mentioned that mobile gambling has become a necessity in today’s gambling world. That being said, you will be pleased to understand that one of the most significant benefits of the NZ online casinos is instant gambling without download. By this, we mean the way you can enjoy mobile gambling in these casinos effortlessly.

Some of the casinos in the gambling sector use unique mobile apps that players have to download and install first before they can enjoy the gambling services of a particular platform. However, when it comes to the New Zealand casinos, the scene is entirely different.

Instead of forcing players to download various apps and spend unnecessary time on a process like this, the best online casinos optimize their whole platforms and games to be suitable for mobile gaming. That way, the users can easily access every inch of the casino’s platform and games directly from the browser of their portable device.

Popular Pokies in 2021

Suppose you have been following the information we present carefully. In that case, you already understand that the most popular type of casino game in every gambling platform is the pokies or the so-called slots. Each New Zealand casino strives to provide its players with the best and most extensive selection of online pokies in 2021.

There is a crazy variety of different pokies in the online casino industry that players can choose to play in the different online casinos. The selection is so vast that you will be completely overwhelmed without an additional source of information like our site. That’s why our professional team will point your attention to some of the new casino pokies for 2021 that are worth trying.

No matter how many years we will make a top list like this, Starburst will always come in one of the top places. NetEnt provided this slot, and it is claimed to be the best slot of the decade. The great cosmic theme, sound effects, and animations will bring you along for a unique experience, straight into the open space. Starburst has five reels and three rows that will contribute to your potential big wins and provide you with an exceptional gambling experience.

We are stepping up in the world of progressive jackpots with the likes of Mega Moolah. This slot is created by one of the industry’s best – Microgaming. Unlike many other slots, Mega Moolah does not stand out with incredible design and theme. With it, users can win four different jackpots, with the main one usually reaching millions. What makes the slot different is the actual gameplay that allows players to win across 25 pay lines, and of course, the fantastic progressive jackpot feature.

Since its invention in 2011, Gonzo’s Quest has remained one of the top slot games in every new casino online. The NetEnt masterpiece is exceeding in every aspect that an online slot nowadays is covering. We can bring only superlatives for the mesmerizing graphics, animations, and sound effects. When we add the exciting theme of the slot on top of that, you should start to understand why Gonzo’s Quest is among the most popular pokies in 2021. The slot offers 20 pay lines, which is enough for players to dive into the adventure of finding the mystical city El Dorado, compiling an enormous amount of profits along the way in the best online casino sites.

Tips and Tricks for New Zealand Online Casino Players

We briefly covered it, but one of the best ways for New Zealand players to begin their gambling adventure is to claim as many bonus offers as possible. A bigger starting bankroll opens up many opportunities in terms of games and options, which increase the chances for success of the players significantly.

Generally, the welcome bonuses in the New Zealand casinos are the most generous ones. That’s why we suggest checking out as many platforms as possible from our top lists, and taking advantage of all of their welcome bonuses, so you can build up a steady bankroll, helping you out with your future experiences in the online gambling field.

Another thing that will increase your chances at the casino tables is to look into betting strategies for your favourite games. Most of the time, there is always something you can do to better your win rate, and one of these things is using a proper strategy. When you look into any of these strategies and combine with that, you use the best bonuses you can get your hands on, you will find a positive outcome at the best internet casinos in New Zealand.


Every form of online gambling in New Zealand is prohibited unless authorized under the Gambling Act 2003.
Like every country worldwide, you have to be the legal age to participate in online gambling activity.
There isn’t a correct answer to this question. It all comes down to personal preferences, so you can check out one of our suggested casinos and choose the best one for you.
Although there isn’t a universal answer, it’s great to claim a generous welcome bonus to expand your bankroll and use a proven strategy to increase your win rate.
Aside from the fact that it’s wrong from a moral standpoint, cheating New Zealand online casino pokies is impossible.
There are many casinos in New Zealand that payout very similar rates. The best thing you can do is choose from the many options we suggest at our site and pick the one that you feel is personally best for you.