Online Casinos Guide 2017

We approach listing absolutely the best new zealand online casinos with special care and responsibility, so that you can spend time playing your favorite casinos and casino games the greatest way. The most popular New Zealand casinos offer you poker, slots, baccarat, roulette online, blackjack, and many other games. Only with our help, that is the result of the hours spent at game playing and a hard work of analyzing, reviewing the dozens of websites and testing casino software, you will save your time, money and efforts picking the best online casino nz to play at and win.

Top New Zealand Online Casinos

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They all have:


Face te danger of the fraud attacks, the top online casinos that we recommend are independently verified, carefully regulated and have advanced encryption software to ensure the security of your personal data, such as credit card information. To be aware that the places we observe are secure enough for nz players, we test the safety and try to undermine their reputation by all means from playing hard to playing hard on the gambling house support’ nerves and so on. All is done for the sake of players’ confidence. It’s important to be sure that they play at secure and well reputed and winning sites. To define the winning clubs, we start from the checkout of its virtual address, find out the actual attendance, the term of the domain, its history, rank, and total traffic for the last 2-3 years, etc. After that, we review the website interface, banking, support, games and other important features.


To check out banking services for real money, we define the money transfer options, their functionality, effectiveness, deposit/withdraw funds, ask a charge back, open dispute, and do many other both typical and untypical manipulations for customers to define the weakest points of casino attendance and financial security. You can even make a deposit and play with real NZD$ cash at New Zealand real casino online safely which is our primary concern too.


The domain history will tell you about all the violations committed by its owner, and the total attendance over the past few years. This is hard to explore for the users on their own without special approach and knowledge. We do our best to deeply analyze the ranks of casino website: if today’s number of visitors is the result of cheating or counter advertising campaigns, etc. And with both external and internal indicators of the website we decide on its reputation. Going to casino site, you will look at how respectful it to its customers. This does not mean that we have to start playing. We deeply look at that site within and so on.


Your trust to our website relies on several reasons. Our experts have been in the industry for more than a decade and have tested the recommended gambling-houses by actually playing at them. We are an independent site and have nothing to fear from online gambling-houses by not receiving any favor from them. So, our criticism is not vague. If it has disadvantages, we do not hesitate to report about them.“Gambling is like buying a particular vintage because everyone tips it and then waiting for it to mature. The thrill is in placing the bet. Once the race is run or the match is played, you’ll either win or lose. Until that happens, you’re caught in this wonderful, agonizing sense of expectation.” Kenneth Cranham.


We pay special attention to the system of bonuses at best online casino sites we observe, knowing that the steeper it is, the less possible that we are dealing with a fraud. To prevent fraudulent venues, we check them for cash or money withdrawal options, if it’s easy to utilize bonuses, if there is no deposit /deposit options, if you can play money back, and so on. We also pay attention to the presence and amount of the jackpots. Especially interesting is to look at the history of payments, the rules of jackpot winning and its grow in the case of the progressive jackpots available. We are curious about the winning of especially large jackpots on this or that casino because we are aware of the fact that people ask if the gambling house is winning or not. You can always find this information from our resource.If you are looking for online gambling houses with great promotions, it is advised to look at our best nz casino list and read the terms and conditions first. You do not want to be disappointed at the end up to the great shock that could await you when you try to get your winnings. Most bonuses have some wagering conditions that must be fulfilled before withdrawals are made.

We wish you enjoy with special tournaments and bonuses. It is important to know how to find the best bonuses, which give gamblers the opportunity to get advantages in the online gambling systems. The use the best possible offers and bonuses makes the wagering wise not to leaving everything to the chance.


We pay attention to exploring blogs and forums as the public appeal plays an important role. Judging on it, as well as the speed of customer support services and the content they provide, the manner of dispute, politeness/impoliteness and so on, we make our recommendations. We are aware of the fact that the more people who write it there are, the more likely that you will find the real players out there, not the bots or fake players hired by the administration to provide the answers and form a positive reputation. We check out the forums, read what they write, make a final opinion on the gambling house, and if we have no doubt about the honesty of the site, we start playing and test all the rest of it. But we do not insist on believing us blindly.

There are some tips for those who are looking for the best online casino to play. The internet is flooded with them. Each of them has different software, payment options, promotions, terms and conditions, and acceptance of players from different countries. To add the fact that a large number of them are not regulated and it can be a risky place for a beginner. By reading this guide and the tips below, you will be more informed about how to play in best casino online.Finally, there is a useful advice. You can contact the live support of the online casino website even before registering. Prepare a list of questions in advance and get in touch with the support representative. It will give you an idea if you would be comfortable to play on that site.

Games Veriety

When you select an online gambling house site, ensure that it offers your favorite games, be it video poker, roulette, baccarat, keno or blackjack. All our recommended sites offer you a big variety of games. If you are interested in knowing more about specific online games where you can earn real money, check out our game guides on.

We pay attention to the quality of gambling, game variations and availability of the featured games or games powered by the leading online software manufacturers. The point is that the fraudsters have no possibility to fill the website with hundreds of different featured games of excellent quality, fast speed, and bright design, knowing that earning 2 or 3 thousand dollars to place a roulette or a slot machine would be enough.

2. How we Rate Blacklist Casinos?

Alongside top rated, safe, fair, winning, and generally the best nz online casinos, we provide information on the black listed clubs that are recommended to avoid, especially for the freshmen gamblers. Having a solid experience reviewing casino, we have made a reasonable list of places to stay away from on the basis of the same criteria that are used to pick the best establishments. Be smart and have fun outside the following clubs listed below:

Lucky Casino 18

Casino rating:

  • Way too many player complaints
  • Bad business practices
Sierra Star Casino

Casino rating:

  • Poor customer service
  • Delays in payouts

Casino rating:

  • Slow winning payouts
  • Poor customer service
S. Thompson

There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having Fun and being Smart.

3. 8 Tips How To Win More

1. Carefully read the rules of the system

If you want to win more at each game you play, register an account and carefully read the rules of the system. Do not skip the rules section even if you are an experienced gambler. The rule of the experienced driver is to follow the driving rules each time he’s driving. The same is with gambling process. The rules of familiar games from different online clubs can contain a lot of pitfalls. To develop a winning strategy and not to crash into your gambling session you should follow the rules of the house, and mind the deviations of the game rules if any.

To be keen on gambling means to be well informed. Start preparing for the game after that. With the help of the Internet guideline or books (if any) learn all about features of your game, its gambling rules, nuances and odds to win. Without knowing all the details of the rules, you cannot enjoy the game, and most likely do not even understand why this or that bet is lost and so on. Fortunately, many online resources and even online house offers a brief description of games, and even share several strategies for gameplay. Do not be lazy and read them – it really helps.

2. Pay attention to the casino clientele

Next, look at the players online. This will tell you a lot about many important things of online casino real money. If there are two or three players, there are no foreigners between them, then you should immediately leave the casino. The fact is that every professional player who knows how to win at online casino will tell you that to trust the gambling sites with low attendance is not worth much. There are a lot of scams and fraudulent websites, websites filled with bots instead of real gamblers, etc. Nevertheless, there is at least, a gambling control, specialized services like eCORGA that works much more effective to filter the poor quality gambling establishments. Seek for the certified gambling, it is best to play the clubs that are frequently visited and played by the international gamblers, registered on the allowed areas, learn how to check the domain from our recourse. Make sure the casino attendance exceeds 2-3 thousand people a day.

3. Play on smaller amounts

This is reasonable advice for both newcomers and experienced gamblers. Every respectful gamer with the years of winning practice start really small. But here we want to give you some advice as the same players as you are – play a small amount, even after you thoroughly learn the theory, strategy or the tip chosen to gamble. Otherwise, even with 100% integrity of the casino you will lose and lose quickly. Since you set a goal to win at online casino, it can come true by getting care with sober mind, skillful calculation experience.

Be careful not to lose your head and do not believe the promises much. Thoroughly study the game, which can make you very, very rich some day. Practice. Almost every online casino offers the games for virtual money. So, practice your chosen game to prove to yourself that you have come to the best place. Learn the nuances and the specifics of the games, especially the table ones, betting patterns and so on. In practice, everything can be seen better.

4. Use the best money transfer options

Once you find them really convenient for you, you can withdraw money easily from your account. There are websites where you can cash out only if the amount exceeds a certain sum (for example, an amount of $ 20-30), or the money can be displayed once a month and then a month later, etc. Avoid these spots. It means one thing, once you want to be deceived, you can agree on such financial terms.

Knowing that anyone will hardly keep the money safe and without waiting for the period of withdrawal, you will definitely lose them. You should be looking for the gambling-house, which at any time can display even 1 cent on your account. The trusted online casinos nz can display, withdraw and accept payments in the national currency, as well as money from other countries of the world making it easy to cooperate with the foreign customers.
For making a withdrawal for the first time, you will get an e-mail from the casino administration to confirm the payment. The administration will never ask your passwords, your card codes, etc. If you find something suspicious, contact the online support of this casino.

Each site offers a wide range of payment methods via the Internet. The withdrawal time depends on the waging option selected. Withdrawals to electronic wallets are the fastest, followed by getting money to credit cards and finally come the checks. This is explained in more details in the payment section. The periods of these operations depend on the number of requests, which is a random occurrence. It may vary from time to time. Therefore, payments may be a bit longer and withdrawal will take time.

5. Seek niche casinos

Many modern online websites currently exist with poker rooms on a single platform. On the one hand, it is convenient for those players who love not to play roulette and slot machines, but enjoy poker, as well. On the other hand, it is worth to clarify what resource actually is the primary place either an online casino or a poker room. The point is that no company, no matter how much trying, can support two projects with equal priority and equal quality.

If you choose a resource where poker is a priority, it makes sense to find another online casino: you are likely to be more interesting to play other games, apart poker. Reliability in this context does not show as a combination of several areas of gambling implies a greater reliability, special license requirements, more checks are carried out, more often, etc.

You can check several best online casino nz in order to experiment which niche can work out for you. It would help if you match any hobby of yours with your niche. So, if you have any interest in gambling and perhaps you are an expert in forex or binary, then your play will become more lucrative for you. You may assess what niche is good to be used, how much traffic it gets and how competitive it would be. Besides searching for ideas on the Internet what niche might be worth following, you may want to use some tools to help you.

6. Progressive jackpots

It means the cash winning, gradually increased. It is necessary to clarify immediately that this is not strictly a certain amount. The more people play, the bigger is the winning sum. Ordinary, they offer progressive jackpots in slot machines, much less it can be found in card games, video poker, and blackjack.

Jackpot and especially progressive jackpots are an additional indicator of both reliability and stability of the specific online casinos. You can judge venues by its participation in progressive jackpots and the formation involving several gambling establishments that are united by progressive jackpot accumulation. These jackpots can be formed from allocations within the network of online casino or the amount of the sum due to the manufacturer of the program. In any case, the existence of such winnings is a plus for top online casino sites, even if you do not plan to participate in the play-out. Do not stop to read and develop the strategies to win a jackpot. This is very important. Always follow the news and the game changes. It is very important for those people who are interested in winning. Even if you’re staying on something else, do not stop to learn games, new strategies, methods, etc.

7. Casino age

Another criteria for reliability of online casino can be attributed to their age. Of course, venues that have been functioning on the web for a long time and are already well recognizable look more solid. If the gambling house has existed for more than five years, it works quite honestly, and not yet come to attention of supervising authorities or more specific organizations. All casinos undergo compulsory licensing, a license must be available on site facilities and even seen on mobile casino versions. If it is not, it is an occasion to stay away from this place as far as possible. You should know that the casino has confidence and never cheats players. The term of domain tells you how long casino is on the market of online games. We know that scammers create online site a few months prior to launching, deceiving everyone who tries to play it, and then disappear.

8. Transparency matters

Today the competition between online casinos is very high and customers are able to find trustworthy sites to play there. It is obvious that the casino you are going to play at should be as clear as glass. There is no place for dubious rebranding, doubtful cases, scandals and rumors associated with other spots or any other scandalous stories. The website should have all the necessary information displayed and a mobile version to play on Mac or from the mobile devices freely. Each casino should offer a list of documents, be certified and checked by gambling authorities and provide the proof given according to the current legislation of the registration area. Remember that a reputable nz online casino has nothing to hide from its users.

The reliable online casinos usually offer FAQ sections. Players can find out a lot there without contacting the client support. Those that do not look at the transparency, post only a few information. Therefore, the presence of many possible questions, combined with clear answers in this section. is a good sign.


How to determine the reliability of an online casino?

This is the first topical question ever asked. As per our recommendations, you can start by checking the domain name. Simply put the website address into the search. Since the 21st century has shown that the environment of the Internet has turned the world upside down, and even ordinary users can today find solutions that were previously impossible to use. We won’t be surprised if you already know how to make a thorough checkout of a casino without online casino reviews.

Why are there so many various casinos online?

The point is that the Internet has made available so many websites because it combined knowledge and opened the pure world of competition to the new technologies and solutions, paving the way for the gambling sector as well. Under these circumstances, the casino market began to grow on the Internet. Mastering technology allowed to highlight the scope of online spots and has become the flagship of all the other spheres.

What’s beyond the term online casino?

Online casinos, are online options of traditional real gambling houses. They give the opportunities to players to make bets and wager on different games via the Internet. Betting sites ordinary offer a bit higher odds and payback rate than live casinos, because they have much more visitors nowadays. The online casinos are based on the random number generator. The specialized software is largely offered. Gambling software is provided in many forms, from the online slot machines of previous generations to the modern startups that became very popular during the last years.

It is not just the term “Internet casino” or an example of the gaming site. Online casinos in New Zealand have become a whole industry, the whole world within a world. Internet houses today can be compared to the gates, which are open wide to let the ordinary people feel the passion and the euphoria of gambling, allow them to feel like masters of the world, standing one step to a possible victory. And we are ready to guarantee its safety.

Is online casino in New Zealand banned?

Online gambling for nz players is not illegal. So far, no one has ever been prosecuted for gambling on foreign sites. The industry, which is being banned in many countries all over the world, successfully bypasses all prohibitions and is developing intensively despite certain law pitfalls. New Zealand is not an exception. There are 6 official land based casinos for New Zealanders and many online gambling establishments that give many ordinary people a sense of heat and happiness. Although gambling establishments are increasingly subjected to pointless and ill-considered restrictions of today’s world of online gambling, and, undergo prohibitions at times, there is still little effect on the popularity of Internet gambling in New Zealand.

How many games are online?

There is a great variety of traditional casino games as well as new online games, available to the players that cannot afford to play at a real casino. If this activity that at all times was considered as entertainment of the richest people of the planet, can be deserved to experience the passion and shiver of playing online roulette, slot machines, poker, craps, baccarat or blackjack, even with people with average income, indeed.

How to prevent frauds?

Though, they say to completely monitor the World Wide Web is impossible, all attempts are doomed to failure, we still do our best to analyze the situation as deep as possible. The reality is online venues that once appeared are doomed to success among the millions of people because they give them a unique chance to realize the wildest dreams. However, it should be really the best casino New Zealand.

Why are there gambling addicts?

Unfortunately, each activity has two sides. The gambling has both as well. The excitement is proved to be an attractive thing that everyone who has ever experienced its effect on themselves, cannot voluntarily agree to give up the game and chill out. Symbols on the reels of the slot machine, first emerged as a winning combination , are suffice to make a person with the weak will or various psychological deviations an addict.

His world is unlikely to remain the same again after the end of the game. The main goal of the gambling is to make you excited. Since online clubs give you the excitement, they give you the victory joy, the thirst to win more, and a good positive energy. Some people who play at online casinos for real money simply cannot resist and become dope on the excitement which leads to the greatest financial loss.

Why online casino guide?

Our good friends: Best Swiss Online Casino Guide visit here
Online guide saves new gamblers from many risky situations and provides the study of the gambling basics in a nutshell. The world of excitement is a great place where people are happy. But our primary task is not to give the novice get into the world transformed into a living hell. When very green players still start to take the initial steps into the world of gambling, they do not realize how many nuances are hiding behind every door. Of course, we are learning from our mistakes. What we offer is learning from the mistakes of others which is the right thing. For you not to repeat the mistakes of the others, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our trusted guide for real online casino beginners.

With a little learning, you should be on your way to having an amazing time with nz online casino games every time you play casino online. Much for your winning will depend on your luck, but the basic strategy and a little practice will move you forward to your success. Now you know what games are best for you, and you may try your luck. We consider ourselves as your partners who want to assist in the fair play for your winning and pleasure.

Give yourself a chance to win!