Confidentiality and internet tracking protocol

It's crucial that you, as a cherished user of our site, take a moment to thoughtfully peruse our Privacy and Cookie Policy – it's a collective blueprint that safeguards your virtual footprint. So, please, let's respect each other and have a good mutual understanding of what this policy entails. Please, grab a cuppa and give it a good read – it's all about being in the know, mate!

At (aka the 'Company', 'We', 'Our', or 'Us'), we've conjured up this Privacy Policy to give you a friendly nudge about how we gather and handle information via our website (christened 'the Website'). This is the firm bedrock on which we base our data collection practices.

Our platform is a treasure trove of details for all your gaming interests, spotlighting popular gaming platforms and offering a glimpse into the gaming industry's inner machinations. Every so often, you may encounter hyperlinks or adverts that will take you to exterior, third-party sites; it's just part and parcel of our diverse 'Services'. These third-party sites march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to privacy and cookie regulations. Therefore, if you opt to venture onto these websites, we strongly recommend that you browse through their privacy policies. It’s a wise step before you choose to share any personal information with them, akin to dipping your toes in the water before you dive in. Do remember, when it comes to your personal information, you're in the driver's seat—it's always your choice whether to share or to hold back.

Just by popping onto our website, you're giving us a friendly nod of approval, acknowledging that you're on board with the way we handle and process your data, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We understand that this is a show of trust from you, so we want to assure you that the information we collect is taken very seriously and is processed with utmost respect.

Varieties of data gathered

Personal Information

Whenever you step into the arena of friendly competitions on our website, we might need to gather a wee bit of personal information. Rest assured, this is just to make the experience smoother and more convenient for you.

Upon participating in a contest, the data we might gather includes the following:

  • Details regarding your identity and communication, such as your moniker, emailing address, locale, birth date, age, and your photograph/portrait (applicable when you've been declared a winner and we've solicited these particulars);
  • Competition data Encompassing your contest participation specifics, along with any data procured from you if you emerge as the victor, like monetary details for reward settlements, residential addresses for prize dispatch, or proof of identity and associated data that is garnered while substantiating your identity upon victory;
  • Promotional and information transmission statistics Incorporating your inclinations towards receiving promotional content from us as well as from our affiliates, in addition to your preferred modes of communication.

The personal details you've provided are being gathered with the sole intention of steering the contest you've so bravely plunged into and fervently wish to compete in. Should luck, by chance, side with you and you emerge victorious, these details will ensure that your well-deserved reward winds its way to you in New Zealand, either via delivery or through a crisp deposit in your account. Your triumph would demand efficient facilitation, and that's where these details come into play.

Imagine the excitement and sense of achievement you'd feel if you were declared the winner of a competition! In such a delightful scenario, as part of promoting that specific competition, we might utilise a few carefully chosen bits of your personal details. Picture your name echoing throughout New Zealand, your hometown gaining recognition, even your beaming face might become synonymous with victory! Moreover, any tidbits of information gathered during your spirited participation in the competition could be used to highlight your triumphant journey. Don't worry, we will always respect the essence of your privacy while celebrating your hard-won success!

We definitely don't amass any specific types of personal information about you. This means we turn a blind eye to aspects such as your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical convictions, intimate life, sexual preferences, political views, whether you're part of a union, or any details about your health status, and genetic or biometric data. Similarly, we keep ourselves in the clear by refraining from gathering any data about criminal convictions and wrongdoings.

Non-personal Information

When you dive into the services, you might find yourself shedding some confidential bits and pieces of data about yourself ("Non-personal Information"). These tiny fragments may seem insignificant and impossible to trace back to you, but remember, every digital footprint counts. It's a bit like leaving breadcrumbs in the vast forest of the internet. This might seem a touch alarming, but don't fret! It's all part and parcel of our modern digital landscape.

The nitty-gritty details that your gadget broadcasts could well be amongst the pool of impersonal specifics we gather. This encompasses consolidated usage specifics and technical digits - like your electronic fingerprint (IP address) and other digital nametags. Additionally, it includes particular software and hardware data such as the type of web surfer and operating system your apparatus utilises, your lingual preference and your prime times for visiting our website's domain name, where you experience our Kiwi services.

To further enhance your experience, a bit of insight into your interactions within our digital platforms could be gathered. This is purely to enrich the functionality of our services, as your engagement on our website is immensely valuable. It's like adding a bit of Kiwi magic to make your journey with us even more enjoyable and seamless.

Cookie Policy

Our online home utilises cookies, treating you as the unique visitor you are and setting you apart from the sea of others who frequent our digital space. This consideration ensures you get a superior, personalised experience as you navigate and explore our corners of the web. It also gives us meaningful insights, guiding us to finetune and enhance our website’s performance and aesthetics, essentially keeping our digital doorstep as welcoming as ever.

When you're browsing a website from your device here in New Zealand, an inconspicuous file known affectionately as a 'cookie' is gifted to you. This nifty little parcel not only streamlines your exploration from one page to another, but it also sparks into action certain features without you lifting a finger, pretty clever huh? But it doesn't stop there. This cookie remembers your preferences, almost like a good mate remembering how you take your coffee. It's all about making the back-and-forth between you and the services you're tapping into, a breezy, snappy, no-fuss experience.

Here's a closer look at the biscuits that our web space utilises and why they're important: In this comprehensive overview, you're about to discover the full range of cookies our Kiwi website employs and understand the vital roles they play.

  1. 'Session cookies' are temporary files stored in your memory as you surf, and erased when you shut your browser. They are absolutely essential for our Website to function smoothly. Disabling these might lead to diminished website performance.
  2. 'Continuous cookies' - this category of cookies is generally retained for an extended duration (typically 1 year) by the creating firm, with the timeframe subject to the company's protocols. These cookies are established on our Website by third-party service operators, like external web traffic analysis corporations that scrutinize and evaluate your engagement with our Website, and we have no authority over their protocols. These cookies can belong to one of the subsequent types:
    1. Analytical or performance cookies are files that aggregate non-personal visitor information. These files reveal to us the sections of the Website accessed by visitors, the sequence and duration of their visits, aiding us in offering you a smoother and more effective navigation on our Website.
    2. Functional cookies: these cookies assist us in recognizing You during subsequent visits, allowing Us to remember and retrieve your preferences for future visits.
    3. Cookies for targeting: These particular cookies monitor the pages and links you visit, allowing us to enhance the relevance of our website to your preferences.

By choosing to journey further into our website, you're wholeheartedly embracing the use of the described cookies and tracking technologies, outlined in our Privacy Policy. Remember, my friend, these cookies carry no means of unraveling your personal identity. They're simply sweet crumbs leading us to a better understanding of your online preferences.

In the nooks and crannies of your web browser's settings, you have the capacity to turn off a portion or all of the cookies. But just a word of caution - doing so might put a damper on how some elements of the website and services operate. If everything is switched off, your online adventure could end up being just a bit less than what you'd hoped for.

Third-party links

Our Privacy Statement doesn't encompass any privacy-related details (including cookies and other tracking technologies) that might be gathered by external websites, which you could access via links on our own site. We sadly don't have any say over these external websites. Every one of these sites has its own unique privacy protocol, which we strongly encourage you to scrutinise meticulously before giving out any personal data. We cannot shoulder any responsibility concerning the privacy standards of these third-party sites. Therefore, if you decide to venture out and click on any of these links, you willingly and consciously accept any risks that might emerge from your use of these third-party sites we've directed you to.

Should you decide to disclose any of your private details to an external site that our Website or Services may lead you to, then our Privacy Policy doesn't hold any ground. The protective blanket of our Privacy Policy becomes irrelevant and can't be relied upon in those instances. Please remember, the precious safeguard of your personal details is eventually in your hands, with choices entirely yours to make. Our Privacy Policy stands guard for you only within the dominion of our website and services.

Using your information

Beyond the rationale delineated in this Privacy Policy, the knowledge we gather from you, our valued user, might have the potential to be employed for these additional intentions:

  • In order to comply with all legal and regulatory responsibilities of the Site, which encompasses all legislative needs related to participation in any contests provided by our Site;
  • In order to maintain the protection and assurance of Our Site;
  • To assess the pertinence of the content accessed by You;
  • Enhancing and altering Our Services by carrying out investigations or analytics.

Additionally, we could potentially tap into the information we have on hand should the New Zealand government come knocking. This would naturally be in full compliance with the nation's prevailing laws and regulations, or in response to directives from the courts or a comparable legal institution.

Sharing your information

We may distribute the information that we collect in the following manner:

Providers of services and additional parties

Our organisation is poised to connect with certain reliable external collaborators and commercial allies, sharing Your Personal Details, all in the spirit of complementing their roles and processing User data on the behalf of our Website. This is not merely a calculated business move, but a testament of our commitment to creating a seamless and secure user experience for you.

Conducting studies, evaluations, or technical assessments.

The managing of de-identified information, transferred to external parties using the procedures detailed herein, will be carried out in strict adherence to the safeguarding promises laid out in this Privacy Policy and in line with New Zealand law. We're committed to ensuring that our actions will be steered by the rigorous rules set forth, adding layers of security to protect your privacy.

Other disclosures

We might disseminate and unveil anonymous information to our trusted advisors, meticulous auditors, and any enthusiastic investors or potential buyers interested in our Company. This kind of information could also find its way to our cherished affiliates and subsidiaries, forming a vital part of our transparent network within New Zealand.

In a situation where a significant business event, like a merger is on the table that directly involves our Company, or perhaps, a scenario where a substantial chunk of our Company's business is courting potential buyers, we reserve the right to share relevant information with prospective buyers or sellers involved. This also applies in instances when the Company has set its sights on acquiring fresh assets or expanding its business through the purchase of another.

In addition to the scenarios mentioned earlier, there may be instances where we feel compelled to share information. This could be driven by our sincere belief that releasing such details would be beneficial, or understandably required to fulfil any obligations under New Zealand law, respond to a request from a government body, or adhere to the rules and regulations of the land. It might be a matter of upholding legal entitlements such as intellectual property, responding assertively to illegal activities and shady deeds such as security breaches and suspected fraud, enforcing our internal rules, or standing firm in the face of legal challenges. At the end of the day, it's about safeguarding the peace of mind and rights of ourselves, you, or any other party involved. These measures aren't taken lightly and speaks volumes to our commitment to protect and uphold the rights and safety of all parties involved.

Preservation of your data

We ensure to only hold onto your personal details and non-identifying data for as long as our agreements and policies deem necessary, out of our absolute commitment to the rule of law and overall security here in New Zealand. Rest assured, we pour our heart and soul into safeguarding our data, steadfastly abiding by all the stipulations detailed within this Privacy Policy.

Protection and conveyance of your data

By choosing to engage with our site, we know that you've taken your precious time to fully absorb our Privacy Policy, and we gratefully acknowledge your agreement to its terms concerning the safekeeping and handling of your personal information. It's our earnest promise to you, our valued site visitor, that we'll pour our heart and soul into every effort to safeguard your data. Be assured, we'll ensure it is handled strictly in alignment with our Privacy Policy, serving as a steadfast pillar of protection for your data, held secure within our digital embrace in Aotearoa New Zealand.

At the heart of our organisation, we understand the sheer importance of ensuring that both our services and your personal details are guarded with robust security measures. It's vital to us that we devote considerable time and effort to crafting and maintaining watertight security protocols. We rely heavily on security measures that align with the best in the business to prevent the misuse of any impersonal data by unauthorised individuals. However, as dedicated as we are, and despite pulling out all the stops, we can't promise absolute imperviousness from all illicit attempts to access our data or exploit our services. Our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your information is our top priority, even as we navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of online security here in New Zealand.

Regrettably, the world of internet data transmission is riddled with potential risks. Despite our company bending over backwards to arm your information with robust defenses, we're still up against the harsh reality that absolute security for all information ushered onto our website is regrettably elusive. There's no such thing as a 100% surefire safeguard in the vast and unpredictable realm of the internet, so every action you take online does carry an element of risk. We wish it were otherwise, but that's the digital landscape we're navigating here in New Zealand.

As a globally-operating enterprise, we may need to transfer your Personal Information, not just within New Zealand, but to nations that stretch beyond our borders. A crucial point to keep in mind here is that the privacy laws and associated regulations of these overseas countries might not be as stringent or all-encompassing as our own. In such circumstances, we are committed to moving mountains if necessary, to ensure that any anonymised information gathered from you receives a comparable degree of protection. Through your engagement with this website, your agreement to the transmission of any anonymised data in line with our Privacy Policy is implicitly understood. It's like you're reaching out, extending a trust-filled handshake across the digital divide. Isn't that a beautiful thing to behold?


It's absolutely crucial to truly underscore the fact that if you're not yet 18, you're legally prohibited from partaking in these services in New Zealand. These services clearly establish they're not designed nor intended for use by anyone yet to celebrate their 18th birthday.

Revisions to the confidentiality agreement

It's really important, mate, that you take the time to frequently revisit our Privacy Policy, and keep yourself informed. Changes can happen, and it's in our hands to make those tweaks as we see fit. By always having the most recent version of the Privacy Policy on our website, we're doing our best to keep you in the loop. If there are any big shifts, things that really change the game, we won't leave you in the dark. Through our Services, we'll let you know what's going on, where it's necessary. This is all part and parcel of how we ensure your peace of mind while you're using our site from here in beautiful New Zealand.

By choosing to remain with our services even after we've given you the heads up about tweaks to our privacy policy on our website, you're essentially saying, "Hey, I've read it, I understand it, and I'm okay with it." This shows that you trust us enough to respect these changes. We understand that it's a big ask, so we appreciate your approval and acceptance of these updates.

Information about us

Should your heart be bubbling with queries on the services we offer, or if you're scratching your head about the information you've entrusted to us and how we handle it, do drop us a line at [email protected]. We're always here, ready and eager to clear any cloud of doubt that might be hovering above your thoughts.