Guide to casino odds: mastering the art of defeating the house advantage

Perhaps you're sitting there, mildly smirking and thinking to yourself, "Naturally, I comprehend what odds are." However, have you ever realised that the concept of odds within the dazzling world of casinos deviates significantly from the traditional understanding of odds? This may come as a surprise, but the odds that casinos present are, unfortunately, filled with untruths.

In our wide, wonderful world, there are a pair of odds types that command attention. The first are genuine odds, and the second bear the moniker of the casino's homestead odds. The casino's homestead odds stand as the backbone of game payouts, becoming the essence upon which each reward is founded. Now isn't that a tantalising thought to ponder?

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Crazy Fact 1 The difference between these two types of odds is what creates the casino's house edge.

What is the definition of 'House Edge'?

In the thrilling world of casinos, the house edge serves as their secret potion for profit. The greater the house edge of any given game, the likelihood of you parting ways with your hard-earned Kiwi dollars increases.

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An in-depth exploration of casino game probabilities.

  • Blackjack Odds

    Online Blackjack

    Blackjack has the esteemed reputation of being the casino pastime with the slimmest house advantage. Deploy your strategies flawlessly and you'll see that edge taper down to a mere 0.28%. Take a leap into the digital realm and you'll find that with thoughtful selection of your online game, you can further whittle that edge down - you'll be looking at an almost negligible 0.12% house benefit! It's all about choosing your battlefield with wisdom and precision.

    Every deck added to the game nudges the house edge up by a slim 0.02%. Therefore, your best bet would be to lay your cards on single or double deck blackjack games, mate. Look for games where the dealer's bound by the rules to stick on 17. It's a little-known tip that this rule flip the odds in your favour, shifting the house edge to a -0.13% and bestowing the upper hand on the player. Keep this in mind next time you're at a Kiwi casino, and make the game work for you, my friend.

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    Roulette Odds

    Online Roulette

    There's a significant dissimilarity between our Kiwi version of roulette and the European one that's noteworthy. The advantage to the house is a mere 2.7% for European roulette, whereas, in our local version, it skyrockets to a whopping 5.26%! This stark contrast is a testament to the intriguing fact that our own roulette wheel bears both a '0' and a '00' slot, while the European counterpart features only a single '0'. This peculiarity creates a dynamic roulette experience that's uniquely ours.

    That's precisely why your odds stack up to 48.6% when you place your bet on either red or black in European roulette, giving it a bit of a zesty twist, eh mate? However, if you wander into the realm of American roulette, your odds slightly dip to 47.4%, adding a touch of suspense to our game – such is the allure of risk!

    Always ensure you're getting the full bang for your buck when playing your favourite game - keep an eye out for that golden 35 to 1 payout for a single number! It's a sneaky trick of some less scrupulous casinos to adjust these payouts, banking on the hopes that no one would be the wiser. But you know better. Believe it or not, a measly adjustment down to 33 to 1 can double the house edge from a modest 5.26% to an alarming 10.53%. So stay sharp and stay informed, folks!

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  • Baccarat Odds

    Online Baccarat

    Indulge yourself in the thrilling universe of online baccarat, New Zealand! Here, the scales of chance often tip towards the banker, just as they do in our brick-and-mortar casinos. In a standard game comprising eight decks, the odds for a banker's triumph stand at a heart-pounding 0.4586%. Meanwhile, there's a 0.4462% chance of the player turning the tables, stealing victory from the jaws of fate. This is sure to bring a rush of adrenaline, whether you're betting on the banker's luck or your own courage. Updated bonuses only add to the thrill, making every round a breathtaking affair. So, Kiwis, are you ready to face the odds?

    If the aim is to pocket a little extra change, it's savvy to steer clear of tie wagers. You see, even though there's an 8 to 1 payout that might seem tempting, the house advantage on a tie bet comes in at a chunky 14.36%. And that's no small potatoes! Contrastingly, when you place your bets on the banker, the casino's edge is whittled down to only 1.06% and on player bets, it's a meagre 1.24%. This bit of inside knowledge may be the deciding factor in you having a wee bit more jingle in your pockets!

    To maintain a bit of an advantage in the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping game of baccarat, any successful stake on the banker comes with a modest 0.5% commission. It's like a slender thread of silver lining, ensuring that the house still holds a wee bit of sway. Now, isn't that a fascinating piece of the casino world right here in New Zealand?

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    Casino Wars Odds

    Online Casino Wars

    Casino Wars has undoubtedly captured the hearts of many Kiwis because of its sheer simplicity. It comes with an odds-based strategy that's as straightforward as the game itself. When you find yourself on equal footing with the dealer, the instinct might be to hoist the white flag. Yet, if you choose this path every time, the casino enjoys a 3.7% house advantage. But listen to this, mate! If you chuck caution to the wind and decide to go to war each and every time, that daunting house edge shrink down to a more manageable 2.88%!

    Ready to up the thrill factor? Dive into a game of Casino Wars, ideally one that serves up a juicy bonus for back-to-back ties! With these little golden rules in place, the house edge takes a tumble right down to a mere 1.24%, so your chances of triumph suddenly look a lot sunnier.

  • Video Poker Odds

    Online Video Poker

    It's common knowledge among the betting circles that video poker has garnered its popularity due to the fact that certain versions boast payout percentages exceeding 100%. Yet, this nugget of wisdom often slips under the radar - even without fine-tuning your strategy for video poker, you can still end up bagging a more bountiful payout from a video poker machine compared to any other pursuit at the gaming house. The allure of the poker machine, my friends, is more than meets the eye.

    In the splendid game of strategy, you'll be rewarded with a generous payout rate of 99.54% if your game plan is flawless. But hey, even if you're just getting your feet wet as a beginner, you can anticipate a pretty decent payout percentage of 99.52%. Quite the motivation, isn't it?

    One of the top tips to remember is setting your sights on video poker games which offer 'full pay' with 9/6 paytables, a golden ticket in the gaming world. When the goods come home with a full house paying 9 to 1, and a flush rewarding you with a 6 to 1 payout, it is as though you've hit the jackpot. Now, let's say a video poker game decides to trim the fat off a flush pay to 1 to 5, it's bound to have your heart sinking, as it shrinks the game's payout percentage from an enticing 100% down to a less appealing 95%. So, as much as you're driven by the thrill of the game, bear in mind to always keep your eye on those sweet, lucrative bonuses.

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    Online Slots Odds

    Online Slots

    Pokies are a true conundrum for those with a fondness for odds, as they remain the single casino entertainment where guessing your chances of victory is an exercise in futility. The results of these games are dictated by the whims of random number generators, and with every game boasting its own unique set of mechanics, it's a bit like trying to catch a cloud in a net. So, dive into this wonderfully unpredictable world of pokies with your heart ablaze with excitement, because in the end, aren't the best things in life simply a beautiful game of chance?

    As a general pointer, consider the dazzling complexity of a 5 reel online slot with 20 paylines and 10 symbols - it can produce an astounding 33.5 million unique symbol combinations. To put that into perspective, video poker pales in comparison, offering a relatively modest 2.6 million potential combinations. Meanwhile, single deck blackjack, a game treasured by many New Zealanders, provides just 1,326 possible starting hands. So, next time you're playing your beloved online games, remember the staggering odds and the thrilling unpredictability they bring.

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Is the probability of winning higher in digital casinos than in physical ones?

Land Based vs Online

Indeed, the straightforward response is affirmative.

Brick-and-mortar casinos in Aotearoa typically return about 88 cents of every Kiwi dollar you wager there, on average. However, the finest virtual casinos in New Zealand offer a significantly better rate, typically coughing up an impressive 95 to 97% of your stakes. So, when it comes to getting real value for your hard-earned money, the choice is a no-brainer, mate!

This isn't simply a matter of our online casinos being in a benevolent mood. There's a deeper rationale behind it. In the realm of business and commerce, managing a digital casino is a whole new ball game when compared to overseeing a traditional, land-based one. There's a world of difference between the two, and it all comes down to how unique internet casinos are in their operation and functionality.

  • Web-based gaming platforms have the luxury of allowing players to secure wins more frequently. They are not tied down by rental costs for premium locations or hefty overhead expenses like land-based counterparts. Digital casinos also employ a smaller staff size, thus allocating a smaller portion of their funds towards employee wages.
  • The customary casino adventure extends beyond just gaming, incorporating elements like social interactions, beverages, and perhaps live performances. Recognizing their inability to provide these added perks, online casinos compensate by delivering a higher frequency of victories to their players.
  • Web-based casinos are not constrained by physical limitations, hence they can provide a more extensive assortment of games. For instance, a brick-and-mortar casino in New Zealand may not offer European roulette. Conversely, on the internet, you have the freedom to indulge in any game of your desire. Moreover, these less popular versions of games typically present better probabilities for the participant.