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PaysafeCard Casinos In New Zealand

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Paysafecard is the top online prepaid payment service popular all around the world. Both new and experienced players dig Paysafecard casinos for money operations. Don’t worry about finding the right Paysafecard casino websites, as It’s pretty easy to find a casino that supports this deposit method among the best online casinos in NZ.

Why do Paysafe online casinos attract so many players? First of all, this payment option guarantees anonymity, and secondly, It provides fast cash transfer. Most New Zealand gamblers prefer this method, and use it always when they have to make a deposit.

Best Paysafecard casinos in New Zealand 2022








$1200 + 120 Free Spins

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

361+ games

97.12% payout

€222 + 222 Free Spins

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

532+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

365+ games

96.01% payout

$1200 + 200 Free Spins

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

900+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

450+ games


100% up to $1000

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

595+ games



1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

290+ games

96.16% payout

How to deposit money with Paysafecard in Online Casinos

Paysafecard is a quite convenient and simple payment method. But there are some rules that you should follow before depositing in NZ online casinos:

  1. In the begging, you have to buy the cash card either in the local store or online on the official website of the distributors. If you don’t know for sure where it is sold just do a quick online search and detect the nearest spot.
  2. Then choose an online casino NZ among available online and mobile casinos. If you hesitate and don’t want to take a risk, check the top of iGaming operators.
  3. After making a choice, just sign up. You have to type in some general personal information to get your account approved.
  4. The next step is the payment section where you have to pick a Paysafe Card as a deposit payment method. Enter the 16-digit PIN written on your card. Your funds will be instantly available on your account and you may start to gamble. Paysafecafecard casinos offer a wide range of different games including table games, slots, and live casino games.

Why do players choose Paysafe casinos?

Paysafecard gained a lot of popularity in the online gambling community.

Minimum Deposits

All gamers want when they find the ideal game want to start to play it. But before, you have to make a deposit. You should know that each Paysafecard casino has its banking requirements. Due to this fact, you have to upload the necessary minimum deposit sum to start the game. Generally, it is the sum from $5 up to $20. We recommend you check the limits. The maximum sum of the deposit has the same plan. If you want to have your gaming experience smooth and avoid dangerous situations, before a play, read all the given requirements and rules of the picked online casino. Believe us, this approach may prevent a lot of problems.

Deposit Fees in Paysafe online casinos

If you pay with Paysafecard, it will cost you nothing in transfer fees. But you should know about some other fees that can be applied. You may have to pay a conversion fee if you are depositing USD or EUR, a maintenance fee if you don’t use the card for 6 months, or a redemption fee. You also pay a fee when you purchase the card from a vendor.

Safety of transactions with payment options name

Paysafe Card helps users keep personal information secret while making payment operations. There is no need to include your card data or personal stuff for making an operation complete. The only requirement is to type a code on the card.

To protect you against fraud, the maximum sum for a card is around $100. Moreover, Paysafecard offers a higher level of security if you use its phone apps. You can check your current balance on multiple codes whenever you want. Unique QR codes are also available for operations. And all this without including your personal info.

Which countries accept Paysafecard for online gambling?

Nowadays there are a ton of countries where you can buy and apply Paysafecard. For example, in Europe, you can purchase it in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, and Portugal; in North and South America it is sold in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Peru, and Mexico. This list wouldn’t be complete without Australia and New Zealand. The gamers from these countries dig Paysafecard because it’s a safe and quick payment method.

What countries are restricted to use the payment option?

Paysafecard doesn’t have a special list of banned countries. It is available only in 40 countries where you can buy it, though. Other countries provide other payment methods for their gamers. Mind that this list is getting updated and the company is adding new countries from time to time.

Pros of using Paysafecard in NZ casino

Paysafecard has many benefits. It’s time to find out all of them right now.

For many gamers, it’s important to divide gaming and personal life. They don’t want to share it with banking systems either. Paysafecard knows it and doesn’t require any personal data to use New Zealand Paysafecard casinos. Other payment methods will never give you such an offer. With this card, all your funds will be available in a minute and without any bank statements about this operation.

Nobody likes to wait for a long time. Especially when you want to gamble and win your jackpots. Paysafecard cares about its customers and offers one of the fastest services ever. The whole transaction takes only one minute. Then you may easily start the game.

When you have a deal with a company that is available in many countries, it may mean only one thing — the service is safe and secure. Companies with a good reputation will never risk their authority and the safety of users. That’s why you don’t have any signs to worry about.

The gamers like to win money not to waste it on fees. This factor also attracts players to play at Paysafecard casinos in New Zealand more and more. Gamers shouldn’t pay money for transactions, only for purchasing the card.

There are a lot of cool online casinos that accept Paysafecard payments. We have prepared a top 5 list that includes the best examples. They accept this card for making a deposit. You should know that Paysafe casinos are some of the best Internet casinos in the gaming industry. They offer popular games and rich awards for their users. Plus, Paysafecard is also available in mobile casinos.

Cons of Using Paysafecard in NZ casino

Paysafecard may seem an ideal method for gamblers, but you know that everything has its flaws. Here are some of the points why Paysafecard may not be the right choice for you.

Some users can’t imagine their lives without online purchases. Probably, it will inconvenient for such people to use Paysafecard as it’s only available at brick and mortar stores. But for the rest of the people, it won’t be even a problem, especially if you pay with cash mostly.

Paysafecard is made only for making deposits. For withdrawing your wins from Paysafe casino sites, you have to look for another method. Don’t worry about it. Online casinos have a rich range of alternatives for withdrawing. You may easily find the right one.

For all high rollers, we have sad news. Paysafe is a prepaid card and you can only get one with $100 on it. If you want to top up your casino funds with more sums, you’ll have to buy a new card.

Mobile Paysafe casinos NZ

There are several mobile casino sites that enable you to use this payment method. Simply fill in the PIN on your voucher and the amount you wish to deposit. The cash will be transferred into your casino account right away if you have a Paysafe account.

You may use your Paysafe account to move the money into your casino account if you have one. To transfer funds from your Paysafe account to your casino account, all you need is a username and password. Some mobile Paysafe online casinos also give out bonuses when you make casino deposits using Paysafecard.

Alternative Payment Options for Online Gambling

Paysafecard may seem an ideal payment method for gambling. But as we mentioned previously it’s impossible to withdraw money with it. For some fans of online purchases, it also can be inconvenient to buy it only at the stores. But we always have the alternatives and below you can find out more about them.


Paypal conquered a lot of areas with its easy-to-use service, and the online gambling industry is also on the list. It is a convenient method that is available for laptops and smartphones. Gamblers from Australia and New Zealand may find it in many cool online casinos that accept PayPal. The gamers dig it for low fees, quick operations, and average limits. We have to inform you that some casinos don’t accept this method. For example, the system may block the withdrawing or depositing because of the gambling operator. However, the casinos you see on the list know how to make these transactions harmless.

Bank Wire

If you a fan of the safest and fair payment systems, the bank wire is made for you. But everything has its price and the bank service is not the cheapest one because the fees are quite high. Also, this method is not fast, the operation may take days. When we live at high speeds and time is a really valuable thing nowadays, few gamers are ready to wait for such a long period. Everybody has their vision and preferences. The main thing is to understand that do you ready for waiting in the name of the high safety of the operation.

Credit Cards

This method is a widespread opportunity for all holders of credit and debit cards. There are thousands of options and probably you have one. Some of them have a long-lasting reputation and millions of users. Visa and MasterCard are leaders among all credit and debit cards. If you choose this method it is required to type the personal details. If you don’t write it the operation won’t be finished. The transfer of funds from your bank account to the casino account will cost you some money. The fees for the service fluctuate from 0.8% to 1.3 %.


Welcome to a fresh payment method for quick online payments. To get it, you have to find a store with a white and purple logo. This voucher is something new and unique among payment methods. It is a prepaid card made for different payment operations. You have to do only a couple of steps to complete the operation. They are the next: buy a Neosurf card, scratch off the layer, and type the digital code. Done! Also, don’t forget that apart from the price for a voucher you also have to pay a fee to a vendor. If you don’t want to waste your money on each voucher it’s better to buy a card for $100 and apply it for different operations.


POLi is a newcomer available only in Australia and New Zealand. This is also a new category of payment methods with easy and fast operations. POLi is an ideal option for those who don’t have credit or debit cards and want to keep secret personal data. The payment operation has pretty simple guidance and makes the process smooth. Information about banking details and the sum is already included. This method is available only for depositing, however.


Skrill is an e-wallet that has a lot of common features with PayPal. But the gamblers prefer this payment system more. They like that the service provides anonymity, zero fees (available only for deposits), and immediate casino deposits. You can use this method on a computer or a mobile device. It doesn’t matter, because the process will be completed quickly.

FAQ: PaysafeCard Online Casinos in New Zealand

Yes! It collaborates with the top online casinos and has a ton of successful payment operations on the record. You even don’t need to write down your private data when you make a deposit in paysafe casinos. Your money gets transferred and you stay anonymous.
Unfortunately, no. This method is made only for depositing. But we mentioned the list of alternatives that you can use instead of Paysafecard earlier, so take a look.
First, you have to find a store where it is sold. Then, choose a necessary Paysafecard. When it’s time to make a deposit, type a 16-digital code for online payment. That’s it! Your account will be topped up and it means that you can start to gamble and win your jackpots.
Sometimes, it may be difficult to find a Paysafecard online casino. But you can always find this information on OnlineCasinoGuide. Here, there are plenty of important reviews of different online casinos all around the world. Professionals of the industry write them and that’s why you can trust that the given information is fair.
Zero fees and instant operations are unique offers for casino sites players nowadays. Isn’t that a bonus in and of itself? But unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a special bonus for using Paysafecard at casinos. You will get the regular bonuses, though.
For the majority of gamblers, the main plus of using Paysafecard is anonymity. They don’t want to share personal information in the gaming space. Paysafecard gives them this opportunity. The next benefit is the speed of the transaction. It takes around one minute to transfer your money to the online casino account. Don’t forget about the safety side. This international company has a good reputation and doesn’t want to risk it. Paysafecard casinos collaborate with the best of the best in the gaming industry. Cool games and rich bonuses will conquer your gaming heart.