We're passionately committed to only heightening the digital pokie experience of our Kiwi players. We accomplish this by underscoring the most outstanding online casinos shining with unique bonuses tailored for New Zealand, coupled with our detailed, handy game guides and our generous trove of free games.

Our story

Once upon a time, back in 2011, we were just a merry band of mates scattered across the length and breadth of New Zealand, united by a shared passion for the exhilarating world of online gaming. Our paths crossed frequently during thrilling online poker nights. These were not just about the games, they were our lifeline, our way of keeping the camaraderie alive, weaving a thread of connection that stretched thousands of kilometres. Caught up in the solitary world of our individual gaming experiences, we'd often come together to share tales of our adventures. One concern kept rearing its head, though: the struggle to find a trustworthy online casino, backed by credible and reliable reviews. It was a common gripe, the thorn in our otherwise joyful gaming experience. But you know what? We Kiwis are not ones to sit back, grumble, and accept it. No , we roll up our sleeves and come up with solutions! And that's how onlinecasinoguide.co.nz came into existence, born from a need, shaped by a bond, and built with a dash of that classic Kiwi ingenuity.

We kicked things off by establishing a robust framework for assessing casinos, taking into account crucial elements like the assurance of safety, the range and integrity of games, software, customer service, and mobile functionality. Over time, we've nurtured our site, integrating handy 'how to play' tutorials, free game possibilities, thorough casino evaluations, and legislative insights. Our aspirations soar higher as the days pass, ever aiming to grow and refine our platform, with the invaluable feedback from our treasured users playing an essential part. With your support, we're set on a trajectory to becoming an unrivalled resource in New Zealand for all things gaming.

Who are we?

Our team is a vibrant mix of poker wizards, slot enthusiasts and casino industry connoisseurs. Each one of us is unique in our craft, but we all share the same heartfelt dedication towards online gambling and content that puts our users in the spotlight. Get acquainted with the friendly faces and names that tick behind the scenes:

Our writers

Photo of Laura Corckhill
Laura Corckhill

Laura's all-consuming passion for classical and jazz music reveals itself in her deft piano playing and the seamless mastery of whatever instrument captures her whimsy and vibe at any given moment. Emerging from university, armed with her dual degrees in Music and English Writing, she has relentlessly pursued these twin flames of desire, music and writing, refusing to let either die out. Music sends Laura globetrotting across the globe, chasing the allure of live concerts like a moth to a flame, sparking her creativity and enriching her life's tapestry. She's not just an observer either. In her own right, Laura is a seasoned band member, carving out melodic stories on the international stage.

Immersed in her love for the English language and the art of penning down thoughts, Laura delves deeply into the realm of creating content for the casino industry. Her work traverses various sectors such as bonus updates, wagering thresholds and even New Zealand's gaming regulations. Laura's literary creations touch numerous topics, however, her heart beats a tad faster for reviewing pokies. Identifying herself as an adventurist, high-risk pokies are where Laura finds her thrill. As an artist who finds her soul in music, it's no surprise that she's attracted to pokies that dance to the tune of melodies.

Photo of Jean-Christophe Antoine
Jean-Christophe Antoine

Jean-Christophe Antoine, a seasoned veteran of online gaming with a wealth of 15 years of hands-on experience under his belt, has lent his expertise to industry giants such as Playtech, Betsson, and Betclic. With a flair for strategy and a knack for innovation, he recently catapulted GGPoker to global acclaim, solidifying its stance as the reigning poker site globally. Having done wonders in the gaming world, Antoine has now shifted gears to an exciting solo journey, offering his insights as an independent consultant.

Our vision

Here at Kiwi Gamblers, we strive to be your trusted companion in New Zealand for everything related to gambling. Whether you're eager to master a new game, stay updated on Kiwi gambling laws, or excited to explore the latest online casino sensations, we've got your back. We are committed to constantly enhancing our platform, ensuring it's as sleek and intelligent as possible, so your experience is nothing short of remarkable! Be assured, we're always on the move to bring you more!

Our promise

Ensuring the desires and requirements of gamers are consistently prioritized

Our core values


Ensuring your online safety is a matter of utmost importance to us. We take great lengths to verify that any gaming establishments we recommend are not only fully licensed and regulated under New Zealand law, but that they also exhibit a strong commitment to preserving the integrity of players' confidential information. These casinos take stringent precautions to ensure your gaming experience is secure, providing peace of mind while you enjoy your play. The protection of your personal data isn't just a standard, it's an unwavering pledge we make sure is upheld.


We'll always maintain an honest and transparent relationship with you regarding how our site functions. While we collaborate with casinos, it's crucial to understand that they need to adhere to our stringent criteria. Only then, out of a sense of responsibility and trust, would we ever consider endorsing these casinos to you.


Joy is central to all our endeavours. If you're not having a blast while exploring our website and partaking in the games we've got on deck, we urge you to share your thoughts on how we can up our game. We're devoted to creating a spirited and engaging environment for you, and your feedback would aid us in enhancing your experience. After all, we're in this ride together, you and us, in this wee corner of New Zealand we call home.


It's our wholehearted desire for you to experience immense confidence when you're wagering, hence our provision of detailed guides for each game and the most recent updates on New Zealand's gambling laws. Always remember, we're just a call or an email away, ready and eager to assist whenever you need us.

Our process for evaluating internet gambling venues

Earlier on, we touched briefly on our stringent rating system for online casinos. For the curious minds among you who are keen to delve deeper into how we assess all those lively digital gaming lounges, don't fret! We've put together an all-embracing outline right here for you, but just to give you a taste, let's focus on the key highlights we are furnishing our keen eye on:

  • Safe and reliable - Legitimate licensing, unbiased assessments, and SSL-cryptography
  • Gaming journey - Library of games, promotional rewards, and compatibility with mobile devices.
  • You - Proficient client service and your comprehensive encounter.

Advantages of utilizing onlinecasinoguide.co.nz

Discover additional anticipations during your visit to our website:

  • Advice and direction from gaming experts – Our casino handbooks and our blog write-ups provide value for gamers at every experience level. Be it a novel method you've yet to implement or a suggestion for a particular sign-up bonus, we continually stay abreast of the newest trends for achieving success in the realm of internet gambling.
  • Our partners offer exclusive bonuses - we frequently collaborate with reputable online casinos to present you with superior bonuses and promotions. Stay tuned to our site's top casinos list for essential updates and ensure you don't miss any opportunities.
  • Seeking information on casino payment procedures, taxation, or mobile casino selection? We are here to assist. We strive to render complex subjects simple and comprehensible for everyone, eliminating all technical speak.
  • Athletics - Ranging from wagers on American football to UFC, our concentration at onlinecasinoguide.co.nz isn't limited to traditional casino games. We provide comparable assistance to guide you in identifying top online gambling platforms offering sports-related bonuses and promotional offers. For more details on web-based sports betting platforms, please visit this section.

Affiliate partnership statement

In the spirit of keeping the joys of this site free for all our Kiwi visitors, we sometimes join forces with a select number of casinos. When you journey to their site through the pathway of our affiliate links, we might pick up a modest commission. And here's where the magic truly happens. We constantly strive to negotiate exclusive bonuses with these partners, crafting a delightful win-win situation that leaves more dollars in your New Zealand pocket. We promise to only ever team up with reputable casinos boasting all the necessary certifications, so you can rest assured you're always in a safe pair of hands. Not a single detail is overlooked as we ensure that your gaming experience is secure and rewarding.

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