Blacklisted online casinos

Playing blackjack safely in New Zealand goes beyond a game, it's an exhilarating escape that challenges your cognitive abilities. It's crucial that you feel secure, knowing that your hard-earned dollars and sensitive personal information are well-protected. The quality online blackjack games test your thinking and decision making skills. Many blackjack enthusiasts, in New Zealand find comfort in practicing with versions of the game. This allows them to experiment with strategies and assess their chances before diving into real money blackjack. For those who prefer a experience playing free online blackjack brings pure joy as it eliminates the need for deposits account creation or sharing personal information. Game developers have even created apps where players can enjoy blackjack games right, in the heart of New Zealand.

Blacklisted casinos

Last updated: 13-Dec-2023

Casino Name Blacklisted Reason
50 Stars Casino Questionable Licensing
African Palace Casino Rigged Games
Aladdins Gold Casino Delayed Withdrawals
All Star Slots Unfair Bonus Terms
Bella Vegas Poor Poor Customer Support
BitcoinPenguin Casino Questionable Licensing
BTC Casino Delayed Withdrawals
Carnival Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Casino Del Rio Questionable Licensing
Cherry Red Poor Customer Support
Chumba Casino Rigged Games
ClassyCoin Casino Delayed Withdrawals
Club World Delayed Withdrawals
Company Casino Questionable Licensing
CoolCat Casino Questionable Licensing
Crown Europe Casino Rigged Games
Dendera Casino Delayed Withdrawals
Futuriti Questionable Licensing
Grand Reef Casino Rigged Games
High Noon Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Indio Casino Poor Customer Support
La Fiesta Casino Delayed Withdrawals
Lucky Red Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Majestic Slots Casino Questionable Licensing
Malibu Club Rigged Games
Osiris Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Palace of Chance Rigged Games
Panther Casino Delayed Withdrawals
ParkLane Casino Questionable Licensing
Planet Kings Casino Rigged Games
Prism Casino Questionable Licensing
Raging Bull Casino Delayed Withdrawals
Sahara Sands Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Slots Inferno Rigged Games
SlotsMoon Poor Customer Support
Slots Zoo Casino Delayed Withdrawals
TimeSquare Casino Unfair Bonus Terms
Tradition Casino Questionable Licensing
Tropica Casino Poor Customer Support
Vegas Days Casino Unfair Bonus Terms

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What is our method for evaluating casinos?

Welcome to, where our love for gaming knows no bounds! The initial and crucial step involves scrutinizing the trustworthiness and safety measures of the gaming platform. What holds paramount importance for us is the level of security, legitimacy, and transparency that a gaming site extends to its visitors. Our primary concern is ensuring that players' personal information and financial data remain thoroughly safeguarded, impervious to the clutches of malicious hackers. Now, you might be wondering, "How do we accomplish this feat?" The credit goes to our scrupulous vetting process, meticulously executed by our devoted team of experts, whose mission is to discern the exceptional from the ordinary. Let's delve into the intricacies below!

Our guarantee is that the casino has received approval for being safe and secure.

  • Verified by trade organizations such as eCOGRA
  • Authorized by renowned entities such as the Maltese Gaming Authority.
  • Employs SSL encryption to secure your information and funds effectively.
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What Online Casino Tops the List for New Zealand Players?
Casino Security

We ensure transactions are swift and dependable.

  • Cash transmitted in hours or days
  • Employ premier financial avenues such as Visa and MasterCard.
  • The process of depositing and withdrawing is straightforward.
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What Online Casino is Rated Top by Players in New Zealand?
Safe Banking

We evaluate the diversity and excellence of casino games.

  • Diverse selection of games featuring slots, poker, and roulette
  • Leading gaming software, sourced from premier suppliers such as Microgaming and Playtech.
  • Genuine live dealer casino games with real croupiers
Slots Roulette
What Online Casino is Rated Top by Players from New Zealand?
Fast Cash Outs

We search for essential characteristics to guarantee players enjoy an optimal experience.

  • Attractive rewards to enhance your account balance
  • A superior application or mobile adaptability
  • Always available customer support
What Online Casino is Rated Top by Players in New Zealand?
Player Reviews

After an exhaustive review, we joyfully announce that only the cream of the crop, the finest online casinos, having achieved stellar ratings, earn our heartfelt endorsement. These esteemed establishments are now showcased on our site, and we deeply assure all our treasured users that they can place their trust in them without a hint of hesitation.

What leads to a casino being listed on our blacklist?

Delayed withdrawals

Most gaming establishments will kindly inform you if you haven't fulfilled the prerequisites to pull out your winnings, but there are a few unscrupulous ones out there who may unfairly deny you the right to access your rightfully earned money, following a genuine win. Beware, as these dubious establishments will instantly earn themselves a spot on our list to avoid. Similarly, if a gaming establishment keeps you hanging around for an unreasonable amount of time before processing your much-anticipated payout, it too will find itself on our list of establishments to give a wide berth.

Questionable licensing

It's absolutely vital for any internet-based casino to have valid licensing, and it's crucial that the specifics about this license are clearly displayed on the website. Usually, you'd find casino licenses nestled at the bottom of their homepage. It's a red flag, however, when online casinos, which have fallen from grace, carry broken licensing links or lack any license on their website at all. What's worse, they may even falsely assert that they hold licenses from places like Curacao, Antigua, Barbuda or other jurisdictions that lack the right regulatory oversight, akin to what we have with the New Zealand Gambling Commission. So, to all our Kiwi mates out there, always keep your wits about you and ensure that any online casino you're considering has a legitimate license. In the end, it's our hard-earned NZD at stake!

Unfair bonus terms

Promotions and exclusive offers, presented in the enticing guise of bonuses, grace every online casino without exception. However, not all these gifts prove genuinely advantageous for players. Our assessment of gaming establishments' bonus policies hinges not merely on the abundance of incentives but on the palpability and ease of fulfilling the wagering requirements attached to these bonuses. The crème de la crème of entertainment organizations boast: The inaugural reward hinges on the act of opening an account and initiating an initial payment of at least a modest sum. The welcoming gift package for newcomers might encompass various types of rewards – be it deposit-based or non-deposit free spins, or even coins tailor-made for betting endeavors. The true favorability of a special offer is not dictated by the sheer quantity, form, or typology of bonuses, but rather by the conditions governing their acquisition, utilization, and wagering. We meticulously ensure that there are no unduly stringent demands for "laundering" – that is, no excessive wagering, and no minimum wagering terms that could impede players' enjoyment of these bonuses.

Rigged games

In the heart of New Zealand's gaming scene, stringent regulations and licensing prerequisites stand tall as guardians. Tampering with games isn't just a breach of these safeguards; it's a perilous journey into the abyss of legal repercussions, potentially resulting in the stripping away of a casino's cherished license. Delving deeper, manipulating games is akin to orchestrating a symphony of deception, dancing dangerously with the furies of fraud. The consequences are not mere whispers; they roar with the ferocity of legal storms—crippling fines, the thunderous footsteps of legal action, and the looming shadows of imprisonment for those entangled in the web of deceit. The stakes are high, and the toll of rigging games in the vibrant Kiwi landscape is a price too steep to pay.

Poor customer support

At the heart of online casinos in New Zealand lies customer support—a vital element that weaves together player contentment, issue resolution, and adherence to regulations. A robust support team not only assists players but also fortifies the casino's standing and endurance in a fiercely competitive landscape, crafting a gaming journey that's both gratifying and enduring. Unfortunately, within the murky depths of blacklisted online casinos, the customer service experience can be as chilly as a southerly breeze drifting off the Southern Alps. When the support team mirrors the elusive nature of the Kiwi bird, proves uncooperative, or unleashes a tempest as fierce as a West Coast storm, their place on our blacklist is secured faster than an All Black can dash across the field. The repercussions are swift, reflecting the commitment to maintaining standards that resonate with the spirit of Aotearoa.

Guidelines on reporting an unscrupulous casino.

At, we hold your safety in the highest regard - it is our top priority. If you've ever had an unsavoury encounter or felt slighted with an online casino, we urge you to report it here, to assist us in maintaining the integrity of our beloved online gaming community. Our seasoned professionals will then attentively delve into the situation, and if they find any wrongdoings, they'll make sure the site gets its deserved spot on the blacklist.

Frequently asked questions

For additional information on blacklisted casino websites, consult the following commonly asked queries.

How can I discern if a casino lacks authenticity?

If you're eager to determine the authenticity of an online casino with speed and certainty, it's wise to turn your attention towards the details of their license. Be assured, respected and reliable jurisdictions encompass such places as Kahnawake, Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, and the Isle of Man. Now, if we're the ones giving it a thumbs up, you can sit back and breathe easy, knowing that we've run it through a gauntlet of rigorous checks. This means it's got our seal of trust. So, anytime you see us championing a casino, you can put your faith in it without a second thought.

What precisely do no deposit casinos entail?

If you're a Kiwi just starting out in the exciting world of online gaming, you might not be ready to part ways with your well-earned New Zealand dollars just yet. That's where no deposit casinos come in - they're a dream come true. Imagine signed up and instantly getting a bonus, no strings attached! This delightful bonus can be used to play any of the real money games they offer. It's like exploring a vibrant garden without having to buy the seeds. A chance to rejoice, indeed! So why wait? Let's dive into the thrilling world of no deposit casinos, where the fun never stops and your journey begins with a heartwarming bonus.

Where do bonus frauds occur?

Do you know about the sly little schemes some casinos use to lure innocent Kiwis in? Picture this: A tantalising offer of an enormous bonus, something to the tune of an eye-watering 500% extra on your initial deposit, designed to beckon newbies through their proverbial doors. It sounds too good to be true, right? And that's because, sadly, it usually is. Once you're in, they hit you with sky-high wagering requirements which, in reality, mean you'll never see a cent of your original deposit, the generous bonus, or any potential winnings. They've got you trapped, and your hard-earned New Zealand dollars are stuck in a never-ending loop! It's a dodgy trick, and you deserve to know about it. Keep your eyes peeled, and be vigilant, folks!

What are the strategies to steer clear of dangerous casinos?

Dodging rogue casinos is as easy as pie, mate. Your best bet is to stick with reputable websites that have passed through the discerning eyes of our dedicated kiwi experts. This way, you can be as certain as a silver fern in the sunlight that these sites offer beyond board games, genuine bonuses that are up-to-date according to the Kiwi standards, top-notch security measures, safe as houses banking norms, professional support like a friendly neighbour over the fence, and much, much more.

Is it typically secure to gamble in online casinos?

Absolutely, the digital playgrounds of online casinos are generally as safe as houses. A handful of not-so-great ones shouldn't put you off having a crack at it online - they're mere drops in the ocean compared to the reputable industry as a whole in New Zealand. Have a go at our secure, highly appreciated casinos - it can be an absolute blast and you might just find it's not only fun but could also land you a tidy sum in Kiwi dollars!

Which online casinos are considered the most reliable?

You can have absolute confidence in any online gaming platform we champion. By and large, these trustworthy online casinos are properly authorised and monitored within respected jurisdictions, safeguarding player funds like precious taonga and ensuring payouts are made without a hitch. On top of that, you'll find the games offered on these sites are just and typically offer generous return to player (RTP) rates, making every spin or hand dealt a thrilling affair. It's like hitting the jackpot every time you play, so immerse yourself in the world of kiwi online gaming, where fun meets fair play!