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Online Casino NZ Guide 2017 – TOP New NZ Casinos list

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Welcome to the best online casino sites guide in New Zealand. We know know what you're looking for. You want the best possible casino games and bonuses without all of the hassles. You want to try out a casino online nz before you go putting down your hard earned money. Well, you're in luck!

Our goal is to bring you the very best online casinos nz with the very best bonuses. We scour the internet to find reputable casinos with the best games and highest bonuses and least amount of wagers to get that bonus. We then play at the online casino sites and bring you the best online casino reviews. If we feel that any new zealand online casino is not fair or have any problems such as cash ins, etc., we will not advertise for that casino online.

All you have to do is click our links and you are assured of a great bonus to wager with. So keep your money safe and wager with the bonus! Come back often as we update our online casino nz review site on a regular basis. Thanks and good luck!

1. How We Rate NZ Online Casinos?

Many gamers analyze dozens of Internet sources searching to play a casino online in New Zealand. If you need to find the best present-day information with reference to casinos, our best online casino reviews will help you to pick out the best payout online casino. The real professional online casino nz guide is offered here! Our experts have checked numerous virtual casinos in New Zealand so we can guarantee trustworthiness and timeliness of the information provided by our casino online real money guide.

So here are our evaluation criteria:

Welcome bonus. As a business card, each self-respecting nz online casino house has a welcome bonus. Most of the bonuses offered by both old and new online casinos nz are in the form of deposit bonuses.

But some nz online casino platforms also offer bonuses without deposit. In fact, the bonus is often a mix of different advantages to be used in matches.

The best payment methods. Of course, the possibility of earning large sums of money with online casinos in New Zealand is very attractive and attracts many people. That's why we have to be careful about which New Zealand online casino platform we entrust our money to and choose only safe online casinos.

In the area of payment methods, we first of all ensure that there is the best possible technical security and conscientious customer service management. It is worth saying that an important detail is that the range of payment methods is wide.

Online casino software. Many players all too often wonder whether the quality of the software is very important? Our answer is "Yes, of course! That's why we carefully examine the software during our online casino test in New Zealand and make sure that it is intuitive and easy to use even for those who are approaching this type of platform for the first time.

Customer service. One of the crucial points in choosing an online gaming house is customer service. If something doesn't work, the player must be helped, if possible quickly. That's why we have also critically judged the quality of online casino customer service. Advertising campaigns for customers. The welcome bonus is, of course, the most substantial bonus, but New Zealand players are looking for what could be the best online casino for them, to establish almost a relationship of trust with the platform.In our opinion, good deals, such as various promotions, loyalty points programs, VIP clubs, etc., can make the difference between a good casino and an excellent one.

Step-by-step explanation of our actions in order to choose the best online casinos in New Zealand:

1. We review top online casinos

Our experts analyze every online casino in New Zealand in order to provide you with a detailed up-to-date information and description of all the best online casinos nz. Every online casino’s feature is carefully checked; therefore, you can be sure in complete safety of the websites we have analyzed. Using our unique and secure online casino guide, you will save your time and money, and make sure of the websites proper work. Our experts played all the games offered in numerous online casinos of New Zealand. If you need a complete information about a definite online casino nz, just choose the site you seek to know about and find all the required information in our online casino reviews.

2. We discover the best online casinos in New Zealand

Every online casino in New Zealand in our list is solid and safe. Moreover, each casino online nz has a number of impressed clients’ reports, responses and fast outgoings. For our best online casino reviews we always choose the most trusted and professional websites. Our experts constantly check for the best bonus offers with the main purpose to deliver you higher chances to win a significant prize. Our list takes account of all the most requested and popular online casino nz games, including roulette, slots, blackjack, poker, baccarat and many other intriguing online games.

3. We track a list of all the jackpot casinos in NZ

If you are looking for a virtual casino where you can play casino online for real money, our best online casino reviews hold information about all the jackpot online casinos. With our information, anyone can win up to $10,000 just in one day! All the gamers are fond of testing their luckiness and trying to win money prizes. Big money winnings is the key reason why people start to play in virtual casinos. Every our casino online nz review is aimed to help our users to win their biggest prizes. If you are not sure, whether it is possible to win a big sum of money online or now, look through our casino reviews and see all those incredible sums yourself! It is so easy in New Zealand to both spend a pleasant time and win big money while playing your favorite online casino games! Moreover, you have all the chances to become a millionaire and make all your wishes come true!

4. We guarantee safety and reliability

If you are searching for a safe and reliable NZ online casino, we can show you what particular online casinos you should visit. We have tested all the casinos and their services. Moreover, we can assure a complete safeness of our platform usage. You can use our online casino base facing no risks, but only gaining additional benefits!

2. How We Rate Blacklisted Casinos?

Among the most rated, secure, entertaining, winning, and generally the best online casinos in New Zealand, we give information on the blacklisted online casino that are not recommended to use, especially for the online casino nz newcomers. From the point of view of our experience in New Zealand gambling market, we have prepared a the best list of places to stay away from such as online casinos listed below:

Only play at online casinos that use one of the following brands of software (a seal like the one at left is posted on their site)...

They are also very strict about which online casinos in New Zealand receive a license to use their software. Many even include Interpol background checks!

3. Online Casino Software Providers

The main online casino software providers are the following:

One of the most famous casino software companies worldwide is Novomatic with the most famous Novoline series. Almost all games are available online.

The company was founded in 1994. Today there are more than 400 online games as well as the live reseller area, where you can play on the Microgaming Online Casino platform.

NetEnt is a Swedish company a little younger than Microgaming, but equally successful. The company is considered a pioneer of no-download games because it was the first to develop a type of software for online casino games, which can be played directly on the website.

Mercury's online games supplier is one of the most interesting games on gaming platforms in casinos. Convenient enough to play on your laptop or the Internet.

NextGen Gaming
The next manufacturer of automatic games is NextGen Gaming, which is mainly available for modern machines such as Superbet or Slide-a-Wild.

4. Online Gambling Tips

If sportsmen consider trainings as a very important part of achieving success, then why so many players never think about this? Except high rate members in online casino for New Zealand players in blackjack and video poker professionals, frankly where is very little players who train before going to the casino.

1. Purchasing & cashing out

When trying out a new online casino real money, read their policies closely to see how they work and with who they work (Paypal, Neteller, credit cards, wire transfers). Be sure they have the cashing out method you want and delay that seems ok to you. Try it out before really playing any real casino online so you will know if they are efficient. (i.e. purchase less then $100, play the games you like, cash out your winnings and see how long it takes for them to either credit your credit card or send you a check or both. If all goes well and fast then you can REALLY play without doubting how your cash out will work)

2. Bonus chips at sign up

Bonus chips at sign up or on purchasing or very common for legit online casino nz. They are also fun to get because they bring up your chance of winning. However, be aware of their terms and conditions.

When signing up or making a purchase to get free chips, be sure to comply to the qualification requirements before cashing in. Some online real money casinos will ask that you play double, trip or even five times the purchase amount before being able to cash out. If you don't, they will subtract the bonus chips amount from your withdraw. Our advice: add up your bet with a calculator as you are playing so you will know when you can withdraw under their terms and conditions!

3. Match play bonus money vs bonus chips

There's a difference between bonus chips and match play money in the best online casinos. With bonus chips, if you get $25 in bonus chips, they add it to your balance. And if you bet $5 at the blackjack table and win, you'll get 10$ back from the dealer. With the match play bonus, if you get $25 in match play money, they'll put it in a separate balance. If you bet $5 from the match play money balance and win a hand at blackjack, you will not get $10 from the dealer. You'll only get the winnings which is $5 in your real account balance. Our advice: read carefully and then have fun playing any online casino nzd!

4. Use software simulations first

It is known that only practice can improve your results in most of games which are available on a secure online casino.The simplest case is blackjack, many people know: to win at blackjack you need to have not only skills but also luck. You can practice in old ways , dealing the cards and checking their actions on the table with the basic strategy, or you can use more technological way.

There are several software simulations of blackjack accepting NZ best casino online players, which allow you to train much more quickly than with the deck. After several hours of a flight simulator type 6-7-8, it becomes clear how easy it is to lose if you do not know what you are doing. You get a realistic example of your results in a real online casino nz, without risking hundreds of NZ dollars.

5. Top Rated Casino Games

The nz players have a variety of ways to try their luck in the most interesting online casino games in New Zealand. Below you will find the main types of gambling that you can find on each respectable nz online casino platform. It is from these main types that all the more or less famous variants are derived.

Video Poker Online. Originally born in New Orleans, it is very popular among nz players. But do you know that poker is not really a gambling game? The rule is: the player plays against the players, and there is the long-term effect of the best players. That is, if you have a solid strategy, you can win large sums of money.

Craps Online. Craps is also known simply as a dice game, particularly popular in nz online casinos. In short, the player bets on how a dice roll will end up. You can bet against other players at the table or against the bank, but the craps rules in nz casinos online generally assume that you will use this second variant. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that you can play craps on any nz online casino platform without having to waste a lot of time studying the rules of play. Therefore, it is also perfect for beginners.

Blackjack. Blackjack online, also known as twenty-one, is probably the most widely played casino game in the world and includes a multitude of variations. This game is one of the favourites of New Zealand gamblers and is present in every respectable nz online casino game house.

At the beginning of each game, players make their bets, after which the dealer makes the first round of cards, assigning a (undiscovered) to each player, including the bank. Once this is done, the dealer takes another turn, this time without assigning any card to the bank.

Now, in order, players choose whether to stay (do not draw more cards from the deck) or receive another card, trying to get as close as possible to 21 points, without passing them. If they exceed them, they lose the money they bet.

Once all players have defined their bet, the dealer plays their game. If his hand is less than or equal to sixteen, he will continue fishing for more cards from the deck. If the bank exceeds 21,"hang" and pay for all players' bets.

If you've never tried this game before, choose your nz online casino platform and play it right away.You will fall in love with it! Roulette. Roulette is one of the oldest, most popular and simplest casino games. It is played mainly in two versions, the American and the European versions, which do not have big substantial differences and which are both present in every major online casino platform in New Zealand.

It's a board game that doesn't require any particular skill from the player. So, to win, only the help of the blindfolded goddess counts. Perhaps that's also why this casino game continues to fascinate countless players all over the world, despite the passage of time.

On the playing board (generally green) there is a diagram of the numbers corresponding to the boxes on the wheel. At the beginning of each game, players make bets, stating the winning number, or a set of numbers, among which there will be the winner.

To determine the winning number, after spinning the wheel, a white ball is released which will end up in one of the numbered boxes of the wheel. And if a player has guessed the winning number, the home wins the corresponding prize based on the percentages and the amount of the bet.

Slot Machine. If you are looking for free online casino slot games online this game makes it just for you. There are different variants, the more rollers there are in the online slot machine in question, the higher the cost of the bets as well as any winnings. Any nz online casino platform offers 3-roller, 5- or 7-roller slots. The first two variants are the most popular, while 7 or more roller slots are very rarely played because of the complexity and stakes that are too high for many players.

6. Methods of Payment

What are the best payment methods for a New Zealand online casino gaming house?

There are many methods of payment, we would like to tell you some of the most important things and explain everything in a concise and precise way:


Paypal is one of the most popular ways to make online shopping among people. In fact, this type of payment is present in every Swiss online casino game house for this reason. So, Swiss players can enjoy all the advantages.

Visa & Mastercard

This type of online payment is also very popular. Only the credit card number and its security number on the back are required. But with some cards there is also the second security check for online payments. So, in these cases, you also need a password. The amount is immediately transferred to your account and is immediately available for use in the various games on your New Zealand online casino platform.

Bank transfer

An important method of payment, which is well known to those who often play in nz online casinos, is immediate bank transfer. It works like a classic transfer, but it happens as fast as a credit card transfer. With this payment method, however, you are using the online banking function. This means that the sum is immediately credited at the time of transfer. Also the collection of the money won generally works quickly.

Electronic portfolios such as Neteller and Skrill

In the past, nz online casinos and other types of platforms could not benefit from Paypal services, so other companies decided to close this gap. In the Internet, e-Wallet portfolios such as Neteller or Skrill are as popular as Paypal. Here the buying possibilities are inferior to those with Paypal, so you can use methods to play. Safety is also a strong argument for such methods.


What is the strength of Paysafecard? Simple, convenient and fast. Every gambler can buy a Paysafecard for certain amounts of money at a kiosk or in New Zealand shops (there are also online sales outlets), see the code of that card and then use it to credit the money quickly and easily to the account.

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If you want to discover the highest rated NZ online casinos, our best casino online guide is a significant source of information for you. We have already checked every online casino in New Zealand for you, analyzing its key features like software, services, games provided and the devices that presently support them. Finally, we have a far-reaching information about every single online casino in New Zealand.

We deliver you a verified and detailed information about every secure online casino in New Zealand. In our verified list of the best online casinos nz, everyone can find the greatest casinos and their best online casino bonus offers. All the possible jackpots, the easiest terms and additional benefits are included into the best online casinos’ list. We made everything possible to allow you to win a big money online. Just look on our online casino guide and try your luck in one of the best online casinos in New Zealand! May the good luck be with you, and may our advice and information be useful to you!

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8. Final Thoughts

After this introduction in the colorful and exciting world of online casinos in New Zealand with our analysis, some players can say that they don't want to think too much about it and simply throw themselves immediately on the gaming tables, in search of adrenaline and the magical sensations that gambling can give.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, opening up a nz online casino platform has become much easier than ever before. So now the industry is also full of inexperienced people who create nz online casinos closer to scams than gambling, because they don't really care about their players at all.

That's why we have grouped the best online casino portals in our nz online casino list.

We will help you save a lot of time (and maybe even a lot of money) because here you can find the best and worst nz legal online casino ratings.

We let you know which online casinos are reliable, which software they use and much more.

But from our experience, we can tell you with absolute certainty that a choice that is a little more tailored to your needs is always worth the little time spent in understanding which is the best online casino for you.

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