Insight into the Monopoly Megaways Slot Game

The game of "Monopoly" has enjoyed immense popularity since the 1930s. As revealed in our review of the Monopoly Megaways slot, the casino game developer Big Time Gaming has breathed new life into this classic, bringing it into the modern era. This isn't the first slot game in New Zealand based on "Monopoly," and we're confident it won't be the last. However, Big Time Gaming's version introduces a fresh dimension with the Megaways format. Each of the six reels can feature a different number of symbols, altering the number of ways to win. With a substantial number of ways, creating winning combinations becomes more accessible, and at the maximum value of 117,649, you're almost certain to scoop multiple prizes in a single spin. Free games, multipliers, and the special Reel Adventure feature transform the Monopoly Megaways slot into an even more captivating rendition of the childhood favorite. Intrigued already? Keep reading to discover all the fantastic features that this slot has in store for you.

Game Features
Main features: Complimentary rotations, additional mini-game, and Reactions function.
RTP %: 96.50%
Min Bet: NZ$ 0.20
Max Bet: NZ$ 40.00
Max Win: 14,700x bet
Reels: 6
Paylines: 117,649
Jackpot: Normal
Bonus game: Yes
Playing Monopoly Megaways slot
Card being played in Monopoly Megaways slot

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In Kiwi land, give Monopoly Megaways a whirl, mate! You're in for a thrilling ride as each reel can boast up to seven symbols, ramping up your chances to strike it lucky with the maximum number of winning ways, isn't that a corker? And hold on to your hats, because stacked symbols on these reels just might be your ticket to whopping wins all through the game. Worth a gander, don't you reckon? So, if you're keen on pumping up the excitement of your gaming experience, these stacked symbols are one to watch!

Standard symbols

Symbols for Monopoly Megaways Slots

Special symbols

  • Wild Symbol

    The letter 'M' is like a wild card in the game, throwing open a world of possibilities for the players by replacing any symbol, thus introducing more chances to concoct those triumphant sequences. Keep your fingers crossed though, as you won't see this magical character on the first reel - it dances around on all the other reels!

Extra games and special attributes

This lively game is brimming to the rafters with irresistible bonuses and thrilling features. Dive in and discover their magic, unfolding right here in the heart of New Zealand...

  • Megaways

    The Megaways function truly takes the spotlight, fashioning a whimsical dance of reels that can alter on every spin, with a varying selection of symbols ranging from a humble two to a lucky seven on each reel. Pay mind to the quartet of symbols nestled beneath the reels, they're always in the game! And if Lady Luck favours you with the full assortment of symbols on the reels, you'll find yourself amidst a dizzying multitude of 117,649 opportunities to strike gold!

  • Reactions

    In delightful 'kiwi' English, we often refer to this as 'Tumbling Reels'. Can you imagine it? You're playing your favourite pokie, and then you spin a winning blend, kaboom! Your symbols blast off the screen to unveil a precious reward. It's as if they've vanished into the ether, taking their prize with them, but hold on! New tokens parachute down to fill the void, extending your lucky streak, giving you a fresh shot at gaining more rewards. There's no stop to the action until the reels cease to produce any new triumphant combinations. The capricious nature of the game simply adds a thrilling element to your gaming experience, injecting a heart-stopping uncertainty that makes every spin that more rewarding.

  • Reel Adventurer

    During each winning spin, Mr. Monopoly traverses the board beneath the reels. As he lands on property spaces, you not only earn houses but also gain control of utilities and railway stations when he stops on them. These are displayed on small panels adorned with emblems, as we previously mentioned in our Monopoly Megaways slot review. Every time Mr. Monopoly passes the GO section, the next spin unleashes the maximum number of Megaways, boasting 117,649 ways to win. Among the other coveted spots on the game board is the Community Chest, which adds up to four houses to a location, and the Chance position. Land on Chance, and one of three events may occur. You either get a spin with the maximum Megaways, embark on a random estate with four additional houses, or trigger eight free spins. The Monopoly Megaways slot's free spins round also kicks in if you land the fifth house on any property. Any railways or houses you own, exceeding five in one location, add another spin to the total. During free spins, an unlimited win multiplier comes into play. The base multiplier starts at 1x, but for each property you own in the base game, it increases by one. The multipliers keep escalating with each property you land on during the round, with no upper limit. According to our Monopoly Megaways slot reviewers, what makes it even more thrilling is that the multiplier rises based on the number of houses on a property and continues throughout the entire round. Additional perks of free spins include extra rounds when you land on a railway station you own or the Chance spot. At the end of the free game, you forfeit ownership of stations, utility networks, and all houses visited during the round. Given the complexity of this feature, it's advisable to consult the Monopoly Megaways slot payout table before diving into the game. Explore other Big Time Gaming slots below, and you'll unveil a realm of games with unique features, many of which employ the popular Megaways system.

  • Free Spins

    Assemble a quintet of residences on one of the streets or land randomly, and you trigger the complimentary spins feature. The starting point is 8 free spins, but this tally escalates based on the number of railway stations or streets with five or more owned houses. Extra bonus game triggers append 3 more free spins to the initial 8, along with multipliers for owned properties. Touching down on a plot boosts the multiplier by 1x for each house vacating the premises. During the free spins round, Mr. Monopoly resumes his journey across the board: each square yields multipliers, free spins, maximum winnings, and real estate. When the free spins session concludes, visited streets lose their houses, as well as railway stations and utilities, although they can be reinstated during the base game.


In this heart-pounding game, players have the thrilling opportunity to bag up to 3,500 times their original bet in the base game. That's a whopping $70,000 for those daring souls taking the plunge with the highest stakes. However, the real magic lies in the free spins bonus round. Here, the limit on potential winnings essentially vanishes, thanks to an unlimited array of multipliers available. The crown jewel in this spinning treasury is the staggering 14,700 times your original bet you could win from a single free spin. For those high-rollers out there willing to risk it all, this could mean an astronomical windfall of $294,000! However, it's worth noting that there is not a progressive jackpot feature that some players might have a soft spot for. Regardless, the exhilarating bonuses and staggering prizes more than make up for it, offering a thrilling gambling experience unlike any other right here in New Zealand.

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What is the functioning mechanism of the Monopoly Megaways slot?

In contrast to your run-of-the-mill pokies, this particular game appears to have a smidge more complexity, offering an engaging mix of risk and reward. As per typical pokies, you'll whirl those reels, crossing your fingers for those winning combinations to pop up and potentially amplify your takings – courtesy of the Reactions feature. The point of divergence with this game lies within the Megaways feature, this little beauty offers a staggering 117,649 paths to victory! Adding whimsey to this thrilling venture is Mr Monopoly, jauntily traipsing around the board, liberally peppering spaces with houses during certain moves, this could see you reeling in those free spins. Seems like a thrilling ride, eh?

Is it possible to engage in Monopoly Megaways without any cost?

Absolutely, mate, you surely can! Right here on this very page, you'll spot a complimentary edition of the game. It hums along just as well as the Real Money version, letting you get a feel for all the bonuses and nifty wee features, minus the shred of worry about misplacing your hard-earned dosh. Naturally, it's a two-way street - you won't be landing any bags of money but, hey, it's a fantastic way to get a grip of the game. And who knows? You might just turn into a master of the game – and that's pretty exciting, isn't it?

Is it possible to earn actual cash on Monopoly Megaways?

Definitely! Each whirl presents a fresh chance to nab the win, but the real spectacle unfolds in the free spins bonus round; that's where the heart-stopping, unlimited multiplier comes into play, holding the potential for the grandest of prizes. You see, in the heart of Aotearoa, New Zealand, the love we hold for a good bonus is enormous, rivalling our affection for a sudden All Blacks' try. One can't help but feel a rush of pure adrenaline!

Is it possible to enjoy Monopoly Megaways without a deposit?

In the vibrant world of online gaming, you'll stumble upon a handful of virtual casinos that sprinkle a little bit of sunshine on newcomers by gifting them no-deposit rewards. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by these gifts, which could show up as a bit of bonus cash or even the thrill of free spins for you to enjoy. If the terms and conditions give you a thumbs up, don't hesitate to put these bonuses to good use on the ever-enchanting game of Monopoly Megaways! It's an opportunity to experience the exhilaration of online gaming in New Zealand, without the initial deposit. Dive in and embrace the adventure!

Is it possible to enjoy Monopoly Megaways on a mobile device?

Monopoly Megaways, the brainchild of Big Time Gaming, is indeed designed to be your perfect mobile gaming companion. It doesn't matter what gadget you've got in your hands - whether it's an iPhone, an Android smartphone, a tablet, or your trusty old laptop - you can join the game anytime, anywhere! You'll find its versatility appealing, especially if you're the type that enjoys gaming on the go. And, we're not just talking about portability - the features and gameplay remain identical to the desktop version. So, you'll be playing the exact same game as your mates who might be sitting at their desks, with the same exciting prizes up for grabs too. This is not just a game; it's an opportunity to step into a world of fun and potential wins, regardless of your location in New Zealand.

Are there any New Zealand winners of Monopoly Megaways?

Monopoly Megaways has been rewarding players across the globe, doling out winnings from mere pennies to thousands of dollars. Despite the majority of gung-ho gamers choosing to cloak their identity in anonymity, we don't have the exact numbers to pinpoint the victorious New Zealanders. However, the sheer volume of Kiwis enthusiastically jumping in the game serves as a compelling testament to their reasons for playing, most likely relating to the adrenaline-pumping excitement and potential for hefty cash rewards.

What are the chances of securing a victory in Monopoly Megaways slots?

The chances of coming out on top in Monopoly Megaways slots are calculated in precisely the same manner as other online pokies, by weighing up the Return To Player (RTP). Clocking in at an impressive 96.50%, the RTP of Monopoly Megaways outshines many other online pokies, marking it as better than your run-of-the-mill game. Don't be fooled though, this game is as unpredictable as the Wellington weather, with its high volatility. This implies that some keen punters might strike gold in a heartbeat, while others might see their hard-earned dollars fly away just as swiftly. That's why our heartfelt advice is to approach this game with caution. It's best suited for players who have a bit of a cushion in their bank accounts. We reckon it's a bit like bungee jumping - thrilling, but not for the faint-hearted!

What's the highest jackpot attainable in Monopoly Megaways?

Playing a riveting game of Monopoly Megaways at any online casino across New Zealand might just bring you a windfall. You could strike gold with a whopping 14,700 times your original wager, believe it or not! This golden opportunity could come knocking on any free spin you make. It's fair enough to say that this game offers a jackpot scaling greater heights than numerous other static slot games out there. Playing the base game isn't half bad either. You could collect a cool 3,500 times your wager, an achievement that would leave most of us grinning from ear to ear. So, why wait? Unleash your gaming spirit and stake your claim on these magnificent prizes!