Online Slot Game: Wheel of Wishes

Discover the heart-pounding world of Wheel of Wishes with an RTP of 92.94% - placing it squarely in the realm of slots offering an average return to player rate. But, fear not! If you're craving a more rewarding experience, dive into our treasure trove of high RTP slots on our dedicated page. RTP, or Return to Player, unveils the magical percentage of all those hard-earned dollars you've wagered that this enchanting online slot graciously returns over time. It's not just a number; it's a promise of thrilling possibilities! Take, for instance, the captivating Wheel of Wishes. With an RTP of 92.94%, it ensures you receive back 92.94 cents for every NZ$1 you bravely invest. Picture this: a cascade of winnings, where every spin holds the potential to turn your modest deposits into a cascade of riches and dazzling jackpots. It's not just about numbers; it's about crafting moments of suspense and joy that linger long after the reels have settled.

Game Features
Main features: Incredible WowPot! Progressive, strength spin, and enhanced mode.
RTP %: 92.94%
Min Bet: NZ$ 0.20
Max Bet: NZ$ 25.00
Max Win: 500x bet
Reels: 5
Paylines: 10
Jackpot: 4x Progressive
Bonus game: Yes
Wheel of Wishes Gameplay
How to play Wheel of Wishes

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Mastering the Game of Wheel of Wishes

On the spinning reels, you'll encounter a variety of symbols, ranging from low-value pink circles, blue clubs, green diamonds, orange hearts, to red spades. Elevating the stakes, the higher-value symbols take the form of exquisite purple amulets, enticing blue potion bottles, captivating green and gold spell books, all the way to treasure chests and the illustrious gold genie lamps. Among these, the gold genie lamp reigns supreme, rewarding players with 3, 5, or an impressive 10 times their total bet for landing 3, 4, or 5 lamps in a winning combination. Adding to the excitement, a Wild symbol graces the reels, ready to substitute for all symbols except the scatter. This wild wonder offers payouts of 4, 8, or a whopping 50 times your total bet when 3, 4, or 5 align across a payline. The wild symbol doesn't stop there; it can also manifest as stacked, enhancing the chances of forming lucrative winning combinations. And that's not all – behold the Wheel of Wishes Scatter symbol, a harbinger of Power Spins and the potential initiation of the main jackpot feature.


The lamp, capable of granting your every wish, stands as the most lucrative standard symbol in this realm. Yet, the scatter and wild symbols promise even greater victories. Regardless, your quest for success mandates the alignment of 3 to 5 matching symbols along a payline. Here, behold the Wheel of Wishes slot paytable: Scatter Symbol - Bestows a grand reward of 500x for 5 symbols anywhere; Wild Symbol - Yields a handsome 50x for 5 on a payline; Genie Lamp - Illuminates the reels with a payout of 10x for 5 on a payline; Treasure Chest - Reveals treasures with a generous 7.5x for 5 on a payline; Book of Spells - Conjures enchantment, rewarding 5x for 5 on a payline; Magic Potion - Stirs the brew with a satisfying 4.5x for 5 on a payline; Amulet - Holds mystical allure, granting 2x for 5 on a payline; Royal Symbols - Display regal generosity, offering payouts ranging from 2.5x to 2x for 5 on a payline. May fortune favor those who dare to spin the magical wheel!

Standard symbols

Symbols for Wheel of Wishes Slots

Special symbols

  • Wild Symbol

    The main attraction of this game is the progressive jackpots, but let’s first take a closer look at whatever bonus features you can benefit from in the base game. The wild symbol spells out the word “wild”, so it’s hard to miss.This symbol pays out quite well in its own respect, and it can also step in for all regular symbols in such a way that your winnings are maximized. In other words, it acts like a wild symbol normally does.

  • Wheel of Wishes

    Imagine the thrill and exhilaration as five Wheel of Wishes symbols dance across your reels! The sheer joy of winning 500 times your original bet is indescribable. And wait, there's more! Even if you see just a couple of these lucky symbols, you're in for a treat. Two or more of these beauties will trigger a heart-pounding Power Spin. It's a wave of excitement that just keeps rolling in!

Reward-based activities and characteristics

As soon as the riveting game kicks off, you're presented with the exciting opportunity to pick your wager amount and make a pivotal decision – to invoke the Power Mode feature or not. This electrifying option has the potential to magnify the worth of your stake tenfold, injecting a pulsating Power Spin into every single turn. But bear in mind, this could be a thrilling delight or a hair-raising prospect, depending on your appetite for risk. So, do give it a thoughtful ponder. Keep reading below for more exhilarating insights.

  • Power Spin

    Enabling this feature initiates Power Spin with every rotation, incurring a cost of 10 times the total bet. If uncertain, test the waters with a trial run in demo freeplay. Regardless, activating Power Spin is a breeze, but the real jackpot allure emerges when you're spinning the reels with lower stakes.

    Insider's Tip: As observed in most Microgaming slots in New Zealand, Mega Moolah Atlantean Treasures (released on February 23, 2020) included, escalating your bets enhances the likelihood of triggering the jackpot bonus. In fact, opting for a maximum bet of NZ$250 ensures the bonus materializes at least once every 4 spins. This unique feature adds an enticing layer, especially for those high-rolling players seeking an exhilarating gaming experience.

  • Free Spins

    Wheel of Wishes, while uniquely lacking free spins, brimming with other tantalising bonus features and progressive jackpots, can make Kiwi players' dreams come true. From the get-go, you can power up your game by triggering the Power Spins feature. And, if you have previously shelled out for Power Spins to be perennially on, then brace yourself for an electrifying quest. You can set off the progressive jackpot bonus game, placing yourself in the running to bag the stratospheric NZ$1,990,000 WowPot! progressive jackpot bounty. It's no mere bonus; it's a life-transforming windfall waiting to be claimed!

Progressive Jackpot

To hit the jackpot bonanza in this thrilling game, you've got to unlock the heart-pounding jackpot bonus round. Brace yourself because this adrenaline-pumping feature is exclusive to the electrifying Power Spin mode. Picture this: the magic happens when you land a minimum of 2 scatters on a single spin (or, if you're feeling bold, you can grab the feature for 10 times your stake). Hold tight, though, because scoring more than 2 scatters unleashes a scintillating scatter win, maxing out at a jaw-dropping 500x!

Once you're in the heart of Power Spin mode, your mission intensifies. You've got to hit the jackpot-triggering Bonus Wheel symbol, making sure it blankets the entirety of the 3 middle reels. That's your ticket to the thrilling jackpot bonus game, where the Wheel of Fortune takes center stage. Feel the suspense as it twirls, revealing your destiny among the 4 progressive jackpots. Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions because, yes, you're guaranteed to snag one of those magnificent jackpots! And just to whet your appetite, here are the starting points for the 4 jackpots, your potential windfall awaiting its moment to shine:

  • Mini Jackpot seeds at $10
  • Minor Jackpot seeds at
  • Major Jackpot seeds at $50,000
  • Wowpot! seeds at $2,000,000

Volatility & hit frequency

Wheel of Wishes, a slot game of medium volatility/frequency, is like a delightful tryst with Lady Luck - you might find yourself waiting a bit for a win, but on the flip side, don't expect a flurry of small wins in rapid succession either. Imagine it as the thrill of a roller-coaster ride, not the gentle swaying of a hammock. High volatility slots could be likened to a sudden windfall, grand but sporadic, while low volatility games are more akin to regular small treats - less lavish, but quite consistent. Wheel of Wishes, like a gorgeous sunrise, much awaited but worth the wait, finds itself beautifully poised in between.

Keep in mind, the unpredictable thrill of the progressive jackpots is in stark contrast to the steadiness of the main game. These games of chance might keep you on your toes for days, perhaps even months, without a progressive win, and then, in an exhilarating twist of fate, you could find yourself pocketing a progressive jackpot worth millions in New Zealand dollars. It's a tantalising blend of perils and potentials that captivates some, whilst others might lean towards the comforting predictability of regular slots.

Player Return Rate (PRR)

As an eager player, it's important to understand that the Return to Player - or RTP as it's commonly referred to - offers a hint to the potential return on your investment over a lengthy period of play. Every pokie machine, including those frankly more miserly in nature, have the capacity to deliver extraordinary jackpots from time to time. However, it's crucial to remember that regardless of their impressive payouts, progressive pokies typically come with the sting of lower RTPs.

With a roll of luck in the Wheel of Wishes pokie, you're looking at an average Return to Player (RTP) of 93.34%, pretty standard for a progressive jackpot pokie here in New Zealand. Now, let's say we set aside the spunky progressive jackpot for a moment; you're left with an RTP hanging around the 89% mark, which to be fair, may not knock your socks off.

Graphics & animation

Wheel of Wishes surely doesn't hold back on premium visuals, something you'd naturally anticipate from a Microgaming slot. Each component is crafted with finesse to align with the theme perfectly, right down to the appealing high-value symbols and the captivating desert backdrop. A single gripe? We wished for a bit more creativity when it comes to the lower-value symbols. It feels as if a large number of slots available are leaning heavily on the tired old traditional playing card symbols.

In this pokie, you won't find any flashy animations - just a soothing heartbeat of the symbols upon the creation of a triumphant combination, and the rhythmic progression of those dynamic jackpots. Truth be told, the design of this pokie has been executed with finesse and precision, though some may find it tilting towards the simpler side of things. But then again, beauty lies in simplicity, right? Many kiwis out there would surely be thrilled by the uncomplicated charm of the Wheel of Wishes pokie.

Audio: music & sounds

The tunes in Wheel of Wishes are remarkably harmonious with the game's theme, serenading you with enchanting rhythms and the drumbeat backdrop, evoking the charm of Arabian nights. When you pit it against the soundtracks from other slot games, you'll find it surprisingly delightful! And the best part? It doesn't become a bother even after a few minutes - it's like a balm to your ears!

The audio accompaniments, though rather unremarkable, do add a quaint charm, chiming with gentle thuds as the reels halt and erupting in a jubilant melody when fortune favours you with a successful combo. However, their simplicity is vastly preferred over the grating cacophony often associated with other online slot games.

Mobile compatibility

Just like all fresh and exciting online slots from our good friends at Microgaming, Wheel of Wishes is a nifty little game that's fully compatible across all your favourite mobile and smartphone gizmos. Whether you're an Apple devotee with your iPhone or iPad, or you're rockin' an Android, you're in for a treat! And there's no compromise for our mobile gamers. You can still try your luck at snagging those same massive progressive jackpots that our desktop players are raving about. Plus, all the fancy features you've grown to love, such as the exhilarating Power Spin, are right there at your fingertips. So, here's to the thrill of the game, right in the heart of Aotearoa, New Zealand!

If you've got a hankering to give this mobile pokie a spin, you'll find it easy to do so at almost every Microgaming casino across our green and gorgeous Aotearoa. Just make your way to the website on your browser and pick the game you fancy. It'll load up in a jiffy, quick as a flash! Or there's a chance that you could play it through an app, should your online casino have one on offer. Just like that, you're ready to dive into the thrilling world of online gaming. Good luck, mate!

Insights and Hints for Wheel of Wishes

Although there is no ironclad promise of collecting awards every time you engage in an online pokie adventure, there are some tricks you can whip up your sleeve to enrich your gaming experience and heighten your odds of winning that gigantic, ever-increasing jackpot.

  1. Consistently engage in the maximum stakes within your means, since your probability of initiating the progressive jackpot bonus round enhances with higher bets.
  2. Employ money management tactics. This entails limiting your play to about 5% of your total account balance. In case of a loss, step away and resume on a different day.
  3. For accelerated gameplay and additional rounds, tap the lightning symbol located at the right bottom corner of your display. This triggers the Quick Spin function.
  4. Turning on Power Mode makes the gameplay more thrilling, but only employ it if your bankroll is sizeable, given its high cost.
  5. Before you begin to spin the reels, ensure you understand the game's regulations to avoid any misunderstandings.


There's simply no question that Wheel of Wishes is a thrilling new star in Microgaming's galaxy of games. Yes, it may have a few kinks to iron out, for instance, the lower than average return to player rate, yet the presence of four escalating jackpots – with the grandest one having a minimum value of NZ$1,990,000 – delivers a pulse-pounding experience to every player. The thrill factor only amplifies if you're lucky enough to spark a Power Spin or you opt to purchase it.

Diving into the world of slot games isn't always straightforward, especially for beginners. However, rest assured, this particular slot – Wheel of Wishes, has simplicity at its core and even a total novice can grasp the gist in just a few rounds. So, regardless of your device preference, be it a good old desktop or a handy mobile, rest your worries. Pick up that device and dive headfirst into the delightful rounds of Wheel of Wishes. Believe us, it's an experience that we wholeheartedly endorse and passionately recommend for you. It's not just a game, it's an adventure worth the spin!

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Wondering about the Wheel of Wishes online slot? Perhaps you're searching for some enlightenment? A comprehensive answer may just be waiting for you in our useful FAQs below...

What is the functioning mechanism of the Wheel of Wishes slot?

Decide the stakes of your game and ponder whether to turn on the Power Mode, a thrilling feature that amps up your odds but also demands 10x your average wager. When you're ready, set those reels a-spinning! As they whirl, the anticipation builds. Will it be an immediate win? Perhaps the activation of an electrifying Power Spin? Or if you're in the midst of a Power Spin already, you might even kick off the heart-stopping, adrenaline-fueled progressive jackpot game! Let's dare to dream, New Zealand!
Is it possible to engage in Wheel of Wishes at no cost?

Absolutely, you have the freedom to indulge in Wheel of Wishes at a wide array of trustworthy online casinos in New Zealand, right in the comfort of your home. Though it's worth mentioning that your playful jaunt won't reel in any actual dollars, and that includes the tantalising lure of the progressive jackpots, it's still an opportunity to experience the thrill of the game. There's also a handful of sites that generously offer free spins, offering you another way to enjoy the game without reaching into your wallet, however, it's as rare as a kiwi sighting at midday for a casino to let their free spins be utilised toward the pursuit of progressive jackpot games.
Is it possible to earn actual cash on Wheel of Wishes?

Absolutely! You're in for a real adventure mate, with every chance of hitting a windfall up to 500 times your initial stake when you're playing the core gameplay. Imagine the thrill when five Wheel of Wishes icons land anywhere across the spinning reels! And that's not all, folks! Progressive jackpots are part of the game too, and here's the bit that'll have your heart racing - the WowPot! It kicks off with a heart-stopping base of NZD2 million. How's that for a lure?
What distinguishes progressive slot machines from standard slot machines?

An everyday pokie comes with a steady top prize, a sum that remains unwavering no matter what. On the other hand, a progressive jackpot swells with each new player joining the game, steadily inflating without a ceiling to its potential size. It's like a tantalising treasure chest just yearning to be unlocked. Such boundless potential does, however, come with a slight twinge of reality that the odds of securing that golden windfall progressively narrows with such a jackpot.
Is it possible to engage in Wheel of Wishes without a deposit?

There's a handful of casinos out there in New Zealand, ever so generous, that they're practically giving away bonuses without needing a deposit first! Imagine, bonus cash or free spins landing in your lap, just like that! You could take this windfall of riches and spin your heart out on Wheel of Wishes. It's a wee bit uncommon to find progressive games in the mix, but who knows? Always make sure to have a good squiz at the terms and conditions though, because you never know, you might just strike it lucky!
Is Wheel of Wishes mobile-compatible?

Absolutely, indeed you can, mate! No matter the type of mobile gadget you've got, this game's got your back. It'll mould itself to suit your screen beautifully, responding smoothly to your touch-screen commands. And let's not forget about those heart-racing progressive jackpots - they're up for grabs for mobile users, just same as folks on desktop. Every thrilling feature of the game stays intact, ensuring a great time for everyone.
What occurs when you hit the jackpot on the Wheel of Wishes?

Imagine, just for a moment, the sheer thrill and joy that would flood over you, should you become the fortunate one to strike gold by winning the alluring progressive jackpot! Swiftly, the folks from the casino where you've been playing would be buzzing around you, their excitement barely contained. Their keen desire would undoubtedly be to orchest a symphony of promotional materials celebrating your lucky day. But, hold your horses! The gleaming prize money, tempting as it is, won't be shuttled into your bank account as swiftly as a common withdrawal. Regrettably, you won't see the transfer of those precious New Zealand dollars as promptly as when you take out just a handful of cash. Naturally, the wheels of such large transactions require a bit more time and care to turn. But have no fear, your bountiful bonus will find its way to you, patience is key!
Are there any New Zealand winners of Wheel of Wishes?

Wheel of Wishes is a fresh and exciting online pokies machine, and although its novelty means that it hasn't had too many jackpot winners yet, it has provided a fair share of delightful victories. Even though these wins might seem diminutive in comparison, they can still tally up to thousands in value, proof that every spin brings about a thrilling chance at fortune. Undeniably, some lucky punters enjoying this thrill have been from the beautiful islands of New Zealand.
What are the chances of succeeding in Wheel of Wishes slot games?

This pokie machine's Return to Player (RTP) value sits at 93.34%, somewhat less than the norm when pitted against the entire array of pokies, but it holds its ground when only progressive games are considered. It's as if, over a stretch of time, you're predicted to reclaim NZ$93.34 for each NZ$100 you risk in the game. Even though this gives you something to anticipate, it's important to remember that there's no concrete assurance you'll gain this precise return on your stakes.
What's the highest jackpot on Wheel of Wishes?

The thrill of playing this virtual pokie machine is simply unparalleled - with no ceiling to its potential winnings, it offers progressive jackpots that keep on escalating until a fortunate player hits the gold! The tantalising excitement hangs in the air as the jackpot keeps swelling, adding an electric charge to every spin. Plus, there's a comforting guarantee - the punchy WowPot! Progressive Jackpot will never drop below a whopping NZ$2 million. So, get those virtual coins ready, New Zealand, because each spin could be the ticket to your dreams!