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888 Casino Wellington-region
  • $200 Welcome Bonus
  • Broad Assortment of Contests and Gaming Selections
  • Offered in both English and French languages.
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888 Poker isn't just about the cards, mate! They've got a casino and sports betting website as well, each one just as impressive as the last. But let's talk about the perks, especially for you poker enthusiasts out there. You'll find the most extraordinary bonuses, right here at your fingertips. We're talking a NZ$200 welcome bonus that greets you just for signing up. And it's not just about the bonuses, they're Best the pack with their cutting-edge design and ingenious use of technology. You're in for a first-rate experience at 888 Poker. The cherry on top? They'll give you a whopping NZ$88, no questions asked, when you register. So, come on board and enjoy the game with us at 888 Poker. Time to shuffle up and deal!

888 Casino Wellington-region review

Tied up with the incredible 888 Casino and 888 Sport, 888 Poker is your one-stop solution, satisfying all your betting passions right here in New Zealand. But don't just confine it to a mere part of a larger picture; as a standalone poker site, 888 Poker stands tall, providing an unrivalled gaming experience. With dazzling bonuses waiting to be claimed and complimentary access to thrilling tournaments are just the start of the fun. The pot of enjoyment is filled up with a variety of poker games, guaranteeing you'll never be stuck for choice. Throughout New Zealand and indeed the globe, people are enticed to 888 Poker, ensuring you'll always find your perfect poker partner, no matter the hour. Day or night, it's always the right time for a game of poker. Be it a swift hand before breakfast, a mid-afternoon break from work, or a late-night unwind after a long day, your ideal poker game is always just a click away.

Bonuses and promotions

You're going to be absolutely thrilled to discover the multitude of bonuses on offer at 888 Poker, mate! Your journey into the poker world bliss kicks off with a hearty Kiwi welcome package that'll truly make you feel at home. It's a beauty - setting you off on your strategic gaming path jam-packed with rewards, and it's just the beginning!

  • Receive a full match bonus, capped at $200.
  • Get Access to 7 Complimentary Competitions with a Total Prize Money of NZ$500 for Account Funders
  • Receive 2 passes to NZ$1000 Deposit-Free Competitions, and 1 pass to the Initial Depositors' Challenge Contest.

Bear in mind, mates, that you won't pocket the entire NZ$200 all at once. Rather, you're gifted NZ$10 slices every time you snatch up 100 Bonus Points, which you accumulate by diving into real money poker and casino games. Truth be told, the tournament tickets often tend to be the real treasure, offering chances to sail away with thousands of dollars off a free ticket. Among the other bountiful perks, you'll find a no deposit bonus of up to NZ$88, and even promotions popping up on social media. So grab your luck, pull up a chair, and let's see what the Kiwi fortune has in store for you!

Versions and types of poker games

Additionally, thrilling games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette await your daring moves. You'll find the fun doesn't stop there – there's a gold mine of exhilarating slots and ever-growing jackpots! Fancy an adventure? Dive into games like White Rabbit, Ted, or Jack Hammer 2. If mystery is your cup of tea, Blood Suckers 2, Ghost in the Shell, or Twin Spin will certainly pique your interest. Each game promises a rollercoaster of emotions, from the excitement of every spin to the triumphant joy of the jackpot. So go ahead, dive in, New Zealand awaits your lucky streak!

Poker tournaments

888 Poker is bursting at the seams with plenty of adrenaline-pumping tournaments. Regardless if you're the kind who plans your play or you're one who prefers to dive headfirst into the action, rest assured, there's a poker game waiting just for you. Our personal favourite is the 'tweet for your seat' tournaments, adding a dash of social media fun to the mix! If you're wondering about the types of tournaments, they usually revolve around four main categories.

Currencies and languages

When your adventurous spirit takes you to the welcoming digital doors of 888 Poker, rest assured, you can leverage your hard-earned New Zealand Dollars for an exciting game or two. Multilingual? They've got you covered! The website is as diverse as our global community, with a customer service that speaks your language...and not just English and French! Indeed, whether your mother tongue is German, Portuguese, Spanish or Swedish - or even something else entirely - you're in for a treat. Just a small taste of the inclusive, vibrant melting pot that is 888 Poker, really.

Wellington-region's 888 Casino fidelity group

When you register with 888 Poker, you're in for an exciting journey as you join the esteemed 888 Poker Club of New Zealand. Feel the thrill as you rack up points by tackling challenges and indulging in your preferred poker games. The more points you amass, the loftier your level becomes, catapulting you into a realm of prestige! The best part of this journey? It's a climb without a fall! At 888 Poker, once you ascend, there's no looking back – no demotions or steps backwards – only onwards and upwards! This continuous journey lets you unlock tantalising rewards, get invitations to an array of freerolls, and even gives you the golden opportunity to spend your coins on tournament tickets or luxurious treats. It's more than a game – it's an electrifying experience – and it waits for you at 888 Poker!

Payment methods

At 888 Poker, visitors from New Zealand will discover a superb variety of payment options:

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Isn't it a breath of fresh air when we encounter such a diverse array of payment options at casinos? Whip out your faithful debit or credit cards - be it Visa, MasterCard or even Diners, they've got you covered. For tech-savvy Kiwis, eWallets like Neteller or Skrill are also at your disposal. You have a multitude of bank transfer possibilities, perfect if you prefer moving money straight from your bank account into your casino account. Topping it off, you can whip out your ApplePay for transactions that are as quick as a flash. So, grab a pavlova, put on your comfiest jandals, and head to the online casinos - they're as ready for you as a plate of kiwi fruit at a summer barbecue!

It's crucial to grasp that not all ways of transferring funds into your account are going to be useful when it comes time to cash out. Take Diners Cards, for instance. They're distinctly marked as a channel for putting money in, but when it comes to getting your winnings out, that's a no-go. Likewise, you'd be surprised how many folks using MasterCard find themselves in a pickle, not being able to retrieve their winnings using the same method.

888 Casino Wellington-region mobile

Unleash the thrill of competing in top-notch poker games at your convenience and comfort with 888 Poker. Catering to your every gaming whim, 888 Poker brings the pulsating heart of the casino straight to your screen, irrespective of the gadget you're using. Be it an iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire, or BlackBerry device, 888 Poker's dynamic webapp ensures seamless gaming directly through your browser. So go on, indulge in the compelling world of poker, sharp cards, and compelling stakes whenever the mood strikes!

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Experience the pure joy of poker at your fingertips with our custom-crafted apps for iOS and Android, available for download to elevate your mobile poker escapades to a level you've never imagined. You can easily install these apps on your beloved Apple iPhone or iPad, or any Android smartphone or tablet, be it a Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola or Sony.

Dabbling in poker from the comfort of your mobile is an absolute breeze and a pure joy. Whether you're itching to dive into the exhilarating world of cash games, the suspense-filled realm of Texas Hold'em, the fiercely competitive arena of Tournaments, the quick-fire excitement of Snap Poker or even the immersive allure of casino games, there's never been a more engaging time!

What contributes to the excellence of 888 Casino Wellington-region's mobile application?

  • Works seamlessly with all contemporary mobile gadgets.
  • Custom-designed applications for Android and iOS
  • Indulge in the finest matches and championships available.
888 Casino Wellington-region screenshot on Android Device888 Casino Wellington-region screenshot on iPhone Device


Rest assured, your safety is guaranteed when you pay a visit to 888 Poker. Every transaction is secured with the strength of 128-bit SSL encryption, similar to the robust technology utilised by online banking and shopping platforms in New Zealand. Additionally, they've layered on a premium, state-of-the-art firewall for further fortification of their database.

The esteemed 888 brand, encompassing casinos, sportsbooks and poker, began its memorable journey in 1997, crafting a solid reputation of fairness and dependability that is treasured by Kiwis across Aotearoa. 888 Poker, a popular option for New Zealand poker enthusiasts, not only boasts licensing from Gibraltar, but also holds the celebrated eCOGRA seal of approval – a mark of resolute integrity and high-quality standards.

Customer service

If there's something you're not quite sure about, don't fret! We have a comprehensive FAQ section that covers a myriad of common questions. However, if your query is a little out of the ordinary, or you're facing a unique pickle, our dedicated customer support team is just a click away. They're available for a chinwag anytime - day or night, rain or shine – through the handy contact form on our website. We're pleased to share that they're rather swift with their responses too, so you won't be left hanging! So whether it's a bonus question or governmental query, we've got you covered in true Kiwi fashion.


Pros and Cons of 888 Casino Wellington-region

After an in-depth look at 888 Poker, it's starkly evident that this online hub provides an unrivalled experiences for poker enthusiasts. However, let's bear in mind that nothing in this world is flawless, even the best-known poker sites! So, let's dive into the key strengths and slightly less appealing aspects of 888 Poker.

  • Reliable and safe online poker platform
  • A myriad of poker games and competitive events are available.
  • Bountiful sign-up incentive and fidelity returns.
  • Operable on every contemporary mobile phone or tablet
  • Incentives might perplex novice gamers.
  • There is no provision for phone assistance or real-time chat support.


Delving into the world of 888 Poker, it's fascinating to observe the impressive array of games and the broad selection of tournaments that this online poker hub offers. It's more than just a poker room – it's an exciting experience. There’s an incredible casino and sportsbook woven into the fabric of the site, adding to its allure and charm. Take a moment to also read through our detailed reviews of 888 Casino and 888 Sports, readily available for your perusal. Trust me, they're worth a look! The collection is vast and exciting, just waiting to take your online gaming experience to new heights. Don't just take my word for it, let's head over and begin the adventure.

Irrespective of your gambling preferences, 888 Poker is ready to serve you a thrilling and luxurious gaming experience. Whether you're on a PC, Mac or mobile device, you're in for a treat! Enjoy an NZ$88 bonus without having to deposit a penny, and relish in a stunning NZ$200 welcome package. Why wait? Sign up today! Experience the thrill of joining the bustling community of poker enthusiasts across New Zealand, all making their mark and winning big at 888 Poker in 2024!