Poker Stars New Zealand (2024)

Poker Stars
  • Generous $100 Welcome Bonus
  • Broad Selection of Games and Competitions
  • Offered in several languages such as English and French.
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PokerStars truly carries the crown in the world of online poker rooms, not only for its glamorous layout but also for the user-friendly experience it offers. This lively realm of poker is peppered with an extensive array of tournaments and exhilarating events. It's a world where you can acquire the skill of playing poker online and then dive into thrilling high-stakes games. All these are just a click away, whether you're lounging next to your desktop or on the move with your smartphone or tablet. You'll be welcomed into the PokerStars family with an exciting starting gift - a whopping NZ$100 bonus when you register today. So, why wait? The dazzling world of PokerStar is waiting for you.

Analysis of Poker Stars Poker Gameplay

PokerStars marvellously weaves together an exquisite website design and a user-friendly interface with an abundant selection of tournaments and events. The experience of indulging in PokerStars' online poker rooms is akin to basking in a touch of opulence; a feeling that intensifies splendidly when you triumph in high-stakes games. As you immerse yourself in this enticing venture, a lavish $100 welcome bonus awaits you upon registration – adding a delightful dash of fortune to kick-start your journey. Your adventure doesn't end there! Whether you're passionate about joining freerolls or high-stakes games, PokerStars accommodates your every whim. What's more, PokerStars doesn't shy away from tech integration. There are exceptional PokerStars apps available, meticulously designed to elevate your online poker experience and even enhance your live poker games. It's a sensational offering that adds a touch of digital sophistication to your journey in the world of poker.

Bonuses and promotions

At PokerStars, you're in for a real treat with a multitude of bonuses and offers just waiting for you to seize. Indeed, not one, but two welcoming bonuses are up for grabs — a splendid chance to double up your game and experience that vibrant thrill. So, step right up, Kiwis! Your exciting journey into the heart of poker begins with a splash of generous bonuses from PokerStars. Don't forget, it's all part of our commitment to making your gaming experience truly unforgettable. Now, isn't that worth a royal flush?

  • Obtain a full match bonus of up to $100 - redeemable for up to three deposits within a 60-day duration.
  • Get a substantial bonus of NZ$30 in Free Play by depositing just NZ$20 and elevate your gaming experience.
  • Experience the thrill of unlocking your rewards for the subsequent days and weeks.

Playing poker and its different versions

PokerStars offers an incredibly diverse array of online poker games, perfect for any budding poker enthusiast in New Zealand. The selection includes well-loved variants such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Seven Card Stud. But the fun doesn't stop there! You can also flex your strategic muscles with alternative games like HORSE, Five Card Draw, Courchevel, 2-7 Triple Draw, Badugi, and the thrilling Unfold Hold'em. So go on, immerse yourself in this exciting world of poker right at your fingertips!

In addition to serving up a diverse range of poker games, PokerStars also equips you with the knowledge to conquer them all. They've established a comprehensive online poker academy, complete with interactive lessons designed to impart the basics, the regulations, and cunning strategies. So, you can explore exciting new twists on online poker and leap into top-tier games with barely a flicker of hesitation, all the way here in New Zealand.

Poker tournaments

The moment you set foot in a tournament, every participant is on an equal footing with a uniform distribution of chips. As the gripping game unfolds, the blinds and antes heighten at established intervals, adding a thrilling layer of anticipated unpredictability. Should a player's stack of chips diminish to nothing, they're met with the heartbreaking concession of bidding farewell to the tournament. However, there's a silver lining - the last player, who withstands the ups and downs, emerges as the champion, showered with the most significant portion of the prize pool - a testament to their resilience and strategic prowess.

With an overwhelming array of options, we've thoughtfully curated a list of the most coveted tournament types at PokerStars for you.

Currencies and languages

Taking the plunge and signing up with PokerStars is a thrilling ride! You'd be delighted to know that they wholeheartedly encourage you to play using your familiar New Zealand Dollar. But the inclusivity doesn't stop there, if you fancy, you are absolutely free to add a second currency of your choice! Whether it's the New Zealand Dollar, US Dollar, Euro or the vibrant British Pound, the choice is yours. PokerStars also takes pride in warmly welcoming Kiwis with a multilingual interface. So whether you speak English, love the romantic Italian or are fluent in Spanish, don’t worry - they've got you covered!

The fidelity group of Poker Stars

PokerStars has this incredible Stars Rewards scheme that's like a personal treat just for you. Each time you dive into a game involving Real Money, you gather points. Accumulate a sufficient number of points and voila! You've completed a progress bar, kind of like crossing a mini-finish line. This victory lands you in the delightful territory of a treasure chest laden with a whole host of rewards. From StarsCoin and opportunities for free play, the surprises are endless. What you can do with your StarsCoin is where more excitement unfurls. Not only can you cash in on bonus money, but you can also buy your ticket into high-stakes tournaments and events. Picture this: with just the right number of points, you can even grab a ticket to a qualifier for big-time poker events like the globally celebrated PokerStars Championship. The world of poker, my friend, is literally at your fingertips in New Zealand. Slap on that poker face, get involved, and see just how far your Stars Rewards can take you!

Payment methods

When you're ready to park your New Zealand Dollars into PokerStars, a plethora of payment options opens up for you. We have endeavoured to give you a good number of choices for your convenience. Don't forget, the most current, up-to-the-minute bonus schemes are waiting to boost your gaming experience at PokerStars. We take care to make sure all the information is regularly updated for your benefit. Find the option that suits you best and dive into the thrilling world of PokerStars!

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It's truly a joy to witness the extensive range of payment options that PokerStars embraces. The acceptability of debit or credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard isn't just a boon for the players due to its sheer handiness, it's also a radiant testament to the platform's credibility in the gambling world. The privilege for players to use direct bank transfers, ecoPayz, paysafecard, and a plethora of other options reflects the high esteem in which PokerStars is held among renowned online banking gateways. Such a wide-ranging collaboration is only feasible where there's a solid foundation of mutual trust, and it's an absolute delight that PokerStars has managed to build just that.

Do keep in mind, not all deposit methods allow you to walk away with your winnings in your pocket. It's a common mistake to think that just because a website boasts of card payouts, your MasterCard is good to go. But, alas, that's not always the case. Surprisingly, many discover their MasterCard is not up to the task, even though they initially thought it was. So, my friends, it pays to do your homework before placing all your bets and hopes on your MasterCard!

Poker Stars mobile

PokerStars genuinely revolutionises the art of mobile poker, providing the perfect solution for every poker enthusiast out there. With their cutting-edge apps, victory is at your fingertips, entirely on your terms. With the stellar PokerStars Mobile Poker App now at your disposal, ready to be downloaded on either your Apple or Android device, you have the complete freedom to decide where and when you bring your A-game to the poker table. Embrace the thrill from the heart of Aotearoa, whether you're lounging on a beach in Bay of Plenty or wrapping up a day's work in Wellington, poker is now always a part of your journey. It's time to raise the stakes, New Zealand!

Pull out your Apple iPhone or iPad, or alternatively, an Android smartphone or tablet from brands like LG, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, or Sony. Once you've got it in your hands, it’s as simple as a single tap of the inviting 'play now' button to immerse yourself in your best-loved games and exhilarating tournaments. With the right app at your fingertips, the world of gaming opens up to you, instantly bringing a surge of excitement and endless possibilities.

Fancy a friendly game of poker in the comfort of your own home, mate? Well, the PokerStars Clock app is here to make your evening an absolute ripper! This nifty tool lets you take the reins, tailoring a game that ticks all your boxes. From customising the blind levels' duration and size to setting the buy-ins, rebuys, and unforeseen extras, you're in full control. Even keeping track of time is a breeze, as the app has a built-in tournament timer to ensure everyone gets a fair shot before it's time to call it a night. Now, go gather your mates and let PokerStars sort out the rest, ensuring you've got the perfect set-up to match your poker cravings! Spot on, isn't it?

Why is Poker Stars' mobile application highly regarded?

  • Custom-designed specifically for iOS and Android applications.
  • Customized extra application for residential poker matches.
  • Indulge in top-notch games and competitions.
Poker Stars screenshot on Android DevicePoker Stars screenshot on iPhone Device


PokerStars is proudly authorised by the New Zealand Gambling Commission, an independent institution revered for its utmost priority towards public welfare. Embracing a threefold mission, this body stands as a guardian against unlawful betting activities, a stalwart protector for our young ones and those vulnerable, and a fierce advocate ensuring that all licensed platforms dish out a fair and square game, with every player rewarded their hard-earned winnings. The journey to secure this endorsement wasn't a simple feat for PokerStars, they had to traverse a demanding scrutiny process, in which they had to manifest their reliability and integrity. This unyielding commitment to ethical gaming standards is what sets PokerStars apart, reassuring Kiwi players of a safe and fair gaming environment.

This trustworthy online poker room relies on 128-bit SSL encryption technology, providing a comforting sense of security to its users. It's much like a soft, warm blanket of trust, proudly displaying the same level of protective prowess as that of many banking systems in New Zealand. So you can sit back, relax, and simply enjoy the thrill of the game, knowing your information is in safe hands. To add a sprinkle of joy to the mix, we ensure our bonus intelligence is consistently refreshed and updated. You can trust us to keep you in the loop with only the freshest of bonuses on offer. Just like the vibrant greenery of New Zealand, where change is the only constant, our commitment to updating the bonuses is unwavering. So, embrace the thrill of the game and let the comforting shield of our state-of-the-art encryption technology take care of your security concerns.

Customer service

"Poker Stars' Successes and Failures"

Delving into the depths of PokerStars, while insightful, can sometime be an information overload. Let's distill it down to something more digestible, shall we? Let's take a gander at the things that really shine about this online poker room, as well as a few areas where improvement might add a bit of polish. From sunny Aotearoa, we're dealing you the hand on this virtual poker giant in all its glory and gory. First off, the bonuses are as fresh as this morning's flat white, all up-to-date and ready for your wagering delight. But in true Kiwi style, we're transparent about everything - from the soaring highs to the gritty lows. Let's face it, no one's perfect, not even in the game of online poker. So, whether you're up for a quick punt or settling in for a long-haul session, here are the pros and cons that give the full story of PokerStars, specifically tailored for the New Zealand scene.

  • Indulge in a substantial $100 greeting incentive.
  • Custom-designed applications exclusively for iOS and Android.
  • Extensive selection of poker games and competitive events
  • Accessible in your preferred currency and desired language.
  • Incrementally distributed rewards
  • Skrill, Neteller, or Paypal are not available.


In penning this critique of PokerStars, our band of professionals were absolutely blown away by the site's sleek design and user experience. Standing head and shoulders above a majority of online poker portals, PokerStars prides itself on being a top-tier establishment, flaunting an impressive lineup of games, contests, and so much more. The dedicated applications are meticulously crafted, keeping every poker enthusiast in mind. They present an optimal solution for Kiwis who love a game of mobile poker or those who just want to up the ante at their customary poker game.

Regardless of your expertise in poker, or the size of your chip stack, PokerStars offers a thrilling avenue for you. Seize the moment and sign up today to get your hands on the welcome bonus that suits you best. Be part of a vibrant community of victorious players across New Zealand, diving headlong into the most exhilarating games of 2024.